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Index to Biographies of Contemporary Composers

Author : Storm Bull
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A convenient starting point for information about over 13,500 contemporary composers.

Index to Biographies of Contemporary Composers

Author : Eva Maude Tilton
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Composers Gallery

Author : Donald Brook
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"In this volume of 40 compact biographies the reader meets some of the most interesting and significant characters in modern music. Concise and informative, each sketch is alive with anecdotes and vitally important opinions expressed by the biographees, with helpful comments on their more important works. To music lovers, professional or amateur, this attractive work by the author of that highly-successful book Conductors' gallery cannot fail to be of of outstanding interest."--Jacket.

Greene s Biographical Encyclopedia of Composers

Author : David Mason Greene
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Provides brief descriptions of the lives and careers of more than 2,000 composers ranging from ancient Greece to the twentieth century

Resources in Education

Author :
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Sourcebook for Research in Music

Author : Phillip Crabtree
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This bibliography of bibliographies lists and describes sources, from basic references to highly specialized materials. Valuable as a classroom text and as a research tool for scholars, librarians, performers, and teachers.

The Facts on File Guide to Research

Author : Jeff Lenburg
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The Facts On File Guide to Research is a comprehensive guide to doing thorough and accurate research. It includes a detailed listing of available resources and explains general research methods and proper citation of sources. An invaluable reference, this book helps researchers make use of the many new resources available today. Divided into four sections, this easy-to-use guide helps students and general readers prepare for research papers and class studies. Step-by-step guides, detailed explanations, and valuable appendixes covering style guides, such as APA. MLA, and The Chicago Manual of Style, combine to create an incredibly authoritative accessible reference.

A Chronological History of Australian Composers and Their Compositions Vol 3 1985 1998

Author : Stephen Pleskun
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In this third of 4 volumes that include more than 800 composers and over 30,000 compositions Stephen traces the history and development of Classical music in Australia. From obscure and forgotten composers to those who attained an international reputation this volume reveals their output, unique experiences and travails. The formation and demise of music ensembles, institutions, venues and festivals is part of the story and included in the narrative are performers, conductors, entrepreneurs, educators, administrators, instrument makers, musicologists, music critics and philanthropists. A concise yet comprehensive picture of Australian music making can be found in any given year.

An Index to Articles Published in The Etude Magazine 1883 1957 Part 2

Author : Pamela Richardson Dennis
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Annotation: The Index is published in two physical volumes and sold as a set for $250.00. As America's geography and societal demands expanded, the topics in The Etude magazine (first published in 1883) took on such important issues as women in music; immigration; transportation; Native American and African American composers and their music; World War I and II; public schools; new technologies (sound recordings, radio, and television); and modern music (jazz, gospel, blues, early 20th century composers) in addition to regular book reviews, teaching advice, interviews, biographies, and advertisements. Though a valued source particularly for private music teachers, with the de-emphasis on the professional elite and the decline in salon music, the magazine ceased publication in 1957. This Index to the articles in The Etude serves as a companion to E. Douglas Bomberger's 2004 publication on the music in The Etude. Published a little over fifty years after the final issue reached the public, this Index chronicles vocal and instrumental technique, composer biographies, position openings, department store orchestras, the design of a successful music studio, how to play an accordion, recital programs in music schools, and much more. The Index is a valuable tool for research, particularly in the music culture of American in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With titles of these articles available, the doors are now open for further research in the years to come.

Research in Education

Author :
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Soloistic English Horn Literature from 1736 1984

Author : William Wallace McMullen
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American Education

Author :
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Music Library Instruction

Author : Gregg S. Geary
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This concise manual enables readers to learn about the traits of various library programs, adapt ideas to their own settings, and ultimately benefit from the experiences of the authors.

Fr d ric Chopin

Author : William Smialek
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Frédéric Chopin: A Research and Information Guide is an annotated bibliography concerning both the nature of primary sources related to the composer and the scope and significance of the secondary sources which deal with him, his compositions, and his influence as a composer. The second edition includes research published since the publication of the first edition and provides electronic resources.

Church and Worship Music

Author : James Michael Floyd
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Towards a Twenty First Century Feminist Politics of Music

Author : Sally Macarthur
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Towards a Twenty-First-Century Feminist Politics of Music opens up a new way of thinking about the absence of women's music. It does not aim to find 'a solution' in a liberal feminist sense, but to discover new potentialities, new possibilities for thought and action. Sally Macarthur encourages us, with the assistance of Deleuze, and feminist-Deleuzian work, to begin the important work of imagining what else might be possible, not in order to provide answers but to open up the as yet unknown. The power of thought - or what Deleuze calls the 'virtual' - opens up new possibilities. Macarthur suggests that the future for women's 'new' music is not tied to the predictable and known but to futures beyond the already-known. Previous research concludes that women's music is virtually absent from the concert hall, and yet fails to find a way of changing this situation. Macarthur finds that the flaw in the recommendations flowing from past research is that it envisages the future from the standpoint of the present, and it relies on a set of pre-determined goals. It thus replicates the present reality, so reinforcing rather than changing the status quo. Macarthur challenges this thinking, and argues that this repetitive way of thinking is stuck in the present, unable to move forward. Macarthur situates her argument in the context of current dominant neoliberal thought and practice. She argues that women have generally not thrived in the neoliberal model of the composer, which envisages the composer as an individual, autonomous creator and entrepreneur. Successful female composers must work with this dominant, modernist aesthetic and exploit the image of the neo-romantic, entrepreneurial creator. This book sets out in contrast to develop a new conception of subjectivity that sows the seeds of a twenty-first-century feminist politics of music.

Index to Poetry in Music

Author : Carol June Bradley
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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Choral Music

Author : James Michael Floyd
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This is an annotated bibliography to books, recordings, videos, and websites on choral music. This book will serve as an excellent tool for librarians, researchers, and scholars in sorting through the massive amount of new material that has appeared since publication of the previous edition.

Franz Liszt and His World

Author : Christopher H. Gibbs
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No nineteenth-century composer had more diverse ties to his contemporary world than Franz Liszt (1811-1886). At various points in his life he made his home in Vienna, Paris, Weimar, Rome, and Budapest. In his roles as keyboard virtuoso, conductor, master teacher, and abbé, he reinvented the concert experience, advanced a progressive agenda for symphonic and dramatic music, rethought the possibilities of church music and the oratorio, and transmitted the foundations of modern pianism. The essays brought together in Franz Liszt and His World advance our understanding of the composer with fresh perspectives and an emphasis on historical contexts. Rainer Kleinertz examines Wagner's enthusiasm for Liszt's symphonic poem Orpheus; Christopher Gibbs discusses Liszt's pathbreaking Viennese concerts of 1838; Dana Gooley assesses Liszt against the backdrop of antivirtuosity polemics; Ryan Minor investigates two cantatas written in honor of Beethoven; Anna Celenza offers new insights about Liszt's experience of Italy; Susan Youens shows how Liszt's songs engage with the modernity of Heinrich Heine's poems; James Deaville looks at how publishers sustained Liszt's popularity; and Leon Botstein explores Liszt's role in the transformation of nineteenth-century preoccupations regarding religion, the nation, and art. Franz Liszt and His World also includes key biographical and critical documents from Liszt's lifetime, which open new windows on how Liszt was viewed by his contemporaries and how he wished to be viewed by posterity. Introductions to and commentaries on these documents are provided by Peter Bloom, José Bowen, James Deaville, Allan Keiler, Rainer Kleinertz, Ralph Locke, Rena Charnin Mueller, and Benjamin Walton.

Music in Canada

Author : Carl Morey
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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.