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In the Market for Murder

Author : T. E. Kinsey
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Spring, 1909, and Lady Hardcastle, amateur sleuth and all-round eccentric, is enjoying a well-deserved rest. But a week after a trip to the cattle market, Spencer Caradine, a local farmer, turns up dead in the pub, face-down in his beef and mushroom pie. Once again, it is up to Lady Hardcastle and her maid, Florence, to solve the case. Armed with wit and whimsy, not to mention Florence's mean right hook, the pair set out to discover what really happened and why. Was it poison or just ill luck? As they delve further into their investigation, they encounter a theft where nothing is stolen, a s�ance with a troubled ghost and an ever-increasing number of Spencer's family and friends who might just have motive for murder. One thing's for sure: Lady Hardcastle has a mystery on her hands.

Market for Murder

Author : Charlotte Murray Russell
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Cry Murder in the Market Place

Author : William MacLeod Raine
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Murder in the Market

Author : Eileen Lovett
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Seattle Police Detective Riley Davis rescues a small boy when he bolts into the street in the popular Pike Place Market. Detective Davis meets the boy's mother, Jill Preston, Architect, and gets invited to a gala dinner where Jill, her ex-mother-in-law, her dead husband's mistress, and the city's elite gather. When one of the dinner guests is shot in the Market, Detective Davis finds himself investigating the beautiful Jill Preston for murder. Jill becomes the target of a murder attempt, and the detective turns his sleuthing skills toward other members of the socially prominent group at the dinner gala. Tensions from the dinner party spill over into the Pike Place Market with murders that grip the city and threaten the Market's patronage.

Merry Market Murder

Author : Paige Shelton
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Bailey’s Farmers’ Market is this season’s go-to holiday destination, but not all the vendors are feeling the Christmas spirit... Jam and preserve maker Becca Robins is excited about the extra business that the Ridgeway Christmas Tree Farm is bringing to the market this holiday season. But when a competing tree farmer, Reggie Stuckey, arrives with a truck full of trees, angrily barking that he has exclusive selling rights at the market, Becca finds herself pining for more goodwill toward men. After Reggie is found with a tree stake in his chest, she wonders when the Christmas tree business turned so deadly. Now Becca has to use the only clues she has to the killer’s identity—mysterious ornaments that begin to show up in her stall—to hook a sinister Scrooge who will go to any lengths to drive home a point…

Farm Fresh Murder

Author : Paige Shelton
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When her stall at Bailey's Farmers' Market turns into a crime scene, Becca Robins must help her old friend Abner Justen clear his name in the murder of a peach vendor and soon discovers that the farmers' market is a hotbed of secrets and betrayals. Original.

Murder in the Ironsmiths Market

Author : Yaşar Kemal
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Muncie Murder Mayhem

Author : Douglas Walker
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The authors of Wicked Muncie tell the city’s lurid history in the true stories of its most infamous criminals and the lawmen who brought them down. Muncie epitomizes the small-town America of squeaky-clean 1950s sitcoms, but its wholesome veneer conceals a violent past. Public scandals and personal tragedy dogged the long, notorious life of Dr. Jules LaDuron. Baseball ace Obie McCracken met a tragic and violent end after joining the police force. A mother’s love could not stop James Hedges from committing murder. The paranoid delusions of Leonard Redden hounded him until one day he carried a shotgun into a quiet classroom. Detectives Melvin Miller and Ambrose Settles chased a murderer across county lines in pursuit of justice. And newsman George Dale’s showdown with the Klan prepared him for the political fight of his life. Douglas Walker and Keith Roysdon, authors of Wicked Muncie, introduce a new cast of characters from the city's notorious past. Includes photos!

Murder in Chelsea

Author : Victoria Thompson
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Sarah Brandt and Sergeant Frank Mallloy scour Victorian Manhattan to investigate the death of a nursemaid who claims to know the birthmother of Sarah's daughter.

The Murder Market

Author : Charles RUSHTON (pseud.)
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Child Murder and British Culture 1720 1900

Author : Josephine McDonagh
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Table of contents

Statutes and Court Decisions Pertaining to the Federal Trade Commission

Author : United States. Federal Trade Commission
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Murder Undetected

Author : Roxanne Dunn
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The moment psychologist Brittany Ann Thornton thinks she has her life all dialed in, her perfect little family falls apart and the FBI seizes all her assets. Trouble follows her from Seattle to Paris to the south of France. Viane Thibaudet, darling of a quaint hilltop town in Provence, has been getting away with murder. But when she attempts to poison her husband, Brittany steps up to stop her.

Murder Scenes

Author : Sace Elder
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Examining the social effects of criminal investigation in Weimar-era Berlin

Murder on the Line

Author : John Creasey
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Roger ‘Handsome’ West of Scotland Yard is pitted against a ruthless criminal network. They will stop at nothing in their pursuit of bribery, corruption, and theft. Amongst them is a cold-blooded killer whom West must capture. Against him is an organisation with money to spare and no compunction about murder if it is in their interests.

Murder in Canton

Author : Robert van Gulik
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Brought back into print in the 1990s to wide acclaim, re-designed new editions of Robert van Gulik's Judge Dee Mysteries are now available. Written by a Dutch diplomat and scholar during the 1950s and 1960s, these lively and historically accurate mysteries have entertained a devoted following for decades. Set during the T'ang dynasty, they feature Judge Dee, a brilliant and cultured Confucian magistrate disdainful of personal luxury and corruption, who cleverly selects allies to help him navigate the royal courts, politics, and ethnic tensions in imperial China. Robert van Gulik modeled Judge Dee on a magistrate of that name who lived in the seventh century, and he drew on stories and literary conventions of Chinese mystery writing dating back to the Sung dynasty to construct his ingenious plots. Murder in Canton takes place in the year 680, as Judge Dee, recently promoted to lord chief justice, is sent incognito to Canton to investigate the disappearance of a court censor. With the help of his trusted lieutenants Chiao Tai and Tao Gan, and that of a clever blind girl who collects crickets, Dee solves a complex puzzle of political intrigue and murder through the three separate subplots "the vanished censor," "the Smaragdine dancer," and "the Golden Bell." An expert on the art and erotica as well as the literature, religion, and politics of China, van Gulik also provides charming illustrations to accompany his engaging and entertaining mysteries.

A Plague of Murder

Author : Colin Wilson
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Who are they? Where do they come from? Why do they do it? Serial killers are the headline-grabbing criminals of the modern world. With the body count rising, and shallow graves giving up their secrets, almost weekly new names join the list of terrifying murderers, already swollen with the 20th century's most notorious and fearsome criminals. Here are the full stories behind all the most infamous thrill killers: Jeffrey Dahmer, the monster of Milwaukee; Dennis Nilsen, who killed for company; Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker; Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the Moors Murderers; Beverly Allitt; the Yorkshire Ripper and many more ...SALES POINTS: Join's Colin Wilson's World Famous Murders and the forthcoming Colin Wilson's World Famous Mysteries; The most shocking stories told by a master of true crime; A big read at a great price. THE AUTHOR Colin Wilson was hailed as a prodigy on publication of The Outsider in 1956. He has since become one of the world's leading Popular criminology writers, his previous books including Robinson's Mammoth Book of True Crime, Colin Wilson's World Famous Murders and the Colin Wilson's True Crime File series.

The Bangkok Asset

Author : John Burdett
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Sonchai Jitpleecheep—the brash and beguiling Royal Thai Police Force detective who has been our guide through John Burdett’s five previous acclaimed Bangkok novels—is back. The former monk and devout Buddhist, forever battling to protect his karma from the assaults of morally compromising cases, is now faced with the most horrifying technological innovation to make its way to the streets of Bangkok, and a conspiracy of almost unfathomable reach. With Sonchai on this case is the young female inspector Krom. Like Sonchai, she’s an outsider on the police force, but unlike him, she is socially savvy and a technological prodigy. When they’re called to a demonstration—in the midst of a typhoon—of the deadly, superhuman strength of an American man who is seemingly controlled by a CIA operative, they have no idea what they’re actually witnessing or why. Their reliably obtuse and unequivocally crooked boss, Colonel Vikorn, explains some of it, but the most telling questions remain unanswered: Could the Americans have figured out a way to create a physically and psychologically enhanced supersoldier? Are they testing him—or it—on Thai soil? And why is everyone, from the Bangkok police to the international community, so eager to turn a blind eye? Searching for the answers to these questions, Sonchai and Krom find themselves in a remote Cambodian jungle compound for aging American ex-soldiers, where they will discover just how far a government will go to protect its worst secrets—both past and present. But the case will also have much more personal repercussions for Sonchai, shaking his world to its very foundation and perhaps finally forcing him to confront his long-lost American father.

Black Market Britain

Author : Mark Roodhouse
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Britain's underground economy flourished during the 1940s and early 1950s thanks to rationing and price control, producers, traders, and professional criminals helped consumers to get a little extra on the side, from under the counter, or off the back of a lorry. Yet widespread evasion of regulations designed to ensure fair shares for all did not undermine the austerity policies that characterised these years and its vital role in securing compliance with economic regulation. In Black Market Britain, Mark Roodhouse argues that Britons showed self-restraint in their illegal dealings. The means, motives, and opportunities for evasion were not lacking. The shortages were real, regulations were not watertight, and enforcement was haphazard. Fairness, not patriotism and respect for the law, is the key to understanding this self-restraint. By invoking popular notions of a fair price, a fair profit, and a fair share, government rhetoric limited black marketeering as would-be evaders had to justify their offences both to themselves and others. Black Market Britain underlines the importance of fairness to those seeking a richer understanding of economic life in modern Britain.

An End to Murder

Author : Colin Wilson
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Human beings have always been cruel, savage, and murderous. Is that all about to change? Human history can be seen as a catalog of coldhearted murders, mindless blood feuds, appalling massacres, and devastating wars. Creatively and intellectually, there is no other species that has ever come close to equaling humanity’s achievements, but neither is any other species as suicidally prone to internecine conflict. We are the only species on the planet whose ingrained habit of conflict and perpetual warfare constitutes the chief threat to our own survival. In An End to Murder, the Wilsons assess whether human beings are in reality as cruel and violent as is generally believed. The book explores the possibility that humankind is on the verge of a fundamental change: that we are about to become truly civilized. Covering a wide-reaching history of violence from the first hominids to the twenty-first century, the book touches on key moments of change while also indicating where things have not changed since the Stone Age. It follows the history of violence from fifteenth-century baron Gilles de Rais (“Bluebeard”), the first known and possibly most prolific serial killer in history; to Victorian domestic murder, the invention of psychiatry, Sherlock Holmes, and the invention of forensic science; the fifteenth-century Taiping Rebellion in China, in which more than twenty million died; World Wars I and II; more recent genocides and instances of “ethnic cleansing”; and contemporary terrorism. As well as offering an overview of violence throughout our history, the authors explore the latest psychological, forensic, and social attempts to understand and curb modern human violence.