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In the Garden of Rusting Gods

Author : Patrick Freivald
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In the Garden of Rusting Gods delivers sixteen tales from the imagination of multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Patrick Freivald. From time travel and broken monsters to glimpses into the minds of honeybees and ordinary people dealing with unbearable loss, Freivald burrows into the weird, dark places that lurk beneath the everyday to unearth twisted stories of our world and worlds that could be.

When God Spoke to Me

Author : David Paul Doyle
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Have you ever questioned whether your inspiration, insight, or sudden shift in experience was the result of divine guidance or communication? When God Spoke to Me is a collection of inspiring stories from ordinary people that shares the many ways God speaks to all of us in our lives. As these touching accounts demonstrate, hearing God's voice has the power to: Heal your emotional and physical wounds. Mend your relationships. Provide life-altering guidance and direction when you need it most. Instill within you a profound experience of peace, love, and awareness of your union with God. From these touching first-person accounts, you will discover: The many ways ordinary people just like you are touched by the voice of God. The dramatic effects that hearing God's voice can have in your life. How to recognize the ways you may already be hearing God's voice without knowing it. How to receive guidance, healing, and communication from God in new and life-changing ways. If you experience uncertainty, challenge, or pain in your life, When God Spoke to Me will give you hope, comfort, and the knowledge that you are not alone.

Time in the Garden

Author : Dan Robinson
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Time in the Garden is a 365 day family devotional. The devotionals involve the entire family. The journal section of this devotional is intended to draw the family together and into a more intimate relationship with God. The unique design of this devotional will allow the family to become co-author as they journal what they gleaned from its contents. It is a tool of righteousness that can leave a legacy for generations to come. Our prayer is that this book will help you in your Christian walk as you journey through this life.

Garden of the Gods

Author : Toni Hamill
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Since prehistoric times, the Garden of the Gods has been a source of fascination. This geologic formation in Colorado Springs was a seasonal camping site and source of spiritual significance for Ute Indians. Later, scientists studied the formation and found evidence of dinosaurs, prehistoric cultures, and unusual biological associations. Artists, writers, and photographers have been inspired by the beauty of this geologic wonder, and tourists and entrepreneurs once left their marks on the rocks. Through the efforts of Gen. William Jackson Palmer and Charles Elliot Perkins, the park became a reality and was given to the city of Colorado Springs. Today, the Garden of the Gods draws 1.7 million visitors per year, who bicycle, run, ride horses, enjoy hiking, go rock climbing, and savor the natural beauty of the park.

The Southern Planter

Author :
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The Eyes of God

Author : John Marco
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Akeela, King of Liiria, was a young and idealistic scholar who was determined to bring peace to his kingdom—a land that had been plagued by war with the neighboring kingdom of Reec for decades. Lukien, the Bronze Knight of Liiria, had been taken in by the royal family when, at fourteen, he saved Akeela's life, but he'd never forgotten the brutal lessons of the streets he'd grown up on. A bond of loyalty stronger than blood linked these two men—but no two souls could be more different. And as Akeela and Lukien entered their enemy's stronghold on a mission of peace, neither man could forsee the turmoil this historic mission would wreak on their lives. For, to seal the peace, King Karis of Reec would bestow upon Akeela the hand of his charming, beautiful, and accomplished daughter Cassandra. But Cassandra hid a terrible secret. She was experiencing the first symptoms of a disease which would threaten her life and cause unimaginable strife for all who loved her. For Akeela and Lukien, the quest for Cassandra's salvation would overwhelm every bond of loyalty, every point of honor, every dream of peace. For only the magical amulets known as the Eyes of God could halt the progress of Cassandra's illness. But the Eyes of God would also open the way to a magical stronghold which could tear their world apart and redefine the very nature of their reality.

The Plant Doctor

Author : Cynthia Westcott
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Of Gods and Monsters

Author : John T. Soister
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While Universal's Dracula and Frankenstein (both 1931) have received the most coverage of any of the studio's genre releases, it is the lesser known films that have long fascinated fans and historians alike. Starting with The Last Warning, a 1929 movie released as both a silent and a talkie, Universal provided a decade of films that entertained audiences and sometimes frustrated critics. Each of Universal's horror, science fiction and "twisted mystery" films receives an in-depth essay for each film. The focus is first on the background to the making of the movie and its place in the Universal catalog. A detailed plot synopsis with critical commentary follows. Filmographic data for the film conclude the entry. Universal's The Shadow short film series is covered in an appendix. Many rare illustrations and movie posters are also included.

Hearts Brains and Growing Pains

Author : Lois Keffer
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Hearts, Brains, and Growing Pains presents a lighthearted, humorous look at how we can help children build a faith relationship with their loving Creator. Austin won't come out from under the table, Marcy has the wiggles. Hannah keeps bugging you for a treat. Frustration happens! No matter whether you're an experienced teacher or a novice, it's great to know that it's not up to you to transform a life. Only God can do that. And we've created Godprints to be a place where those life-changing encounters with God can happen. Kids will learn that God cares for them, watches over them, and changes things by His love and power.

What I Learned from God While Gardening

Author : Niki Anderson
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This collection of meditations from gardeners, both novices and long-time green thumbs, maintains that valuable lessons can be learned in the garden as readers search for and recognize God there.

The Illustrated Book of Garden Pests and Diseases

Author : Thomas H. Everett
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The Nature and Prevention of the Cereal Rusts as Exemplified in the Leaf Rust of Wheat

Author : Kenneth Starr Chester
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New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening

Author :
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10 000 Garden Questions

Author :
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The Web of Preaching

Author : Richard L. Eslinger
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Preaching is not as simple as it may appear. The preacher today is confronted with a dizzying array of homiletic methods and approaches, each holding important insights into how to proclaim the Good News. While pastors wish to learn from these different ways of preaching, they often do not know where to begin (Who are the best representatives of a given approach? How do the different methods relate to one another? How has the preaching scene changed in recent years?). In The Web of Preaching, Richard Eslinger addresses these and other questions about contemporary approaches to preaching. Surveying the most important current theories of preaching, he argues that no homiletic method can be understood on its own. The different schools of thought on preaching all intersect at such common points as Scripture, narrative, and the role of preaching in worship. A strength in one compensates for a weakness in another, and seen together they form one comprehensive "web of preaching." This book is a follow-up to Eslinger's earlier A New Hearing, which has been a standard text in preaching courses since its publication in 1987.

Why Is God So Mad at Me

Author : Pat Schatzline
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God Is Not Mad at You God loves you. You may have heard it a thousand times, and it is a common theme in Christianity. But do you believe it? Many of the messages we hear every day (from both society and the church) tell you the exact opposite. As a result, millions of people from all backgrounds have bought into the idea that God is not only angry but also that He’s angry with them. This belief is damaging countless lives. In Why Is God So Mad at Me? Pat Schatzline sets the record straight, introducing you to a God who accepts us, transforms us, renews us, and gives us a future filled with abundant blessing and opportunity.

10 000 Garden Questions Answered by 15 Experts

Author : Frederick Frye Rockwell
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Proof of God

Author : Elizabeth Daniele
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Proof of God is the true diary and testimony of a Christian minister's near-death experience and extraordinary, spiritual life spanning over many years. It includes her beliefs today concerning the Bible and the return of Jesus Christ. This book is for anyone confused or searching for answers concerning life after death, God, Jesus, Heaven, hell, the two Marys, and the meaning of life. It is one of the most important books to read before one dies in the physical, written by a witness to these things. "All people are children of God. Only God can judge us, and it is by what is within us, not eternal things."

Art Writing Placed on Rocks by God Archioparitions

Author : Cristafer Steavons
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I wrote this booklet to help people believe in Heaven from a miracle I prayed for and anyone can experience. Before this miracle I was afraid of dying.

Church of God Evangel

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