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Northern Light in Southern Skies

Author : Håkan Eilert
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Waiting Under Southern Skies

Author : Catherine Fleming
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Waiting Under Southern Skies is a photographic time capsule of Australian moments in a storyboard of Colin Abbott's life. City streets and landscapes frame lives and events, narratives of people and places, past and present. We can bring our unique perspective to Abbott's observations and may come to know a little more about ourselves and the social changes that inform our everyday lives.

Beyond Southern Skies

Author : Peter Robertson
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Beyond Southern Skies tells the story of the planning and construction of the Parkes Telescope in rural New South Wales, Australia and surveys its achievements over the past thirty years. Around this central theme Peter Robertson presents a broader history of radio astronomy, describing its rapid rise to become the respected partner of traditional optical astronomy. The opening up of the radio window on the universe has been one of the most exciting developments in modern science. The technical achievements of the telescope outlined in Peter Robertson's very readable book will be accessible to a general audience. Readers will be fascinated by the lively account of the personalities, politics and controversy that lay behind the decision to build the Parkes Telescope. Since its completion in 1961, the telescope has contributed much to our knowledge of quasars, pulsars, masers, supernova remnants and molecular clouds, as well as the other unusual objects discovered in recent years. During the 1990s the telescope will continue to play a part in our quest to understand the origin and nature of the universe, and our place in it.

Under Southern Skies

Author :
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First Field Guide to Skywatching in Southern Africa

Author : Cliff Turk
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Sasol First Field Guide to Skywatching in Southern Africa provides a fascinating insight into the southern skies by night. Full-colour photographs and illustrations, monthly star charts and easy-to-read text will help the budding astronomer to identify the more visible objects in our night skies, as well as those that are less obvious, and discover some of the extraordinary phenomena of our galaxy.

The Southern Sky Guide

Author : David Ellyard
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Both novice and advanced skywatchers will value this comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to the brilliant and ever-changing sights of the southern sky by night. Readers are introduced to the many and varied objects in the sky and their movements and changing appearances, as well as the ancient myths and legends entwined around the groupings of stars. Featured in this book are two groups of sky charts, designed so that readers can move easily between them. The 24 skyviews show the appearance of the whole night sky every two weeks (or at each hour of sidereal time). The 20 sky charts show particular areas of the night sky in detail and are accompanied by explanatory text. This new edition also features: • digitally re-drawn skyviews, sky charts and map of the surface of the Moon • a table of planet positions up to 2017

Under Capricorn A History of Southern Hemisphere Astronomy

Author : David Stanley Evans
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Deals with the history of astronomy in the southern hemisphere from the first expeditions from the northern hemisphere in the 17th century to 1975.


Author : S.J. SASS
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As the leader of The Seven of Power, Casey knew the only way to defeat the darkness her friends and her were destined to overthrow, was to follow what their Guardians had imparted, the magical book Norman had given her, and most importantly to stay together. Yet, as she had learned back on Earth, things never go according to plan. Now separated, Casey and her friends find themselves in a strange new world full of danger, beauty and magic. They will discover new friends and foes in the unlikeliest of places, meet their true parents and step into rolls they never dreamt were possible as they search for the answers to impossible questions and learn of their true natures and the destinies they were born to fulfill. Will they find the answers they seek before those who wish to destroy them end the game forever?

Solid Sea and Southern Skies Two Years in Antarctica

Author : Alex Gough
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Collected edition of the journal kept by the author during his two years working as a data manager and VLF engineer for the British Antarctic Survey at Halley Research Station, Antarctica.

Deep Sky Companions Southern Gems

Author : Stephen James O'Meara
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In Southern Gems, Stephen James O'Meara makes a detour beneath the southern skies, presenting a fresh list of 120 deep-sky objects for southern hemisphere stargazers to observe. Showcasing many exceptional objects catalogued by the pioneering observer James Dunlop, known as the 'Messier of the southern skies', all are visible through small- to moderate-sized telescopes or binoculars under dark skies. The list features some of the blackest dark nebulae, icy blue planetary nebulae and magnificent galaxies of all types. Each object is accompanied by beautiful photographs and sketches, original finder charts, visual histories and up-to-date astrophysical background information. Whether you live in the southern hemisphere or are just visiting, this new Deep-Sky Companion will make a perfect observing partner, whatever your background. There is no other southern sky guide like it on the market.