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In Search of the Primitive With Photographs and Maps

Author : Lewis Nathaniel Cotlow
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Image Understanding Workshop

Author :
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Semantic Modeling for the Acquisition of Topographic Information from Images and Maps

Author : Wolfgang Förstner
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Acquiring spatial data for geoinformation systems is still mainly done by human operators who analyze images using classical photogrammetric equipment or digitize maps, possibly assisted by some low level image processing. Automation of these tasks is difficult due to the complexity of the object, the topography, and the deficiency of current pattern recognition and image analysis tools for achieving a reliable transition from the data to the high level description of topographic objects. It appears that progress in automation only can be achieved by incorporating domain-specific semantic models into the analysis procedures. This volume collects papers which were presented at the Workshop "SMATI '97". The workshop focused on "Semantic Modeling for the Acquisition of Topographic Information from Images and Maps." This volume offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality and in-depth contributions by experts of the field coming from leading research institutes, treating both theoretical and implementation issues and integrating aspects of photogrammetry, cartography, computer vision, and image understanding.

Reconstruction of 3D Building Models from Aerial Images and Maps

Author : Ildikó Süveg
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Wilfrid Sellars Fusing the Images

Author : Jay F. Rosenberg
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Wilfrid Sellars was and remains one of the most prominent and important twentieth-century philosophers: his writings played a key role in shaping the philosophical agenda in the English-speaking world during the second half of the 20th century, and they remain an active focus of intense critical attention and lively discussion. Jay Rosenberg studied under Sellars in the early 1960s, was continuously engaged with his work for over forty years, and was widely regarded both as its foremost expositor and as one of Sellars' truest disciples. This was the last book that Rosenberg completed before his death at the age of only sixty-five. In it he gathers previously published studies of the central elements and implications of Sellars' philosophy, along with three new essays that further highlight and articulate the significance of his work, both historically and with respect to contemporary debates.

Multisensor Fusion

Author : Anthony K. Hyder
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For some time, all branches of the military have used a wide range of sensors to provide data for many purposes, including surveillance, reconnoitring, target detection and battle damage assessment. Many nations have also attempted to utilise these sensors for civilian applications, such as crop monitoring, agricultural disease tracking, environmental diagnostics, cartography, ocean temperature profiling, urban planning, and the characterisation of the Ozone Hole above Antarctica. The recent convergence of several important technologies has made possible new, advanced, high performance, sensor based applications relying on the near-simultaneous fusion of data from an ensemble of different types of sensors. The book examines the underlying principles of sensor operation and data fusion, the techniques and technologies that enable the process, including the operation of 'fusion engines'. Fundamental theory and the enabling technologies of data fusion are presented in a systematic and accessible manner. Applications are discussed in the areas of medicine, meteorology, BDA and targeting, transportation, cartography, the environment, agriculture, and manufacturing and process control.

Computer Vision Systems

Author : Mario Fritz
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, ICVS 2009, held in Liege, Belgium, October 13-15, 2009. The 21 papers for oral presentation presented together with 24 poster presentations and 2 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 96 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on human-machine-interaction, sensors, features and representations, stereo, 3D and optical flow, calibration and registration, mobile and autonomous systems, evaluation, studies and applications, learning, recognition and adaption.

The Construction of Cognitive Maps

Author : Juval Portugali
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and processes which are exclusive to humans in their encoding, storing, decoding and retrieving spatial knowledge for various tasks. The authors present and discuss connectionist models of cognitive maps which are based on local representation, versus models which are based on distributed representation, as well as connectionist models concerning language and spatial relations. As is well known, Gibson's (1979) ecological approach suggests a view on cognition which is diametrically different from the classical main stream view: perception (and thus cognition) is direct, immediate and needs no internal information processing, and is thus essentially an external process of interaction between an organism and its external environment. The chapter by Harry Heft introduces J. J. Gibson's ecological approach and its implication to the construction of cognitive maps in general and to the issue of wayfinding in particular. According to Heft, main stream cognitive sciences are essentially Cartesian in nature and have not as yet internalized the implications of Darwin's theory of evolution. Gibson, in his ecological approach, has tried to do exactly this. The author introduces the basic terminology of the ecological approach and relates its various notions, in particular optic flow, nested hierarchy and affordances, to navigation and the way routes and places in the environment are learned.

Speaking Pictures

Author : Virginia Mason Vaughan
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Speaking Pictures explores the complex negotiations between seeing and hearing essential to the audiences' experience in any dramatic performance. Ranging chronologically from the Middle Ages to the present, the essays consider a variety of methods that help us recuperate the visual impact of theatrical spectacle before the age of video archives. The anthology takes its discussion of performance beyond the physical space of the theater to examine texts that were meant to be spoken but not literally performed, such as medieval pageantry and closet dramas of the nineteenth century. Many essays focus on the Early Modern English stage, particularly the challenges of recapturing the totality of the original audience's experience in London's open air theaters by the examination of stage directions, text, and archival evidence. The collection concludes with a discussion of the contemporary actor's challenge in physicalizing the language of Early Modern plays, especially Shakespeare's

Discourse Communication and Tourism

Author : Adam Jaworski
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For the first time ever, this book brings together an explicit linkage between empirical and theoretical perspectives on tourism and discourse. A broad social semiotic approach is adopted to analyse a range of spoken, written and visual texts providing a unique resource for researching and teaching tourism in the context of communication studies. Some of the key concepts explored in its chapters include space, representation, the tourist experience, identity, performance and authenticity, and the contributors are key sociologists of tourism as well as discourse analysts and sociolinguists.

Learning and Teaching with Maps

Author : Patrick Wiegand
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A comprehensive and authoritative account of how primary school children and teachers can use maps to enhance learning and deepen understanding of this essential skill. It includes all aspects of map use, such as reading and interpreting maps and using maps to find the way, covering maps of all scales, including globes and atlases. The text is extensively illustrated with examples, including maps made by children themselves using conventional materials as well as computer software. A particular feature of the book is the integration of digital and conventional mapping, and Internet and CD-ROM cartography together with simple applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) appropriate to the needs of children right through primary and secondary education. This book will be of great use to all primary teachers and subject teachers in secondary school as well as non-specialist geography teachers, and will enable children to use all types of maps in new, compelling and thoughtful ways.

Image Analysis Applications

Author : Rangacha Kasturi
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This book presents a wide spectrum of applications where image analysis has been successfully employed, providing the reader with an insight into the merits or demerits of a particular technique. It deals with the domain of graphics recognition, document analysis, and map data interpretation.

Advances in Intelligent Web Mastering

Author : Katarzyna M. Wegrzyn-Wolska
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This book contains papers presented at the 5th Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference, AWIC’2007, held in Fontainbleau, France, in June 2007, and organized by Esigetel, Technical University of Lodz, and Polish Academy of Sciences. It includes reports from the front of diverse fields of the Web, including application of artificial intelligence, design, information retrieval and interpretation, user profiling, security, and engineering.

The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography

Author : Alexander J. Kent
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This new Handbook unites cartographic theory and praxis with the principles of cartographic design and their application. It offers a critical appraisal of the current state of the art, science, and technology of map-making in a convenient and well-illustrated guide that will appeal to an international and multi-disciplinary audience. No single-volume work in the field is comparable in terms of its accessibility, currency, and scope. The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography draws on the wealth of new scholarship and practice in this emerging field, from the latest conceptual developments in mapping and advances in map-making technology to reflections on the role of maps in society. It brings together 43 engaging chapters on a diverse range of topics, including the history of cartography, map use and user issues, cartographic design, remote sensing, volunteered geographic information (VGI), and map art. The title’s expert contributions are drawn from an international base of influential academics and leading practitioners, with a view to informing theoretical development and best practice. This new volume will provide the reader with an exceptionally wide-ranging introduction to mapping and cartography and aim to inspire further engagement within this dynamic and exciting field. The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography offers a unique reference point that will be of great interest and practical use to all map-makers and students of geographic information science, geography, cultural studies, and a range of related disciplines.

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Author :
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Data Engineering and Management

Author : Rajkumar Kannan
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second International Conference on Data Engineering and Management, ICDEM 2010, held in Tiruchirappalli, India, in July 2010. The 46 revised full papers presented together with 1 keynote paper and 2 tutorial papers were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on Digital Library; Knowledge and Mulsemedia; Data Management and Knowledge Extraction; Natural Language Processing; Workshop on Data Mining with Graphs and Matrices.

Human Aspects of Urban Form

Author : Amos Rapoport
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Human Aspects of Urban Form: Towards a Man-Environment Approach to Urban Form and Design discusses the man-environment interaction in urban setting. The book is comprised six chapters that provide a broad conceptual framework using a range of disciplines. The text first tackles urban design as the organization of space, time, meaning, and communication. The second chapter talks about environmental quality, while the third chapter deals with environmental cognition. Next, the book tackles the importance and nature of environmental perception. Chapter 5 discusses the city in terms of social, cultural, and territorial variables. Chapter 6 details the distinction between associational and perceptual worlds. The book will be of great interest to urban planners and government policymakers. Researchers and practitioners of sociological and behavioral science will also benefit from the book.

Mapping Wonderlands

Author : Dori Griffin
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Mapping Wonderlands explores popular, illustrated maps of Arizona as a tourism destination, investigating the relationship between landscapes, visual culture, and narratives of place. These aesthetically appealing maps offer tourists an Arizona landscape at once historical and imaginary – just as their makers intended.

Robot Vision

Author : Gerald Sommer
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Robot Vision, RobVis 2008, held in Auckland, New Zealand, in February 2008. The 21 revised full papers presented together with 15 posters papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 59 submissions. The papers and posters are organized in topical sections on motion analysis, stereo vision, robot vision, computer vision, visual inspection, urban vision, and the poster section.

Maps of Difference

Author : Wendy Roy
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Roy considers the connections Jameson makes between feminism and anti-racism in Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada (1838), Hubbard's insights in A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador (1908) into her relationship with First Nations men who had both more and less power than she, and Laurence's awareness of colonial and patriarchical oppression in her African memoir The Prophet's Camel Bell (1963). Roy also examines archival and First Nations accounts of these women's travels, and the sketches, photos, and maps that accompany their writing, to examine contradictions in and question the implied objectivity of travel narratives. She concludes by looking at the myth of getting there first and the ways in which new technologies of representation, including cameras, allow travellers and writers to claim new travel firsts.