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In Pursuit of Healthy Environments

Author : Esa Ruuskanen
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In Pursuit of Healthy Environments brings temporal depth to a highly topical issue, the interaction between health and the environment. By means of a rich set of historical case studies from Americas to Europe and from the tropics to the Arctic, the volume demonstrates that the concern for creating and finding healthy environments is not a new one, shows how the link between the environment and health has been perceived at different times and in different cultures, and discusses the practical implications of these conceptualizations. The book written by scholars from architecture, cultural anthropology, history, Indigenous Studies, media studies and sociology will be of interest to a reader interested in the historical roots of present health-related environmental issues. It discusses the spatiality and materiality of the conceptions of health and the practices of nurture in colonial and post-colonial environments and shows how greatly indigenous and colonial mindsets have differed during the last three hundred years. It also investigates how certain environments have become labelled as healthy and life-preserving and others stigmatized by disease and death, and how fluctuating these notions can be. Finally, it analyses the materialities and immaterialities, as well as the transgenerational and transboundary characters of environmental and medical knowledge.

Healthy Environments Healing Spaces

Author : Timothy Beatley
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This collection of essays by leading scholars and practitioners addresses a timely and essential question: How can we design, plan, and sustain built environments that will foster health and healing? With a salutogenic (health-promoting) focus, Healthy Environments, Healing Spaces addresses a range of contemporary issues, including health equity, biophilic cities, healthcare facility design, environmental health, aging in place, and food systems planning. Contributors: Ellen Bassett ● Timothy Beatley ● Emily Chmielewski ● Jason Corburn ● Tanya Denckla Cobb ● Tye Farrow ● Ann Forsyth ● Howard Frumkin ● Judith H. Heerwagen ● J. David Hoglund ● Carla Jones ● Andrew Mondschein ● Christina Mullen ● Reuben Rainey ● Samina Raja ● Jennifer Whittaker

How Goes It with America In Pursuit of Educational Reform

Author : Harry Michaels
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The book poses the problem beginning with the shooting at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 and then takes a look back to the highlights of recent American history from WWII. This is an attempt to put into some perspective the major events that seem to have contributed to the devaluation of public education and the professionalism of teachers and educators. This, then, leads to a presentation of the need for educational reform as an adjunct to societal reform with specific suggestion as to implementing changes in the educational system and a final summation of purposes and directions for the future.

Enhancing Sustainability Campuswide

Author : Bruce A. Jacobs
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“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Many student affairs divisions are doing just that, leading the way in sustainability education by providing students with the knowledge they need to make a positive impact in their personal, civic, and professional lives. This sourcebook provides a primer on how to best organize specific programs and services as well as overall campus operations to address the critical challenge of sustainability. Presenting research, operational approaches, and personal insights, the authors enable readers to develop successful programs and services. Practical in nature, the content can be adapted into existing or developing programs for a seamless integration of sustainability into everyday campus life. This is the 137th volume of this Jossey-Bass higher education quarterly series. An indispensable resource for vice presidents of student affairs, deans of students, student counselors, and other student services professionals, New Directions for Student Services offers guidelines and programs for aiding students in their total development: emotional, social, physical, and intellectual.

Promoting Health

Author : Lyn Talbot
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The new edition will provide readily accessible material for public health educators and practitioners, in a number of professions, who are increasingly being required to address the challenges emerging from the inter-related impacts of the social and environmental factors impacting on health in an era of globalisation.

Our Backyard

Author : Gerald Robert Visgilio
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This collection of essays by local activists and nationally recognized scholars deals with the history, status, and dilemmas of environmental justice. These essays provide a comprehensive overview of social and political aspects associated with environmental injustices in minority and poor communities. It will provide a solid platform for dialogue between activists and policymakers or between teachers and students.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Author : Sheila Rothman
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What does it mean to live in a time when medical science can not only cure the human body but also reshape it? How should we as individuals and as a society respond to new drugs and genetic technologies? Sheila and David Rothman address these questions with a singular blend of history and analysis, taking us behind the scenes to explain how scientific research, medical practice, drug company policies, and a quest for peak performance combine to exaggerate potential benefits and minimize risks. They present a fascinating and factual story from the rise of estrogen and testosterone use in the 1920s and 1930s to the frenzy around liposuction and growth hormone to the latest research into the genetics of aging. The Rothmans reveal what happens when physicians view patients’ unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their bodies—short stature, thunder thighs, aging—as though they were diseases to be treated. The Pursuit of Perfection takes us from the early days of endocrinology (the belief that you are your hormones) to today’s frontier of genetic enhancements (the idea that you are your genes). It lays bare the always complicated and sometimes compromised positions of science, medicine, and commerce. This is the book to read before signing on for the latest medical fix.

Environmental Health for All

Author : David J. Briggs
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Accurate assessment of environmental hazards and related risks is a primary prerequisite for effective environmental health protection, at both the individual and collective level. National and regional policies on environmental health need to be guided by knowledge about the risks to the populations involved; as the Environmental Action Plan for Europe notes, 'priority setting requires the comparative assessment of risks to health of different environmental factors against the cost of controlling them.' In recent years this has assumed particular importance, for with the encouragement of the World Health Organisation (WHO), all countries in Europe are committed to producing National Environmental Health Action Plans (NEHAPs), which will define priorities and targets for environmental health and the actions needed to achieve them. Reliable information on risks is clearly fundamantal to this process. Individual risk assessment is no less important in this context. Much of the responsibility and capacity to improve public health lies ultimately in the choices (e.g. about diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, sexual activities, sporting activities, travel mode, place of residence and occupation) which we make as individuals. If we are to improve and protect our own health, therefore, and in so doing play our personal role in achieving the targets set by these Plans, we need to be guided by a clear understanding of the risks involved.

Medical Anthropology and the World System

Author : Hans A. Baer
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Medical anthropology is one of the youngest and most dynamic of anthropology's various subdisciplines, examining health-related issues in precapitalist indigenous and state societies, capitalist societies, and postrevolutionary of socialist-oriented societies. While critical medical anthropology draws heavily on neo-Marxian, critical, and world systems theoretical perspectives, it attempts to incorporate the theoretical contributions of other systems in medical anthropology, including biocultural or medical ecology, ethnomedical approaches, cultural constructivism, poststructuralism, and postmodernism. This is the first textbook to incorporate this perspective.

Critical Care of Patients with Mental Health Issues An Issue of Critical Care Nursing Clinics E Book

Author : Susan Mace Weeks
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This issue of Critical Care Nursing Clinics will include articles on the following topics: Aggression and suicide risk; Bariatric patients; Alcohol abuse; Consultation for mental health and addiction issues; Delirium; Domestic violence and Hospice referral.

Future of Health Planning

Author :
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Healthy Medicine

Author : S. R. Leeder
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Outlines the challenges facing the health system and offers controversial suggestions for reform.

Clinical Manual of Prevention in Mental Health

Author : Michael T. Compton
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According to David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D., the 16th U.S. Surgeon General, we know a great deal more about treating mental illnesses than about preventing them and promoting mental health. In his foreword to Clinical Manual of Prevention in Mental Health, Dr. Satcher applauds this guide as timely and vital, as it provides new and emerging research on the importance of prevention in mental health. Clinical Manual of Prevention in Mental Health was conceived through discussions within the Prevention Committee of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP), and features contributions from 30 highly regarded clinicians and researchers who are experienced in the treatment and prevention of specific types of mental illnesses. Clinical Manual of Prevention in Mental Health will help you move toward widespread adoption of mental illness prevention in your own practice setting. This important new reference provides practical suggestions to help you work toward preventing, or implementing preventive measures in the treatment of Mood disorders Anxiety disorders Schizophrenia Substance use disorders Suicidality Family violence Conduct disorder and other adolescent disorders Late-life depression, dementia, and mild cognitive impairment Physical illnesses in psychiatric settings Cigarette smoking Compared with other areas of medicine, such as the prevention of infectious disease, our understanding of the prevention of mental illnesses remains in a relatively nascent state, especially in terms of how prevention can be incorporated into routine clinical practice. The authors of the various chapters have endeavored to balance reviewing the available research knowledge with providing guidance for practicing clinicians on how such knowledge can be incorporated into everyday practice. Clinical Manual of Prevention in Mental Health urges clinicians everywhere to inquire about risk factors and protective factors in patients' lives in addition to focusing on the presenting problem. It is the authors' intent to provide mental health professionals with the knowledge and practical applications necessary to be prevention-minded in all of their interactions with patients, families, and the community.

Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change Responding to global environmental change

Author :
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Public Health Nursing E Book

Author : Marcia Stanhope
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Now in its 8th edition, the "gold standard" in community health nursing provides comprehensive and up-to-date content to keep you at the forefront of the ever-changing community health climate and prepare you for an effective nursing career. In addition to a solid foundation in concepts and interventions for individuals, families, and communities, you will find real-life applications of the public nurse's role, Healthy People 2020 initiatives, new chapters on forensics and genomics, plus timely coverage of disaster management and important client populations such as pregnant teens, the homeless, immigrants, and more. Evidence-Based Practice boxes illustrate how the latest research findings apply to public/community health nursing. Separate chapters on disease outbreak investigation and disaster management describe the nurse's role in surveilling public health and managing these types of threats to public health. Separate unit on the public/community health nurse's role describes the different roles and functions of the public/community health nurse within the community. Levels of Prevention boxes show how community/public health nurses deliver health care interventions at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention. What Do You Think?, Did You Know?, and How To? boxes use practical examples and critical thinking exercises to illustrate chapter content. The Cutting Edge highlights significant issues and new approaches to community-oriented nursing practice. Practice Application provides case studies with critical thinking questions. Separate chapters on community health initiatives thoroughly describe different approaches to promoting health among populations. Appendixes offer additional resources and key information, such as screening and assessment tools and clinical practice guidelines. Linking Content to Practice boxes provide real-life applications for chapter content. NEW! Healthy People 2020 feature boxes highlight the goals and objectives for promoting health and wellness over the next decade. NEW! The Nurse in Forensics chapter focuses on the unique role of forensic nurses in public health and safety, interpersonal violence, mass violence, and disasters. NEW! Genomics in Public Health Nursing chapter includes a history of genetics and genomics and their impact on public/community health nursing care.

Valuing Health

Author : Daniel M. Hausman
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In Valuing Health Daniel M. Hausman provides a philosophically sophisticated overview of generic health measurement that suggests improvements in standard methods and proposes a radical alternative. He shows how to avoid relying on surveys and instead evaluate health states directly. Hausman goes on to tackle the deep problems of evaluation, offering an account of fundamental evaluation that does not presuppose the assignment of values to the properties and consequences of alternatives. After discussing the purposes of generic health measurement, Hausman defends a naturalistic concept of health and its relations to measures such as quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). In examining current health-measurement systems, Valuing Health clarifies their value commitments and the objections to relying on preference surveys to assign values to health states. Relying on an interpretation of liberal political philosophy, Hausman argues that the public value of health states should be understood in terms of the activity limits and suffering that health states impose. Hausman also addresses the moral conundrums that arise when policy-makers attempt to employ the values of health states to estimate the health benefits of alternative policies and to adopt the most cost-effective. He concludes with a general discussion of the difficulties of combining consequentialist and non-consequentialist moral considerations in policy-making.

Environment Health and Sustainable Development

Author : Mostafa Kamal Tolba
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Offers insights into the planning, design, and management of sustainable and healthy environments. The planning, design, and management of sustainable and healthy environments are the key themes addressed in the papers in this book, selected from the IAPS 19 Conference held in Alexandria (Egypt).

Canadian Nursing

Author : Janet C. Kerr
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CANADIAN NURSING: ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES, 4TH EDITION examines every major issue and trend affecting contemporary Canadian nursing from the early development of the nursing profession in Canada, to the major changes of the past decade. Key topics such as gender issues in nursing, the changing image of nurses, theoretical foundations of modern nursing, and issues in nursing research are probed. Ample space and attention are also given the to the crucial topics in the delivery of nursing care, such as quality improvement, case management and the work force pendulum, legal and ethical issues, and the impact of health care reform and downsizing.

Public Health and Community Nursing E Book

Author : Dianne Watkins
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The third edition of this popular and useful text has been thoroughly updated to reflect the many major changes that have taken place in community nursing, making it an invaluable and up-to-date reference for all community nursing courses. The book covers the current public health landscape, epidemiology, frameworks for practice, with sections on family, and on the different Community Public Health Nurse Specialists. ‘Real-life’ case-studies link theory and practice, and promote further enquiry Discussion points encourage student reflection on methods of enhancing their professional and practice development A framework approach promotes development of practice Key issues begin, and Summaries end, each chapter to aid studying References and recommended reading promote depth and breadth of study. Thorough revision to reflect changes in community nursing More emphasis on public health reflects current government emphasis New chapters on: Chronic disease management Educational FrameworksCollaborative working Occupational Health NursesAdvanced Nurse PractitionersNurse prescribing

Adult Education and Learning in a Precarious Age The Hamburg Declaration Revisited

Author : Tom Nesbit
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UNESCO’s 1997 CONFINTEA V conference in Hamburg has beendescribed as the high-water mark of international adult educationpolicy-making. It produced one of the most utopian statements aboutadult education and learning of the past 25 years: the HamburgDeclaration on Adult Learning and Agenda for the Future. Adult education was declared key to the twenty-first century inorder to build “a world in which violent conflict is replacedby dialogue, a culture of peace based on justice . . . and thecreation of a learning society committed to social justice andgeneral well-being.” However, the Declaration also recognizedthat there were many practical challenges to its implementation asprofound changes were occurring in social, economic, environmental,and political spheres. In this volume, North American and international scholarscritically assess how far the visionary statements of the HamburgDeclaration have been advanced and implemented. They: Review the recent development of the 10 themes of the Agendafor the Future Explore their local and global achievements through consideringthe results of the 2009 CONFINTEA VI conference and other relatedpolicy developments Outline what is still necessary to realize theDeclaration’s goals. This is 138th volume of this quarterly report series. Noted forits depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest toinstructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in abroad range of adult and continuing education settings, such ascolleges and universities, extension programs, businesses,libraries, and museums.