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In His Spirit

Author : Richard Hauser
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A Guide to Today's Spirituality, Richard Hauser, S.J. A theology and history of the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit touches people's lives today.

Refreshed In His Spirit

Author : Stephanie Gurley
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Stephanie Gurley shares her story of living a self-absorbed life while trying to acquire her dreams. To acquire those dreams would require running a race daily as a wife and mother. Nearly at hand, her dream became her survival, as she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. God offered her the ultimate race to run in, a race that was intended for all to participate in. It was a race that took her far to overcome insecurity, wounds, and fears, as God transformed her prideful, hardened heart into moldable clay. It was a heart that began to desire the Word of the Lord and every morsel it had to offer. It was a heart that ultimately became refreshed in His spirit, leading her to the calling of writing this book. She obeyed the Lord. She was not to let her testimony sit on a shelf at home. She says, “Obedience is what matters.” Come with Stephanie to see some of the things God has shown her. You can begin your journey crossing one stepping stone at a time, whether it is in your spiritual walk, personal walk, or a ministry. It is her prayer that you will be led to become refreshed in His spirit! Grab hold of the seeds along the way, and begin to bloom.

The Anointing of His Spirit

Author : Smith Wigglesworth
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The Anointing of His Spirit captures Smith Wigglesworth's message of faith. You will find the heart of a man who cried out to God on behalf of others, praying powerfully and effectively for healing and provision-spiritual financial, emotional and physical. Today his words still ring with power and continue to inspire incredible faith in those who hear them.

Fire in His Spirit

Author : Ruby Dixon
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In His Spirit

Author : Church of the Brethren
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His Spirit Through Me

Author :
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The Manifestation of the Sons of God by His Spirit

Author : Robert Shepherd
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This book, THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS Of GOD BY HIS SPIRIT is about things that are happening in the world today. We are living in perilous times. End-times are upon us. The world is at its climax because evil has abound the love of many has waxed cold. There are wars and rumors of wars throughout the earth. Racial tension is at its highest. Gang violence and human trafficking is disrupting communities throughout the world. The new world order is preparing itself for the anti-christ but before the anti-christ can come and the seven years of tribulation, the church must be raptured from the earth. That is why men and women, filled with the Holy Spirit, are coming forth as sons of God to preach the gospel to all the earth. Miracles will now take place in the earth like at the dawning of the church by the Sons of God ushering in the return of the Lord for the rapture of his people from the earth.

A Wound on His Spirit

Author : George T. Morrow (II)
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God The Holy Spirit

Author : Enoch Adejare Adeboye
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Are you fulfilling your potential as a child of God? Every Christian has the capacity to live supernaturally. To transform that promise into reality, you need the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The key that unlocks God’s awesome purposes in your life is the Holy Spirit, Commander-in-Chief of the army of Christ. He holds the secrets of the supernatural, the secrets behind healing miracles. He is the word of knowledge and the gift of prophecy. God, The Holy Spirit explains how the extraordinary power of the third person of the Godhead can transform your life. If you want to know what tomorrow holds, you need the Holy Spirit. If you want miracles to happen in your ministry, you need the Holy Spirit. If you want to live a rewarding and productive Christian life, you need the Holy Spirit.

By His Spirit

Author : Sen. Pastor Bim Folayan
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Christ gave you a special gift that is still in you so you do not need any other teacher. His gift teaches you about everything, and it is true, not false. So continue to live in Christ, as his gift taught you. 1 John 2:27 (NCV) With the anointing of Gods Spirit, our journeys in life become interesting, especially because of the access that we have by revelation. But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. Job 32:8 (KJV) By His Spirit was born in the place of intercession, intercession over a court case for a then member of my congregation. In passionate prayer and supplication with longing in the Spirit, the situation received clear and precise divine reaction that inspired the writing of this book. When we live By His Spirit, we are channelled and promoted in Gods purposes, hence we achieve constant victories, which is what this book is set to help you attain.

Your Power in the Holy Spirit

Author : John G. Lake
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Secrets of God’s Power John G. Lake was anointed by God with power to reach the sick and lost in miraculous ways. Over 100,000 healings were recorded in five years through his ministry in Spokane, Washington. You, too, can personally experience the outpouring of Holy Spirit power through your life and… Develop a faith for miracles Be a more powerful witness Live above the circumstances of your life Have new joy and purpose Manifest the gifts of the Spirit Exercise authority over evil spirits Trust God to meet all your needs If your heart’s desire is to see great things happen in your life, God will work mightily in you by the power of His Spirit so that you can personally experience His miracle-working power.

An Essential Guide to Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Author : Ron Phillips
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This book is part of the Foundation Series by Pastor Ron Phillips. The series will contain books describing the basic foundational truths for the Spirit-filled believer. An Essential Guide to Baptism in the Holy Spirit describes the author's own experience of being baptized by the Holy Spirit. It will demonstrate how the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives today can help us to preach the good news, drive out devils, heal the sick, and see God's kingdom on the earth grow.

Who Is the Holy Spirit

Author : Stonecroft Ministries
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This transforming six-week study will help people discover an alternative to the roller-coaster experience they may have settled for in their relationship with God. As they consider who the Holy Spirit is, what He's up to, and how they can experience His power, they will become increasingly aware of God's presence in their everyday lives. Helpful applications and open-ended questions about the Bible's primary passages on the Holy Spirit make this an engaging and life-changing study. About This Series: Stonecroft Bible Studies encourage people to know God and grow in His love through exploration of His life-transforming Word, the Bible. Each book is designed for both seekers and new believers and includes easy-to-understand explanations and applications of Bible passages plus study questions.

Why God Gave His Spirit

Author : Kenneth Dobbin
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In asking "Why God gave his Spirit." You may want to consider that you are God's child and he is going to give you every advantage to have a long and prosperous future. Kenneth Dobbin uses the theme of why to discuss the reasons God speaks of his Spirit in terms such as the Spirit of truth, another counselor, a seal, and his temple to empower the kingdom of Kings and Priests being built by God. Packed with supporting scripture you will learn "Why God Gave His Spirit" through the love of God and his desire to know you personally.

GOD Speaks as His Spirit Empowers

Author : Anthony A Eddy
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This day, I speak to the nations of The Earth, the peoples of The Earth, the tongues of The Earth so they may be aware of what is on the way, so they may be prepared for what is round the corner, so they may have the foresight to see what is just below the horizon of man. I speak to encourage preparation for the tempests of the days, the floodings of the days, the shakings of the days, the deserts of the days, the hunger of the days, the butchery of the days. I speak to man of the days of his coming storm: of his desolation; of his tribulation; of his mourning; of his fleeing; of his starving; of his isolation. I speak to man of the days of his coming storm wherein he will be in need of sanctuary. I speak to My people that they may not be left to wander, that they may not be left unsheltered, that they may not be left to hunger, that they may not be left bereft of the necessities of life. I speak to My people that they may read in wisdom of the quartering of The Earth, of the storm of pestilence which follows on the heels of mourning, of the storm of fire which precedes the storm of butchery— where freewill runs rampant until exhaustion seals a day. For the season which holds the days of thunder approaches as a whirlwind in the clouds.

Through His Spirit

Author : J. Vernon McGee
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Dr. J. Vernon McGee's timeless words revitalize and renew our understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit, teaching us to experience God's nature as revealed in this important being of the Trinity. In this complete treasury featuring many of his best sermons, Dr. McGee teaches us how to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit into our lives and how to pray and walk in the Spirit. In his warm, trademark style, Dr. McGee examines applicable Scripture, analyzing and exploring what the Bible teaches about the role of the Spirit in a believer's life. Through His Spirit is an ideal resource that teaches believers to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit and to understand the source and purpose of the Spirit in their lives.

Reflections on His Spirit

Author : Doris Rouse
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God, the Father, and Jesus Christ the Son, are often the focus of the Christian faith with little thought or attention given to the third member of the Trinity--the Holy Spirit. In John 14: 16-21 Jesus promised His disciples, when He left, that He would ask the Father to send a 'helper' to be with them in His physical absence to comfort, guide and empower them to continue His ministry on earth. The book of Acts records the powerful coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the acts performed by His followers after that event. Throughout the New Testament writings, evidences of the Holy Spirit's power and presence are attested to by Paul and others who were empowered to share the gospel and the love of Christ in supernatural ways through His presence. Too often, the Holy Spirit has been thought of as an 'it' rather than a person and has been neglected in church teachings because of misunderstandings as to His nature and His role in the life of the born again believer. In Reflections on His Spirit, the author uses poetic expressions to help readers to recognize and understand at a deeper level who the Holy Spirit is and His role in the Christian's life. Utilizing prayer as a means of growing more sensitive to His gentle, quiet voice and a heart filled by the Holy Spirit leads to obedience to His leadership and produces the fruits found in Galatians 5:22-23: "love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control."

The laws and commands of God given by his Spirit to the prophets

Author : John Wroe
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The Spiritual Life

Author : Andrew Murray
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In a series of messages given at Moody Bible Institute in 1895, Andrew Murray explained how to live a life Spirit-filled. This book, coming from those messages, is wise and has timely counsel, offering practical, Biblical advice on allowing the Holy Spirit complete control over your life.

Smith Wigglesworth on the Holy Spirit

Author : Smith Wigglesworth
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Be Filled with the Spirit You can be so filled with the Holy Spirit that you will know you are in the presence of God. His love, power, and joy will flow through you to others, bringing salvation, healing, and miracles—just as they did through Smith Wigglesworth. His insightful messages reveal how you can… Manifest the gifts of the Spirit Receive your healing Overcome all the schemes of Satan Do greater works for God Live in the abundance of God Find true purpose for your life Be used by God to do miracles If your heart’s desire is to see great things happen in your life, God will work mightily in you by the power of His Spirit. You can personally experience God’s miracle-working power in your life!