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In Defense of the Marfa Lights

Author : James Bunnell
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In Defense of Marfa Lights These days, Marfa, Texas, is a mecca for art and artists. But Mitchell Flat, a vast stretch of ranch land to the east of Marfa, is a much older mecca, not for art, but for lights. Since the 19th century, reports of mysterious or unexplained lights have intrigued people who live in this far west Texas area. Some visitors (and there are many) declare distant, moving lights to be mysterious, while more skeptical visitors may tell you that what they saw were ranch lights and vehicle headlights. Who is right? What are these lights? A major research effort might give answers. But the answer boils down not to a concrete, singular fact, but rather to a choice between two camps. Author James Bunnell is squarely in the camp that rejects the headlights theory and pushes for more scientific investigation because he believes the lights are unusual, natural phenomena that have much to tell us about our own Earth. Unlike the headlight theorists, some of whom have never visited Marfa or Mitchell Flat, Bunnell backs up his conclusions about the lights with ten years of firsthand observations, photographs of many mysterious lights from multiple automatic night cameras, and a unique base of his own photographic evidence taken by him, onsite, in real time. He concludes A VERY SMALL NUMBER of these lights are indeed mysterious natural phenomena. A retired aerospace engineer, Bunnell has no quarrel with light gazers who have come to Mitchell Flat, seen lights, and declared them to be headlights. He understands why: Explainable lights heavily outnumber mysterious lights. A much different matter are those who do not come to Marfa, who question him at length over a series of months and then use, without permission, his copyrighted photographs and data to prove that mysterious lights do not exist. Those are the people who made this book necessary. This book is a closer look at what they did, and what James Bunnell did. You choose.

Marfa and Presidio County Texas

Author : Louise O'Connor and Cecilia Thompson
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In their quest to complete their study and to share a better knowledge and understanding of a part of Texas that is still somewhat a frontier, authors Louise S. O'Connor and Cecilia Thompson reveal the first volume of their book Marfa and Presidio County, Texas: A Social, Economic, and Cultural Study 1937 to 2008 Volume One, 1937-1989. In a book that offers a closer look at the past and the present, readers will see how a place known as a tourist area and a center of contemporary art came to be. It returns to the pre-historic era of Far West Texas and bring readers up to the present with yearly reports on the region as well as extensive formal research and personal interviews with present day people who live in Presidio County. A case study worth reading, this book is an eye-opener for a better understanding of how this small yet historically rich land is what it is now. Packed with the economic, social, and cultural history of Presidio County; this book gives readers, both lay and the historians, a clear and complete picture of the events that lead to the preservation, industrialization, and the improvement of one of the frontiers of the United States of America.

Boondocks Fantasy

Author : Jean Rabe
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From vampires in the Appalachians and leprechauns in the Smokies to mermaids in the Mississippi and bloodthirsty trolls in an Alabama trailer park the South makes a unique setting for the 20 stories in this anthology of redneck vampires, werewolves, wizards, elves, and other creatures. Featuring original stories by Gene Wolfe, Timothy Zahn, Chris Pierson, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Steven Savile, Elizabeth A. Vaughan, Jay Lake, Anton Strout, and many more.

Magique cosmos

Author : Tim James
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Le Big Bang prouve-t-il l'existence de Dieu ? Dans quoi l'Univers se développe-t-il ? La Terre est-elle la seule planète abritant la vie ? Pourquoi le plus grand astronome de l'histoire a-t-il tué son élan de compagnie ? Saviez-vous qu'il neige du métal sur Vénus, qu'il y a des lacs souterrains sur Mars et des rivières de pétrole sur Titan ? L'espace est l’objet le plus grand, le plus ancien, le plus chaud, le plus froid et le plus étrange qu'un humain puisse étudier. Dans Magique Cosmos, Tim James nous emmène faire un tour de l'univers connu (et inconnu), tout en déballant les dernières théories sur ce qui s’y passe réellement. Il nous fait découvrir la science de l'espace dans ce qu'elle a de plus étrange. En nous guidant à travers la relativité d'Einstein, la mécanique quantique et la théorie des cordes, Magique Cosmos explore les recoins les plus déroutants de l’univers et s'attaque aux plus grands mystères auxquels nous sommes confrontés : de la vie extraterrestre au zodiaque ; des trous blancs aux trous de ver ; des quasars aux quarks. Tim James nous emmène aussi au-delà de notre système solaire, vers des exoplanètes qui pourraient abriter la vie et des planètes voyous. Il nous raconte la recherche d'intelligence extraterrestre, notamment la découverte de fossiles martiens dans la météorite Alan Hills, et le tentant "signal Wow" reçu par la Terre en 1973 - encore inexpliqué.

Texas Mountains

Author : Laurence Parent
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A collection of photographs by Laurence Parent which profile the beauty of the Texas mountains.


Author : Kathleen Shafer
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A small town in the vast desert of West Texas, Marfa attracts visitors from around the world to its art foundations and galleries, film and music festivals, and design and architecture symposiums. While newcomers sometimes see it as "another Santa Fe," long-time residents often take a bemused, even disapproving attitude toward the changes that Marfa has undergone since artist Donald Judd came to town in the 1970s and began creating spaces for his own and other artists' work. They remember when ranching and the military formed the basis of the town's economy, even as they acknowledge that tourist dollars are now essential to Marfa's sustainability. Marfa tells an engaging story of how this isolated place became a beacon in the art world, like the famous Marfa Lights that draw curious spectators into the West Texas night. As Kathleen Shafer delves into the town's early history, the impact of Donald Judd, the expansion of arts programming, and the increase in tourism, she unlocks the complex interplay between the particularities of the place, the forces of commerce and growth, the textures of local culture and tradition, and the transformative role of artists and creative work. Bookending her story between two iconic artworks—the whimsical Prada Marfa and the crass Playboy Marfa—Shafer illuminates the shifting cultural landscape of Marfa, showing why this place has become a mecca for so many and how the influx of newcomers has transformed its character.

The Metallic Bird

Author : Janice Abel
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Truth flies in the face of expert Raster Pierce, when he states arrogantly. " It is easy to create means of identifying intelligent beings coming from anywhere in the universe and I assure you our planet is safe from any kind of invasion" But is it? Beauty strikes! A short story with a big message. Don't miss this one.

Texas Almanac and State Industrial Guide

Author :
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Spirits of the Border III

Author : Ken Hudnall
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This is the third in the Spirits of the Border Series, investigating the hauntings of Fabens, San Elizario, Socorro, Skull Canyon as well as more haunted locations in El Paso, Texas. The Southwest Untied States is one of the most unusual parts of the country and this series delves into the mystery.

Blazing skies Air Defense Artillery on Fort Bliss 1940 2009

Author :
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List of Lights and Fog Signals

Author : United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Hydrographic Center
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The WPA Week in National Defense

Author : United States. Work Projects Administration
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Homesick for God

Author : Joel C. Gregory
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Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States

Author : United States. Congress. House
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Some vols. include supplemental journals of "such proceedings of the sessions, as, during the time they were depending, were ordered to be kept secret, and respecting which the injunction of secrecy was afterwards taken off by the order of the House."

God s Country Or Devil s Playground

Author : Barney Nelson
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The dramatic desert landscapes of the Big Bend country along the Texas-Mexico border reminded historian Walter Prescott Webb of "an earth-wreck in which a great section of country was shaken down, turned over, blown up, and set on fire." By contrast, naturalist Aldo Leopold considered the region a mountainous paradise in which even the wild Mexican parrots had no greater concern than "whether this new day which creeps slowly over the canyons is bluer or golder than its predecessors, or less so." Whether it impresses people as God's country or as the devil's playground, the Big Bend typically evokes strong responses from almost everyone who lives or visits there. In this anthology of nature writing, Barney Nelson gathers nearly sixty literary perspectives on the landscape and life of the Big Bend region, broadly defined as Trans-Pecos Texas and northern Chihuahua, Mexico. In addition to Leopold and Webb, the collection includes such well-known writers as Edward Abbey, Mary Austin, Roy Bedichek, and Frederick Olmsted, as well as a wide range of voices that includes explorers, trappers, cowboys, ranch wives, curanderos, college presidents, scientists, locals, tourists, historians, avisadores, and waitresses. Following a personal introduction by Barney Nelson, the pieces are grouped thematically to highlight the distinctive ways in which writers have responded to the Big Bend.

Wicked Good Secrets

Author : Janice Law
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Military Review

Author :
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A Fine Dark Line

Author : Joe R Lansdale
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A classic coming-of-age murder mystery with corrupt cops, segregation, ice cream and missing lesbians It is the summer of 1958 in Dewmont, Texas, a town the great American postwar boom passed by. The kids listen to rockabilly on the radio and waste their weekends at the Dairy Queen. And an undetected menace simmers under the heat that clings to the skin like molasses. . . For thirteen-year-old Stanley Mitchell, the end of innocence comes with his discovery of the mysterious long-ago demise of two very different young women. In his quest to unravel the truth about their tragic fates, Stanley finds a protector in Buster Lighthorse Smith, a black, retired Indian-reservation cop and a sage on the finer points of Sherlock Holmes, the blues, and life's faded dreams. But not every buried thing stays dead. And on one terrifying night of rushing creek water and thundering rain, an arcane, murderous force will rise from the past to threaten the Stanley and everything he holds dear. Vintage Lansdale, A FINE DARK LINE brims with exquisite suspense, powerful characterizations, and the vibrant evocation of a lost time.

This Stubborn Self

Author : Bert Almon
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A book of different texan writers and their recollection on Texas.

1st Cavalry Division

Author : Herbert C. Banks
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Contents included in the history are: The Early Years, World War II (1941-1945), Occupation of Japan (1945-1950), Korean War (1950-1951), Return to Japan (1951-1957), Demilitarized Zone (1957-1965), Fort Benning, Airmobile (1965), Vietnam War (1965-1972), Tri-Cap to Armor (1971-1990), Persian Gulf War (1990-1991), Force Restructuring (1991-1993), Desert Peacekeepers (1992-2000), Bosnia Peacekeepers (1998-1999), Today's Cavalry (1999-2000) and The Next Generation (2000-2020). Appendicies following the history include: Commanding Generals, Medal of Honor Recipients, Lineage, Datelines/Key Events, Decorations, Heraldic Items, Order of Battle, GarryOwen, Fiddler's Green, Museum, Major Weapon Systems, The Association, Bibliography, Contributors and an Index. Anyone who has been attached to the 1st Cavalry Division or is interested in military history should have this publication in their personal library.