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Immunoglobulins in Health and Disease

Author : M. French
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Rapid advances continue to be made in all areas of immunology, not least the biology of the immunoglobulins. This knowledge has resulted in a better understanding of antibody responses and helped to clarify pathogenic mechanisms in many diseases, particularly autoimmune and allergic diseases, as well as expand our comprehension of antibody deficiency diseases and mechanisms in therapeutic immunization. In addition, the recognition that diverse disease states may result in abnormalities of the amount of immunoglobulins in body fluids has resulted in the use of immunoglobulin assays for disease diagnosis and management. The aim of this book has been to condense both the established and recent aspects of this knowledge, particularly that pertaining to clinical immunology. The contributions of different authors hopefully provide a comprehensive review of their particular field of interest as well as a discussion of how this information can be applied to clinical medicine. Immunological terms and concepts have been explained where appropriate so that the book can be read by those with only a basic knowledge of immunology. In producing a book on this one area of immunology some duplication of information has been accepted so that topics can be considered in different contexts. I hope the book will be of value to those in training or already pursuing a career in clinical or laboratory medicine by providing a basic and short text on immunoglobulins. M.A.H.F.

Immunoglobulins in Health and Disease

Author : M French
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Glycoproteomics Characterization of Immunoglobulins in Health and Disease

Author :
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Interactions between immunoglobulins and lymphocytes in health and disease

Author : Brian C./. Bonner
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Immunoglobulin light chain ratios in health and disease a paediatric study

Author : Ásgeir Haraldsson
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An Introduction to Universal Serologic Reaction in Health and Disease

Author : Reuben Leon Kahn
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Immunology and Microbiology Importance of Immunologyin Health and Disease CH 2 Nonspecific Resistance inInnate Immunity CH 3 Specific Resistance inAdaptive Immunity CH 4 Immunoglobulins CH 5 Development andRelevance of Microbiology CH 6 Ultrastructure and Characteristicsof Microorganisms CH 7 Microorganisms and Environment Bibliography Index

Author : Leigh Barnes
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The Chemistry of Immunity in Health and Disease

Author : David W. Talmage
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Abnormalities of IgG Glycosylation and Immunological Disorders

Author : D. A. Isenberg
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Glycobiology has become the focus of considerable research in recent years as the role of oligosaccharides in both health and disease has come under scrutiny. During this period particular emphasis has been placed on the glycosylation of human immunoglobulins, notably IgG, not least because clear links with a restricted range of human diseases has been established. Abnormalities of IgG Glycosylation and Immunological Disorders uniquely draws together the facts that have emerged to link abnormalities in IgG glycosylation and immunological disease, especially rheumatoid arthritis. It reviews all aspects of immunoglobulin glycosylation abnormalities, including the structural anatomy of glycoproteins; the methods used to analyse them; the clinical aspects of glycobiology in both human disease and animal models; the glycosylation enzymes and the genes that encode and regulate these enzymes; and the possible pathogenicity of IgG. The chapter authors have been chosen because of the original contributions they have made to this exciting field of research. As such this authoritative and well referenced volume will be indispensable to both clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in glycosylation, as well as rheumatologists, immunologists, bacteriologists and glycobiologists.

Intravenous Immunoglobulin

Author : Marian E. Beratan
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