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Nano Mechanics and Materials

Author : Wing Kam Liu
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Nanotechnology is a progressive research and development topic with large amounts of venture capital and government funding being invested worldwide. Nano mechanics, in particular, is the study and characterization of the mechanical behaviour of individual atoms, systems and structures in response to various types of forces and loading conditions. This text, written by respected researchers in the field, informs researchers and practitioners about the fundamental concepts in nano mechanics and materials, focusing on their modelling via multiple scale methods and techniques. The book systematically covers the theory behind multi-particle and nanoscale systems, introduces multiple scale methods, and finally looks at contemporary applications in nano-structured and bio-inspired materials.

Computational Mechanics

Author : Zhenhan Yao
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Analysis and Applications of Lattice Boltzmann Simulations

Author : Valero-Lara, Pedro
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Programming has become a significant part of connecting theoretical development and scientific application computation. Fluid dynamics provide an important asset in experimentation and theoretical analysis. Analysis and Applications of Lattice Boltzmann Simulations provides emerging research on the efficient and standard implementations of simulation methods on current and upcoming parallel architectures. While highlighting topics such as hardware accelerators, numerical analysis, and sparse geometries, this publication explores the techniques of specific simulators as well as the multiple extensions and various uses. This book is a vital resource for engineers, professionals, researchers, academics, and students seeking current research on computational fluid dynamics, high-performance computing, and numerical and flow simulations.

Advances in Discretization Methods

Author : Giulio Ventura
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This book gathers selected contributions on emerging research work presented at the International Conference eXtended Discretization MethodS (X-DMS), held in Ferrara in September 2015. It highlights the most relevant advances made at the international level in the context of expanding classical discretization methods, like finite elements, to the numerical analysis of a variety of physical problems. The improvements are intended to achieve higher computational efficiency and to account for special features of the solution directly in the approximation space and/or in the discretization procedure. The methods described include, among others, partition of unity methods (meshfree, XFEM, GFEM), virtual element methods, fictitious domain methods, and special techniques for static and evolving interfaces. The uniting feature of all contributions is the direct link between computational methodologies and their application to different engineering areas.

Theory and Applications of Colloidal Suspension Rheology

Author : Norman J. Wagner
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An essential text on practical application, theory and simulation, written by an international coalition of experts in the field and edited by the authors of Colloidal Suspension Rheology. This up-to-date work builds upon the prior work as a valuable guide to formulation and processing, as well as fundamental rheology of colloidal suspensions. Thematically, theory and simulation are connected to industrial application by consideration of colloidal interactions, particle properties, and suspension microstructure. Important classes of model suspensions including gels, glasses and soft particles are covered so as to develop a deeper understanding of industrial systems ranging from carbon black slurries, paints and coatings, asphalt, cement, and mine tailings, to natural suspensions such as biocolloids, protein solutions, and blood. Systematically presenting the established facts in this multidisciplinary field, this book is the perfect aid for academic researchers, graduate students, and industrial practitioners alike.

Mathematical Reviews

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Vibration and Coupling of Continuous Systems

Author : Jacqueline Sanchez Hubert
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Real problems concerning vibrations of elastic structures are among the most fascinating topics in mathematical and physical research as well as in applications in the engineering sciences. This book addresses the student familiar with the elementary mechanics of continua along with specialists. The authors start with an outline of the basic methods and lead the reader to research problems of current interest. An exposition of the method of spectra, asymptotic methods and perturbation is followed by applications to linear problems where elastic structures are coupled to fluids in bounded and unbounded domains, to radiation of immersed bodies, to local vibrations, to thermal effects and many more.

XAFS for Everyone

Author : Scott Calvin
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XAFS for Everyone provides a practical, thorough guide to x-ray absorption fine-structure (XAFS) spectroscopy for both novices and seasoned practitioners from a range of disciplines. The text is enhanced with more than 200 figures as well as cartoon characters who offer informative commentary on the different approaches used in XAFS spectroscopy. The book covers sample preparation, data reduction, tips and tricks for data collection, fingerprinting, linear combination analysis, principal component analysis, and modeling using theoretical standards. It describes both near-edge (XANES) and extended (EXAFS) applications in detail. Examples throughout the text are drawn from diverse areas, including materials science, environmental science, structural biology, catalysis, nanoscience, chemistry, art, and archaeology. In addition, five case studies from the literature demonstrate the use of XAFS principles and analysis in practice. The text includes derivations and sample calculations to foster a deeper comprehension of the results. Whether you are encountering this technique for the first time or looking to hone your craft, this innovative and engaging book gives you insight on implementing XAFS spectroscopy and interpreting XAFS experiments and results. It helps you understand real-world trade-offs and the reasons behind common rules of thumb.

Protein Modelling

Author : Andrew Gamble
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In this volume, a detailed description of cutting-edge computational methods applied to protein modeling as well as specific applications are presented. Chapters include: the application of Car-Parrinello techniques to enzyme mechanisms, the outline and application of QM/MM methods, polarizable force fields, recent methods of ligand docking, molecular dynamics related to NMR spectroscopy, computer optimization of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion extended by toxicity for drugs, enzyme design and bioinformatics applied to protein structure prediction. A keen emphasis is laid on the clear presentation of complex concepts, since the book is primarily aimed at Ph.D. students, who need an insight in up-to-date protein modeling. The inclusion of descriptive, color figures will allow the reader to get a pictorial representation of complicated structural issues.