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Imagining Religious Leadership in the Middle Ages

Author : Steven Vanderputten
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Around the turn of the first millennium AD, there emerged in the former Carolingian Empire a generation of abbots that came to be remembered as one of the most influential in the history of Western monasticism. In this book Steven Vanderputten reevaluates the historical significance of this generation of monastic leaders through an in-depth study of one of its most prominent figures, Richard of Saint-Vanne. During his lifetime, Richard (d. 1046) served as abbot of numerous monasteries, which gained him a reputation as a highly successful administrator and reformer of monastic discipline. As Vanderputten shows, however, a more complex view of Richard’s career, spirituality, and motivations enables us to better evaluate his achievements as church leader and reformer. Vanderputten analyzes various accounts of Richard’s life, contemporary sources that are revealing of his worldview and self-conception, and the evidence relating to his actions as a monastic reformer and as a promoter of conversion. Richard himself conceived of his life as an evolving commentary on a wide range of issues relating to individual spirituality, monastic discipline, and religious leadership. This commentary, which combined highly conservative and revolutionary elements, reached far beyond the walls of the monastery and concerned many of the issues that would divide the church and its subjects in the later eleventh century.

The Song of Songs in the Early Middle Ages

Author : Hannah W. Matis
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Hannah Matis examines how a biblical text was read by the most important figures within the ninth-century Carolingian Reform to think about the nature of Christ and the church.

A Companion to the Abbey of Cluny in the Middle Ages

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"Founded in 910 by Duke William of Aquitaine, the abbey of Cluny rose to prominence in the eleventh century as the most influential and opulent center for monastic devotion in medieval Europe. While the twelfth century brought challenges, both internal and external, the Cluniacs showed remarkable adaptability in the changing religious climate of the high Middle Ages. Written by international experts representing a range of academic disciplines, the contributions to this volume examine the rich textual and material sources for Cluny's history, offering not only a thorough introduction to the distinctive character of Cluniac monasticism in the Middle Ages, but also the lineaments of a detailed research agenda for the next generation of historians. Contributors are: Isabelle Rosé, Steven Vanderputten, Marc Saurette, Denyse Riche, Susan Boynton, Anne Baud, Sébastien Barret, Robert Berkhofer III, Isabelle Cochelin, Michael Hänchen, Gert Melville, Eliana Magnani, Constance Bouchard, Benjamin Pohl, and Scott G. Bruce"--

Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Author : Matthew Gabriele
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Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages provides a range of perspectives on what reformist apocalypticism meant for the formation of Medieval Europe, from the Fall of Rome to the twelfth century. It explores and challenges accepted narratives about both the development of apocalyptic thought and the way it intersected with cultures of reform to influence major transformations in the medieval world. Bringing together a wealth of knowledge from academics in Britain, Europe and the USA this book offers the latest scholarship in apocalypse studies. It consolidates a paradigm shift, away from seeing apocalypse as a radical force for a suppressed minority, and towards a fuller understanding of apocalypse as a mainstream cultural force in history. Together, the chapters and case studies capture and contextualise the variety of ideas present across Europe in the Middle Ages and set out points for further comparative study of apocalypse across time and space. Offering new perspectives on what ideas of ‘reform’ and ‘apocalypse’ meant in Medieval Europe, Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages provides students with the ideal introduction to the study of apocalypse during this period.

Universal Chronicles in the High Middle Ages

Author : Michele Campopiano
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New perspectives on and interpretations of the popular medieval genre of the universal chronicle.

Medieval Monasticisms

Author : Steven Vanderputten
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From the deserts of Egypt to the emergence of the great monastic orders, the story of late antique and medieval monasticism in the West used to be straightforward. But today we see the story as far 'messier' - less linear, less unified, and more historicized. In the first part of this book, the reader is introduced to the astonishing variety of forms and experiences of the monastic life, their continuous transformation, and their embedding in physical, socio-economic, and even personal settings. The second part surveys and discusses the extensive international scholarship on which the first part is built. The third part, a research tool, rounds off the volume with a carefully representative bibliography of literature and primary sources.

The Oxford Handbook of Christian Monasticism

Author : Bernice M. Kaczynski
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The Oxford Handbook of Christian Monasticism addresses, for the first time in one volume, multiple strands of Christian monastic practice. Forty-four essays consider historical and thematic aspects of the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Protestant, and Anglican traditions, as well as contemporary 'new monasticism'.

A Companion to the Abbey of Le Bec in the Central Middle Ages 11th 13th Centuries

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This Companion offers the first major collection of studies dedicated to the medieval Norman abbey of Le Bec, one of the most important and influential religious institutions in the Anglo-Norman world of the 11th-13th centuries.

Dark Age Nunneries

Author : Steven Vanderputten
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Dark Age Nunneries -- Contents -- List of Illustrations -- Preface and Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- Introduction -- 1. Setting the Boundaries for Legitimate Experimentation -- 2. Holy Vessels, Brides of Christ: Ambiguous Ninth-Century Realities -- 3. Transitions, Continuities, and the Struggle for Monastic Lordship -- 4. Reforms, Semi-Reforms, and the Silencing of Women Religious in the Tenth Century -- 5. New Beginnings -- 6. Monastic Ambiguities in the New Millennium -- Conclusion -- Appendix A: The Leadership and Members of Female Religious Communities in Lotharingia, 816-1059 -- Appendix B: The Decrees on Women Religious from the Acts of the Synod of Chalon-sur-Saône, 813, and the Council of Mainz, 847 -- Appendix C: Jacques de Guise's Account of the Attempted Reform of Nivelles and Other Female Institutions in the Early Ninth Century -- Appendix D: The Compilation on the Roll of Maubeuge, c. Early Eleventh Century -- Appendix E: Letter by Abbess Thiathildis of Remiremont to Emperor Louis the Pious, c. 820s-840 -- Appendix F: John of Gorze's Encounter with Geisa, c. 920s-930s -- Appendix G: Extract on Women Religious from the Protocol of the Synod of Rome (1059) -- Appendix H: The Eviction of the Religious of Pfalzel as Recounted in the Gesta Treverorum, 1016 -- Appendix I: The Life of Ansoaldis, Abbess of Maubeuge (d. 1050) -- Appendix J: Letter by Pope Paschalis II to Abbess Ogiva of Messines (1107) -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- Q -- R -- S -- T -- U -- V -- W -- Z

A Companion to the Medieval Papacy

Author : Atria Larson
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A guide to key aspects of the development of the ideology of the papacy and papal institutions c.1050-1500.