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I m Not A Regular Grandpa

Author : Stonerville Books
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A great gift for the grandpa who loves weed! It's the perfect notebook for jotting down recipes for tinctures, oils, salves and oils. It's also great for writing shopping lists, reminders, or notes for any other project. With 120 college-ruled pages, it's got lots of space for any stoner grandpa's writing needs. Order today!

Oksana Behave

Author : Maria Kuznetsova
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“[The] Ukrainian American heroine of this sweet-bitter debut is a wisecracking fatalist who can be counted on to say the inappropriate thing, a tendency that becomes more pronounced as doomed crushes and family crises pile up on the road to adulthood.”—O: The Oprah Magazine When Oksana and her family move from the Ukraine to Florida to begin a new American life, her physicist father delivers pizza at night to make ends meet, her cranky mother sits at home all day worrying, and her flamboyant grandmother relishes the attention she gets from men. All Oksana wants is to be as far away from her family as possible, to have friends, and to be normal—and though she constantly tries to do the right thing, she keeps getting in trouble. As she grows up, she continues to misbehave, from somewhat accidentally maiming the school-bus bully, to stealing the much-coveted key to New York City’s Gramercy Park, to falling in love with a married man. After her grandmother moves back to Ukraine, Oksana longs for the motherland that looms large in her imagination but is a country she never really knew. When she visits her grandmother in Yalta and learns about her romantic past, Oksana comes to a new understanding of how to live without causing harm to the people she loves. But will Oksana ever quite learn to behave? Praise for Oksana, Behave! “Tragicomic and bittersweet . . . an immigrant's coming-of-age tale done with brio.”—Kirkus Reviews “What luck for readers that Oksana can’t behave! Little devil, infinite imbecile, poor futureless child—all the names her displaced, loving family give to her as she crashes and burns and wanders the wilderness of her inheritance, fit perfectly. As outrageous as she is, as funny and as awful as she can be, though, in Oksana, Maria Kuznetsova has also created a character of great passion and depth—of tragedy, even, too—the very sort that populate the stories of Chekhov and Tolstoy, the poems of Anna Akhmatova, and all the other Russian writers Oksana looks to for comfort and company and some sort of bearing in this absurd world. This novel is a stark, hilarious delight.”—Paul Harding, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Tinkers

How You Can Be an Awesome Grandpa

Author : James Gooch
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Memorable moments! What will be forever remembered by your grandchild when they look back at time spent together? How You Can Be an Awesome Grandpa presents a collection of ideas, suggestions, techniques, experiences, and thoughts that can make anyone’s experience as a grandpa more successful and rewarding. From learning to give your grandchild meaningful compliments to fi nding activities that help to build his or her self-esteem, author James Gooch offers several techniques that are designed to create stronger relationships between grandpas and their grandchildren. Gooch interviewed many grandpas and grandchildren in order to gather their wisdom; in this helpful guide, he shares the answers to the questions he asked during their interviews. From these suggestions, the blueprint of a respected, honored, and fun grandpa has emerged. Stories fi lled with cherished memories and successful techniques for building better relationships blend with humor and sadness to help you understand your role as a grandfather. Take advantage of the experiences of others who have created fantastic memories to help you master being a grandpa. Anybody can be a grandfather, but it takes someone special to be an awesome grandpa.

Ready Or Not You re a Grandparent

Author : Debra Evans
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Debra Evans helps grandparents understand that they alone can do for their grandchildren and their adult children. She offers practical advice, information, encouragement, and resources that will make you a better grandparent.

Grandpa s Courteous Obligation

Author : Cool Papa Ike
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A Letter from Grandpa Charlie

Author : Charles Phillips, LTC USA (Ret)
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A Letter from Grandpa Charlie By: Charles Phillips, LTC USA (Ret) A Letter from Grandpa Charlie details the events of Charles Phillips' eighty-three years of life to his grandchildren. The reader feels as though they are having a conversation with their "Grandpa Charlie". The book is a love letter, a war story and witnessed account of historical events. Phillips served as LRRP, ran joint operations with SEAL Team 2, and Special Forces Operational Detachment "Delta". Seemingly each page addresses a different adventure. The rapid pace will keep the reader riveted. Grandpa Charlie's letter is a legacy to pass along to future generations so they may know the history of their family.

Hotel Tiberias A Tale of Two Grandfathers

Author : Sebastian Hope
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Part history, part travel journal and part autobiography, ‘Hotel Tiberias’ is a journey of many layers and resonances, as Sebastian Hope follows the tumultuous story of his family’s hotel in Palestine.

Grandpa s Rocking Chair

Author : Vern Schultz
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The year 1929 was devastating for America. It was the beginning of the Great Depression, which led to our country’s economic collapse. The author, also born in 1929, lived through those challenging Depression years, experiencing firsthand the many adaptations and sacrifices needed to survive those trying times. Now some eighty-eight years later, the author looks back to review those key principles that helped folks survive those challenging 1930s. Although the times we are living in today are radically different than in those Depression years, the author holds to the belief that if these same key principles are followed by America’s working class today, they will be more successful in meeting the challenge of our ever-changing, complex society. This book offers some suggested guides that should aid today’s workers in achieving increased financial independence by following these same key principles, with grandpa’s retirement rocking chair as the goal!

The Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress

Author : Library of Congress
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The Quarterly journal of the Library of Congress

Author :
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Grandpa s Store

Author : Allene E. Thornburgh
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Out of the Shadows

Author : J. Thomas Lapacka
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Read one man's story of his involvement in the Worldwide Church of God and his pilgrimage to the historic Christian faith.

Grandpa Huang Chao chin s Memoirs

Author : Chaoqin Huang
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American Farm Youth

Author :
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Where Has Grandpa Gone

Author : Ruth Lewshenia Kopp
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Describes how children perceive time and death, tells how to provide a Christian explanation about death, and offers advice on teaching children to mourn

The Dunagans of West Texas 1906 1997

Author : J. Conrad Dunagan
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I ve Never Been an Old Man

Author : Don Larsen
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Don teaches us about life, love, and the ABC's of IVs and HMOs, while his cats...uh, family members, add hilarity.

Grandpa Saw it Happen

Author : Raymond L. Murray
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Grandpa Tells it Like it was

Author : Arthur B. Coffee
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Our Holocaust

Author : Amir Guttfreund
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The intrepid pair won't let this stop them, and their quest for knowledge results in adventures both funny and alarming, as they try to unearth their neighbors' stories.