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ICC Cricket World Cup England and Wales 2019

Author : Chris Hawkes
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ICC Cricket World Cup England 2019: The Official Book is a celebration of the world's most important 50-over cricket tournament, the World Cup. Eight teams will be joining hosts England in the summer 2019 trying to prise loose the grip on the trophy, enjoyed by Australia (they have been world champions four of the last five times). Eleven venues will stage the 48 matches across England and Wales, from Taunton and Cardiff to Headingley and Chester-le-Street between 30 May and 14 July. This book contains everything fans will need, from venue guides to detailed information on every team in the finals, key players, playing strengths, coaches, past form and a prediction of teams' hopes of success. In addition to the fill-in ICC Cricket World Cup England 2019 fixture schedule, famous games are recalled in special features, together with biographies of the men most likely to light up the tournament. The Cricket World Cup's glorious history and tournament records are also fully covered making ICC Cricket World Cup England 2019: The Official Book essential reading for all fans interested in one-day cricket in its longer format.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Kids Handbook

Author : Carlton Books UK
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As excitement builds in the run-up to the Cricket World Cup 2019, the official ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Kids' Handbook provides the perfect tournament companion for one-day cricket fans aged 7 and up. The book is bursting with information about the hosts, England and Wales, plus the grounds, teams profiles, superstar players, Cricket World Cup facts, stats and record breakers, as well as loads of games, quizzes and puzzles.

Cricket World Cup

Author : Adam Hellebuyck
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Using the new C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards, Cricket World Cup in the Global Citizens: Sports series explores the topic through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. As they read, students will develop questions about the text, and use evidence from a variety of sources in order to form conclusions. Data-focused backmatter is included, as well as a table of contents, author biography, sidebars, bibliography, glossary, and index.

Chase s Calendar of Events 2019

Author : Editors of Chase's
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Since 1957, Chase's Calendar of Events lists everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more. "The Oxford English Dictionary of holidays."--NPR's Planet Money.

Territorial Army Officers Exams eBook 2019 3000 Questions Included

Author : SSBCrack
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Paper 1: Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics Paper 2: General Knowledge and English Opportunity in the Territorial Army Territorial Army Notification 2019 for Men and Women Exam Pattern and Syllabus of Territorial Army TA Exams 2016 & 2017 solved papers with detailed explanations Detailed syllabus for Territorial Army Officer Recruitment Exam 2019 More than 3000+ examples, Practice Questions with Explanations and Exercises with Answer Key

Sport and Secessionism

Author : Mariann Vaczi
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Sport and Secessionism examines how sporting cultures reflect, inform and sometimes frustrate secessionist movements around the world. Investigating a wide range of cases, the book explores key themes including nationalism, nation building, state-region antagonisms, independence movements, identity and ethnic politics, sovereignty and autonomy processes, all through the lens of sport. Sports are uniquely positioned to shed light on secessionist politics due to their pervasiveness in society, and their ability to absorb, reflect and produce political projections. The book presents analyses of a wide range of geographical, cultural and political contexts in which sports are deployed to pursue regional independence, or greater sovereignty and autonomy, and explores the dual processes of sub-national identity construction and state sovereignty deconstruction. The book includes fourteen cases from such diverse parts of the world as Ireland, Taiwan, Turkey, Catalonia, Biafra, Canada and the UK, among others. Offering a unique perspective on an important geopolitical issue, this book is fascinating reading for anybody with an interest in sport and politics, the sociology of sport, political science, political geography, nationalism studies or international history.

SBI Bank Clerk 8 Year wise Preliminary Mains Solved Papers 2019 09

Author : Disha Experts
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World Cup Warriors

Author : Vijay Lokapally
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The stage is set! The ICC Cricket World Cup-the tournament and trophy which every international player hopes to win and which cricket fans dream their country to hold one day-is here. With all the ten nations having named their squads, this book bursts with information about everything you need to know about our Boys in Blue, who are most likely to light up the tournament with their skill and talent. As the teams prepare to join the hosts, England and Wales, for cricket's biggest bash and to loosen the grip of the defending champion, Australia, on the coveted trophy, veteran sports journalist Vijay Lokapally gives us a peek into India's squad with a twist. In a first of its kind, celebrated former cricketers Kapil Dev, Madan Lal, Sandeep Patil, K Srikkanth, Yashpal Sharma, Kirti Azad, Balvinder Sandhu, among the players who beat the then invincible West Indies in 1983 to win the Prudential World Cup at Lord's, speak about their counterparts in the current Indian line-up. Views and commentaries from L Sivaramakrishnan, Venkatapathy Raju, Kiran More, Robin Singh, Venkatesh Prasad, Manoj Prabhakar, Nayan Mongia and Piyush Chawla, all former World Cup stars, make this a unique and valuable narrative.

The Comeback Summer

Author : Geoff Lemon
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Geoff Lemon takes on The Comeback Summer of cricket, in this gripping follow-up to the multi-award-winning Steve Smith’s Men. At the height of the 2019 season, the biggest names in Australian and English cricket faced off for sporting glory – and public forgiveness. It was always going to be a summer to remember. Steve Smith, captain of the Australian team, a batsman with a shot at rivalling the greatest of all time. Ben Stokes, star of the English team, an all-rounder with a knack for moments of genius. Both disgraced in scandals of very different kinds. Both attempting a tough comeback trail through the most crucial contests in cricket: the World Cup back-to-back with the Ashes. Geoff Lemon was there, in the commentary boxes and on the boundaries, for this season of unparalleled drama on the field. The Comeback Summer is an insightful, lively and sharp take on the cricketing world, which asks why we’re so obsessed with the idea of sport as a means of redemption.

Collins Ultimate Pub Quiz 10 000 easy medium and difficult questions with picture rounds

Author : Collins Puzzles
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A bumper-size quiz book with all new questions to test your general knowledge, with more than 500 quizzes and around 10,000 questions. Includes 30 picture rounds to get you scratching your head! All quizzes and answers are hyperlinked for ease of use. Hide the answers or view below each question. Perfect for playing with friends and family.

Country Life

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Peerless Minds An Arc of Achievement

Author : Pritish Nandy
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This book, edited by Pritish Nandy and Tapan Chaki, contains interviews of some of the finest minds of our time. Among others, there is Amartya Sen interviewed by James Astill; late V.S. Naipaul by Roderick Matthews, possibly the last interview he ever gave; Salman Rushdie by Aastish Taseer; Ratan Tata by Pritish Nandy; A.R. Rahman by Tishani Doshi; Amitabh Bachchan by Rajdeep Sardesai; Satya Nadella by Shireen Bhan; Sunder Pichai by Prannoy Roy and Devdutt Pattanaik by Pritish Nandy. A fascinating collection of long-form interviews, this book contains the thoughts and ideas of leaders who are constantly bringing change not just in India but across the world.

BBC London Calling

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CNN 2019 9 No 228

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〔新聞:時事、新知〕 〔適合對象:準備出國、生活中需要大量使用英語、TOEIC ,TOEFL考試準備者〕 CNN互動英語是全國唯一CNN官方授權,最道地的英語教材,大專院校老師一致推薦。內容豐富含財經政治、文化旅遊、體育娛樂等,每月給提供最新的全球大事,和您一起開啟英語世界的大門! ►購買完整紙本書請上: Cosmic Ambition 三大億萬富翁的21世紀太空爭霸戰 Inside the Billionaires’ Battle for Space Supremacy GEORGE HOWELL, CNN ANCHOR This week continues our special month of coverage on CNN, Space 50, as the anniversary of the first Moon landing approaches—50 years on. There’s still a space race. Our spa[ce] … our Rachel Crane reports, this time, it’s the billionaires who are competing against each other to take us far, far away. RACHEL CRANE, CNN CORRESPONDENT Bezos, Branson [and] Musk—the three billionaires racing towards space. With NASA focusing more on its Moon and Mars missions, the opportunities for the [three billionaires] have never been better. So, what exactly are their ambitions? Simply, it seems to be: get humans to space for tourism, exploration and, perhaps, even colonization. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic seems to be the most tourism-focused. RICHARD BRANSON, FOUNDER, VIRGIN GALACTIC I got frustrated [with] the fact that I couldn’t go up on a NASA spaceship or Russian spaceship, so [I] decided to build a spaceline. RACHEL CRANE, CNN CORRESPONDENT The company had a successful test in February, sending its crewed SpaceShipTwo 88 kilometers above Earth—the company’s second time to space. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin also has tourism goals, but he’s recently announced he’s setting his sights on the Moon. JEFF BEZOS, FOUNDER, BLUE ORIGIN It’s time to go back to the Moon—this time to stay. The price of admission to do interesting things in space right now is just too high because there’s no infrastructure. RACHEL CRANE, CNN CORRESPONDENT The company has introduced a new lunar lander concept and already began testing an engine the lander would use. However, it’s Elon Musk’s SpaceX that’s been getting the most liftoff action. It’s been handling cargo missions to the International Space Station since 2012, and its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets have proven they have the muscle for space travel. ELON MUSK, FOUNDER, SPACEX I think it’s gonna give the government options. So, it’s good to have options for advancement of human spaceflight, and yeah, the competition’s a good thing. RACHEL CRANE, CNN CORRESPONDENT But it’s SpaceX’s Crew Dragon that has gained recent attention. It could be the first American spacecraft to carry NASA astronauts to space since 2011. While it had a successful mission in March, April brought major setbacks when the company confirmed the craft was destroyed during another test. Still, where it stands, all three companies have yet to send people into orbit, but it’s looking more promising every day. RICHARD BRANSON, FOUNDER, VIRGIN GALACTIC I think the exciting thing for the world now is that you have Jeff, you have Elon [and] you have ourselves creating different approaches to take people into space [and] to colonize places like the Moon in future years. So, an incredible new era of space exploration has arrived. RACHEL CRANE, CNN CORRESPONDENT Rachel Crane, CNN, New York. CNN主播 喬治.豪威爾 本週要繼續本台這個月的特別報導「登月五十年」,因為首度登陸月球的週年紀念即將到來──五十年了。現在還是有一場太空競賽。我們的太空……本台記者芮秋.奎恩報導指出,這次是億萬富翁們之間的競爭,要帶我們到很遠、很遠的地方。 CNN特派員 芮秋.奎恩 貝佐斯、布蘭森和馬斯克──這三位億萬富翁爭相航向太空。由於美國太空總署重點較多放在月球和火星任務上,這三位億萬富翁的機會再好不過了。 那麼,他們的野心究竟是什麼呢?簡單來說,似乎是把人類送上太空觀光、探索,或許甚至是殖民。理查.布蘭森的維珍銀河公司似乎是最以旅遊為重心的。 維珍銀河創辦人 理查.布蘭森 我因為不能搭美國太空總署的太空船或是俄國的太空船上太空而感到很挫折,所以我決定創立一家航太公司。 CNN特派員 芮秋.奎恩 該公司在二月時進行了一次成功的試飛,把載有組員的太空船二號送到地球上方八十八公里處,這是該公司第二次進入太空。 傑夫.貝佐斯的藍色起源公司也有觀光的目標,不過他日前宣布他要把目光放在月球上。 藍色起源創辦人 傑夫.貝佐斯 該是回到月球的時候了──這一次要留下來。現在要在太空中執行有趣事情的進場代價實在是太高了,因為那裡沒有基礎建設。 CNN特派員 芮秋.奎恩 該公司推出了一具新的概念登月車,而且已經開始測試該輛登陸車所使用的引擎。 不過,升空活動最多的是伊隆.馬斯克的SpaceX。從二○一二年開始,該公司就在執行國際太空站的載貨補給任務了,而且其獵鷹九號和獵鷹重型運載火箭已經證明他們擁有太空旅行的實力。 SpaceX創辦人 伊隆.馬斯克 我想這會給政府一些選擇。人類太空飛行的進展能夠有不同的選擇是件好事,而且對啊,競爭是件好事。 CNN特派員 芮秋.奎恩 不過,近來備受關注的是SpaceX的載人龍飛船。它可能會是二○一一年以來第一艘載送美國太空總署太空人到太空的美國太空船。雖然三月時它執行了一場成功的任務,但四月卻遭遇重大挫敗,該公司證實太空船在另一次測試中被摧毀了。然而,以目前的情況看來,這三家公司都尚未送人進入軌道,不過情勢日益樂觀。 維珍銀河創辦人 理查.布蘭森 我想目前令世人興奮的事情就是,大家有傑夫、有伊隆,還有我們在開發不同的方式送人上太空,以及未來在像是月球的地方殖民。所以說,令人讚嘆的太空探索新時代已然來臨。 CNN特派員 芮秋.奎恩 本台記者芮秋.奎恩,在紐約的報導。 人物 Making a Dictator 獨裁者的養成史──你所不知道的金正恩 How Kim Jong Un’s Childhood Shaped Him 北韓領導人金正恩喜怒無常、難以捉摸,多次罔顧國際規範,並以極端手段在國內進行政治肅清。《華盛頓郵報》記者採訪金氏家族親戚和前助理,由童年事件分析金正恩性格的養成。 科技 Cosmic Ambition 三大億萬富翁的21世紀太空爭霸戰 Inside the Billionaires’ Battle for Space Supremacy Amazon創辦人貝佐斯、特斯拉創辦人馬斯克與維珍集團創辦人布蘭森,這三人的本業在不同的領域各據一方,但也都同時把目光望向太空旅行,開啟新世代太空競賽。 政治 A First for Caring 第一夫人──溫柔而堅定的力量 The Important Role of the First Ladies of the United States 美國第一夫人除了是總統的非正式顧問和擁護者,有時在政策和倡議的推動上也扮演著舉足輕重的角色。本文回顧美國近代第一夫人的特殊成就。 商業 Sweet Success 甜蜜好時光──好時巧克力王國 How Hershey’s Dominated the Chocolate World 美國食品大廠好時公司創立超過125年,旗下有好時巧克力片、好時之吻、銳滋花生醬巧克力杯等經典產品,更不斷推陳出新,滿足不同世代顧客的味蕾。 藝文 Beats, Breaks and Bass 鐵克諾電音雙人組 演繹DJ 的藝術 Techno Duo Pan-Pot Demonstrates the Art of DJing 德國柏林是鐵克諾電音的大本營,隱身在城市角落的表演空間孕育出許多知名音樂人。來自柏林的雙人組Pan-Pot展示DJ基本功,邀請各位體驗鐵克諾音樂的魅力! 社會 Quiet Time 大笨鐘維修中 低調度過160歲生日 Big Ben Remains Silent on 160th Birthday as Restoration Work Continues 倫敦地標大笨鐘自2017年中起暫停鐘響,展開為期四年的修復工程,日前安靜地度過160歲生日。CNN特派員帶來大笨鐘最新的修復進度。 保育 Going Ape for Conservation 人類近親瀕臨滅絕 搶救黑猩猩大作戰 Looking at Chimpanzee Rehabilitation and Care at a Nonprofit Organization in Liberia 位於賴比瑞亞的一個保育機構致力於黑猩猩救援,保護這種與人類極為相似的靈長類動物不受滅絕威脅。 政治 Red, White and New 空軍一號換新裝 設計搶先看 President Trump Reveals Plans for a Revamped Air Force One 從甘迺迪總統時代沿用至今的美國總統專機塗裝即將有新面貌。川普總統日前公布空軍一號新設計,採美國國旗紅、白、藍配色,引發兩極評價。 社會 Ghost Town Comeback 美劇帶動觀光熱 核災鬼城車諾比現人潮 Chernobyl Experiences Tourism Boost after Hit TV Series 1986年爆發核災而遭棄城的車諾比,經過30多年的沉潛,如今因為熱門美劇再度成為世人焦點,甚至出現觀光潮。 旅遊 Turkish Delights 漫遊伊斯坦堡 品味道地土耳其烤肉 Sampling Büryani-Style Kebabs in Istanbul 香氣十足的烤肉是土耳其的經典料理。土耳其烤肉隨地區不同而各有風味,成為這個文化大熔爐在餐桌上的最佳體現。 CNN 全球瞭望 Trump Enters North Korea 川普成為首位踏入北韓的在任美國總統 Japan’s Asteroid Mission 日本探測器成功登陸小行星 England Wins Its First Cricket World Cup 板球世界盃 英格蘭奪隊史首冠 CNN主播教你唸 美國第一夫人 聽懂CNN 報導 Amazon Turns 25 電商龍頭Amazon 二十五年創新之路

Palmer s Index to the Times Newspaper

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Who s who in Australia

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