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I Wear the Black Hat

Author : Chuck Klosterman
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The cultural critic questions how modern people understand the concept of villainy, describing how his youthful idealism gave way to an adult sympathy with notorious cultural figures to offer insight into the appeal of anti-heroes.

Sometimes I Wear A Black Hat

Author : Jimmie Meinke
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This notebook makes a great gift for anyone who loves computer security and hacking. It features the quote "Sometimes I Wear A Black Hat" in a black font. More Details 120 pages of quality paper 6" x 9" paperback notebook with a soft matte cover Use with pencils, ink pen, or gel pen Convenient size for college, high school, work, and home Makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, and special occasions Perfect as a notebook, journal, log book, or composition book

Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats

Author : William E. Waters
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Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats is a collection of poetry about law enforcement excesses. Most of the poems were inspired by actual cases from around the country. The author did not set out to compile a collection of these poems, but more and more, nearly every day, another case of law enforcement’s excessive use of force was reported in the Media. The author also did not set out to demonize law enforcement, but focused on those cases where things went terribly wrong, for a number of reasons. As a poet, as someone deeply committed to realizing a just society, the poet chose to report these cases in poetic forms. The poet acknowledges how tough the job is for those entrusted with “public safety.” An earlier version of this book was among the finalists in the 2000 National Poetry Series competition.

Michigan Scenic Rivers Act of 1990

Author : United States
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The Flower Girls

Author : Dee Williams
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After severing all ties, can she ever reunite with those she left behind? The Flower Girls is a heart-breaking saga of destructive ambition and the power of family ties, from much-loved author Dee Williams. Perfect for fans of Lindsey Hutchinson and Cathy Sharp. Identical twins Lily and Rose Flowers aren't from a rich family, but they lead a comfortable life in 1920s Rotherhithe with their mum and dad. The twins are the apple of their parents' eye, and each other's best friend - they always know what the other is thinking. Feisty Rose has a more rebellious nature than her sister, but it's never before interfered with their closeness. However, Rose's secret dissatisfaction with her humdrum lifestyle reaches a head when she meets the rich and handsome Rodger. To the shock of the Flowers family, she elopes with him to Gretna Green. Once Rose has the money and glamour she's always craved, nothing will persuade her to contact her family again; not even her father's death. And then, in the wake of the Wall Street Crash of 1929, everything changes. With her charmed life in shreds and with no one left to turn to, Rose is determined to build bridges to those she has hurt the most. But can forgiveness be sought so easily - and can she ever truly escape her troubled past? What readers are saying about The Flower Girls: 'I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Dee Williams paints vivid pictures of the times her characters lived. They make entertaining reading and escapism' 'Another superb book by Dee, couldn't put it down. This book is a great read and I fully recommend it... The ending is quite a surprise' 'A well written book - good story line and interesting characters. A story that you could relate to'

I Know I Saw Gypsies

Author :
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The work of many young writers.

All My Masks

Author : Edward Rhodes
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All my masks is a collection of poems, written between 2003 and early 2011, mostly on the themes of unrequited love, dreams, mortality, regret, and other such sad subjects. However, some lighter material is also included, generally written either in response to some trivial happening, such as losing a favourite glove, or else as an outpouring of an over-active imagination. The poems appear, roughly speaking, in reverse chronological order.

Masters of the Games

Author : Joseph Epstein
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In this collection, his twenty-fifth book, Joseph Epstein departs from writing about literature and culture to indulge his fondness for the world of sport in all its forms. In these essays and stories on such subjects as saving Joe DiMaggio’s reputation from the clutches of an iconoclastic biographer, marveling at the skills of Michael Jordan, shaking free of an addiction to radio sports talk shows, or contemplating the changing nature of the games he grew up with and played as a boy, Epstein turns writing about sports into an art at once penetrating and highly amusing.

The Mystery of the Man in the Tall Black Hat

Author : Margaret M. Sandberg
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It’s the first day of summer, and preteens Tod and Barney are going to make the most of it. Off they go into the fun-filled woods and marshes, where they find frog eggs, rabbits, tadpoles, and an Abraham Lincoln-like character with a stovepipe hat and cane. Who is this weirdo anyway? The siren at the mental hospital blasted about the same time the summer adventurers spotted the strange man. Could he be—? Tod and Barney are two energetic boys whose antics and excursions will bring many a laugh from the juvenile reader. Chubby Barney seems to eat one meal a day—all day long. And he’s always dragging along 99-percent-useless items, just in case! Imaginative Tod constantly comes up with new ideas for summer projects, from building tadpole ponds to feeding uncooperative rabbits to finding out who the freak in the tall black hat is. Both fellows are a little afraid (though they won’t admit it) of the mysterious man. How does he suddenly appear from nowhere and then vanish again just as quickly? Is he some kind of superhuman creature or just a crackpot, or what? The Mystery of the Man in the Tall Black Hat makes an entertaining story for the juvenile set. Its exciting portrayal of junior happenings and a touch of mystery keep the reader hanging on until he reaches a surprise ending. The book shows daily Christianity in action and presents Christ as the one true Savior and Friend. Who is “the man in the tall black hat”? Read on and find out for yourself!

Question Authority Think for Yourself

Author : Beverly A. Potter
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We have freedom of speech but we’re afraid to speak. Our lives have become subjected to PC tyranny—a constant fear of “offending” someone. We think that we are independent and that it is the other guy who is influenced, brainwashed, duped, persuaded. We feel like we think for ourselves. How can we “feel” otherwise? There’s no way to know because countless influences and interactions have molded us. We’re members of various groups—circles of friends, family, professional groups, hobby group, and workplace groups. Groups have a way of developing a view that it imposes with a kind of group-think. We want to belong, to be liked and included so go along and get along. We don’t make waves by questioning. If we have a different view, we keep it to ourselves. Why rock the boat? Thinking for yourself is not so easy. When encountering an argument to a long held opinion or a wild idea, we use critical thinking to evaluate it, as we were taught to do in school. The problem is that critical thinking is critical. It focuses our thinking on the negative—what doesn’t work, what’s wrong with the idea—and encourages my-side thinking where we evaluate evidence in a way that favors our beliefs and entraps us into closed-mindedness. Thinking for yourself requires open-mindedness. Open-mindedness is being receptive and, when the issue is important, calls for actively searching for evidence against your beliefs. Thinking is not driven by answers but by questions. Every intellectual field is born out of a cluster of questions to which answers are needed. Had no questions been asked by those who laid the foundation for a field — for example, Physics or Biology — the field would never have been developed. We define tasks, express problems and delineate issues with questions. Answers signal an end point and stop thought, except when an answer generates a further question. Timothy Leary said, ”to think for yourself you must question authority”. To think, you must question. To think through or rethink anything, one must ask questions that stimulate thought. The quality of your questions determines the quality of your thinking. Thinking begins within some content when questions are generated. No questions equals no understanding. To engage in thinking through your content you must stimulate your thinking with questions that lead to further questions. Our own opinions is one authority we should frequently question. Times change. We change. Perspectives and values change. Book explores how opinions and values we held in the past need periodic evaluation and challenge. Independent thinkers evolve and need to shed the shackles of old views and opinions. Ridicule is the strongest weapon for pressing us to conform. It is a kind of bait that if you go for it will entrap you in an argument you can’t win and leave you looking ridiculous and deflated. Question Authority; Think for Yourself offers techniques, with examples, of how to deflect attacks, side-tracks, and put-downs. If you’ve bitten your tongue and later wished you’d spoken up and not been cowed into silence by a mocking co-worker when you revealed a “politically incorrect” viewpoint, you’ll find much of interest in Question Authority; Think for Yourself .