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Thank God My Past Didn t Make Me but My Spirit Did

Author : Kimberly Harvey
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Thank God My Past Didn’t Make Me But My Spirit Did By: Kimberly Harvey This book teaches readers that no matter what you go through, you are in control of your success and happiness. Things do get hard, and Harvey’s stories prove that, but she inspires her readers to keep pushing through and become the best that you can possibly be. No matter what you are going through, you are not alone.

Theda Surviving the Past and the Present

Author : Theda Brothers
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The Presence of the Past in a Spanish Village

Author : Ruth Behar
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This study of a northern Spanish community shows how the residents of Santa MarÁa del Monte have acted together at critical times to ensure the survival of their traditional forms of social organization. The survival of these forms has allowed the villagers, in turn, to weather demographic, political, and economic crises over the centuries. Originally published in 1991. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Diary of My Past Lives

Author : Svetlana Miskovic
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Diaries of My Past Lives - Is a collection of short stories inspired by the events from the authors life. They are easily recognized as hospital stories, war related stories, stories from the North and others. Growing up under specific circumstances she has been watching the world under a microscope of her own. So as much as the stories are related to factual events they are, in fact, fiction. One of her significant inspirations is based on letters. Her family and friends have been scattered all over the world and for that reason it became a tradition in her family life to write letters. Using a narrative form, this author speaks about the texture of life and in life, relating to myth and poetics and colors of art as well. Her hospital stories have a specific implication of how womans life is affected by brutal treatment and still unsuccessful medicine to find a cure for cancer. English language is authors second language and that makes her writing complex, long and slow process. Her continual sentence polishing and search for adequate wording that corresponds to her native language is an ongoing process. Her major critic is her common-law husband. He is also her editor. His criticism has been an important help by insisting on precision and by that helping her to distance herself from the work and review the work anew. Each story implies a metaphor left for the readers to discover and reflect upon. Experience conveyed in the work hopefully will stir readers emotions and reflection about their own mosaic of events.

My Old Man s A Busman

Author : Peter Gilbert
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Whilst there are enough celebrity connections and anecdotes not to be out of place in an ‘A list’ autobiography, the real hook of this book is that the author isn’t remotely famous. The endearing appeal is that it is the viewpoint of the everyman, but one who has had enough light brushes with celebrity that he has some great tales to tell. These stories, anecdotes and musings are seamlessly woven into what for many of us will be a memory jogging, laughter inducing remembrance of some of the major, as well as quainter, stranger and more trivial moments of pop culture over the last few decades. If you love pop music and pop culture, feared the Daleks, the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and mourn the demise of Pez, Cresta, conkers as a rite of passage, jokes on lolly sticks, Top of the Pops and pink vinyl limited edition LP’s, then you will surely enjoy this. Please beware! This book may waste days (if not weeks) of your life as almost every paragraph will have you frantically typing into your search engine and getting lost, on what may turn out to be an endless Internet Safari. This book contains some adult humour. ‘Best Wishes and Good Luck with your writing’ Ben Elton

More Than a Prayer

Author : Shaquel Ware
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More Than a Prayer is not just another religious book. In fact, it is born from real-life experiences. The author has uniquely and divinely incorporated a day-to-day journal into a self-motivational, insightful, and down-to-earth tool. Each day, take one step at a time. Through prayer, she leads you to an intimate place, a place of self-awareness and self-examination. You will find yourself in a place where you can be open and honest. You can take off the mask and stop pretending to have it all together and start working on getting it together. This heartfelt and amazing book is full of truth and gives you life. With so much to offer, More Than a Prayer speaks words which are usually left unsaid.

Past Renewals

Author : Hindy Najman
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Through close readings of texts such as Ezra-Nehemiah. Philo of Alexandria, and 4Ezra, Hindy Najman develops the idea of a discourse tied to a founder, illuminating the nexus between revelation, interpretive authority, and the quest for perfection in ancient Judaism.

The Grumbler s Guide to Giving Thanks

Author : Dustin Crowe
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Trade Grumbling for Gratitude—Experience God like Never Before The apostle Paul instructed the Philippians to be anxious in nothing and thankful in everything. And when he said everything—he meant everything. We can all agree that this is easier said than done. Disappointments and discontent may cause you to slip into dissatisfaction, and grumbling becomes a state of mind—gratitude seems impossible to find. However, what if this is the precise reason you lack the joy of a God-filled life? Instead of a reaction to when things are going well, what if gratitude is actually necessary to knowing the hope of our gracious God? This is exactly what Pastor Dustin Crowe identifies in The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks. Dustin examines the biblical foundations of thankfulness and traces how it can reshape every-day Christian living. When we express gratitude in all things, we not only praise our Creator, we also get to know Him better. With The Grumbler’s Guide, you’ll learn how to practice thanksgiving in both simple and extraordinary ways, even when you’re tempted to dwell on the negative. You’ll find your outlook on life realigned to see the hand of God in everything, strengthening your trust in Him. And in doing so, you’ll find greater, more joy-filled reasons to continue expressing thanks to our good and generous God.

Who She Be

Author : Jnaha
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In 2012, C.C Blossom reinvents her mortal existence. At 33, she sets out on a 2-year journey of telepathy and time travel. As energy vampires attempt to steal her peace and joy, she begins to experience signs, omens, soliloquies and similes; designed to redirect her life path. In search of understanding and adventure, C.C floats deep into an undiscovered abyss of mentally elevated bliss.

Television and the Embodied Viewer

Author : Marsha F. Cassidy
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Television and the Sensate Body in the Digital Age appraises the medium’s capacity to evoke sensations and bodily feelings in the viewer. Presenting a fresh approach to television studies, the book examines the sensate force of onscreen bodies and illustrates how TV’s multisensory appeal builds viewer empathy and animates meaning. The book draws extensively upon interpretive viewpoints in the humanities to shed light on a range of provocative television works, notably The Americans, Mad Men, Little Women: LA, and Six Feet Under, with emphasis on the dramatization of gender, disability, sex, childbearing, and death. Advocating a biocultural approach that takes into account the mind sciences, Cassidy argues that interpretive meanings, shaped within today’s dynamic cultural matrix, are amplified by somatic experience. At a time when questions of embodiment and affect are crossing disciplines, this book will appeal to scholars and students working in the fields of television, film, and media studies, both in the humanities and cognitive traditions.