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I Survived the Joplin Tornado 2011 I Survived 12

Author : Lauren Tarshis
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A destructive force is about to hit the city of Joplin...

Orr Campbell Mitchell and Shirley Families in Ireland America and More

Author : Elaine L. Orr
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The third edition of the history of the Orr, Campbell, Mitchell, and Shirley families (which in its title now recognizes that Paul Orr and Isabella Boyd's descendants went to places beyond the U.S.) is updated as of 2020. The more than 4,000 known descendants (counting spouses) of Paul Orr and Isabella Boyd went largely to the U.S., but also to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Scotland. Some McMurtry, Mitchell, McQuigg and Forsythe families stayed in Ireland. In the U.S., they have lived in, died in, or been married in 49 of the 50 states. Vermont must be too far north. They do tend to cluster, though, with Oklahoma being the state that drew a bunch from the Midwestern families. That makes sense, since it was opened for land sales at a time when the Orr family was on the move. Of course, California beckoned to some in each family. As they settled in, the Orrs married into families of all the other immigrants -- and of the Native American residents who were there long before Europeans. They have also married into families of other races. Truly melding into the melting pot.

Extreme Weather

Author : Bonnie Schneider
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Flash floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, thunderstorms, and wildfires - these devastating events are happening around the world at an alarming rate. As a Meteorologist on CNN and HLN, Bonnie Schneider reports on these natural disasters, explaining when they're likely to strike, and telling viewers how to respond when they do. In Extreme Weather, Schneider distills that information into a guide for readers. She interviews experts from a wide variety of agencies - including FEMA and NOAA - to provide a comprehensive understanding of the science behind weather patterns and the latest thinking on how to act in dangerous conditions. Ranging from topics that cover every season and every climate, Schneider introduces the reader to the best course of action during weather emergencies, including: *how to handle extreme weather scenarios in your car, outside, on a boat or at home *how to prepare for potential dangers, such as deadly lightning, when planning a camping trip, vacation or sports outing *what you need to have at home to protect against floods, earthquakes, or severe storms *how to protect your home from rapidly spreading wildfire *how to create a family evacuation plan for different emergencies *making sure your beloved pet is taken care of in time of disaster Drawing on actual survivor stories, Extreme Weather reminds readers that disaster can strike at any time, changing your life forever. *making sure your beloved pet is taken care of in time of disaster Drawing on actual survivor stories, Extreme Weather reminds readers that disaster can strike at any time, changing your life forever.

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Author : S.L. Hamilton
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Tornadoes are unstoppable forces of nature. In this title, readers will learn why tornadoes occur, how tornadoes are classified, and how to survive a tornado. Historic tornadoes, including the Joplin, Missouri, tornado in 2011 and the Greensburg, Kansas, tornado in 2007 are also discussed. Features include full-color photos, easy-to-read text, a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. A&D Xtreme is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

Rectors Remembered The Descendants of John Jacob Rector Volume 6

Author : Laura Wayland-Smith Hatch
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Volume 6 of 8, 3337 to 4042. A genealogical compilation of the descendants of John Jacob Rector and his wife, Anna Elizabeth Fischbach. Married in 1711 in Trupbach, Germany, the couple immigrated to the Germanna Colony in Virginia in 1714. Eight volumes document the lives of over 45,000 individuals.

Natural Hazards and Disasters

Author : Donald Hyndman
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NATURAL HAZARDS AND DISASTERS, 5e provides easy-to-understand coverage of the geological processes that underlie disasters, explores the impact these processes have on humans and vice versa, and analyzes strategies for mitigating these hazards’ physical and financial harm. From timely information on recent natural disasters in the United States and around the world to insights on earthquakes associated with fracking, this fascinating book provides the up-to-date information you need to analyze potential hazards and take the steps necessary to survive a natural disaster. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


Author : Leslie Simpson
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After the discovery of lead along Joplin Creek in southwest Missouri, a rowdy boomtown sprang up overnight. Named after the creek, it paid homage to itinerant minister Harris Joplin, who had settled there briefly in the 1840s. Two rival towns developed: Murphysburg, west of the creek, and Joplin to the east. They merged and incorporated as Joplin in 1873. The town swelled from a mining camp into a thriving city, populated by American and European fortune seekers. Construction of trolley and rail lines furthered the economic growth of Joplin, the zinc and lead capital of the world. The city later gained fame as a stop on historic Route 66. During World War II, Joplin provided an oasis for soldiers in training at Camp Crowder, 20 miles south of town. The post-World War II years ushered in the construction of Interstate 44, suburbanization, and the commercial development of Range Line Road.

Congressional Record

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The Oxford Handbook of Non Synoptic Wind Storms

Author : Horia Hangan
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"Wind storms impact human lives, their built as well as natural habitat. During the last century, society's vulnerability to wind storms has been reduced by enhanced knowledge of their impact and by controlling exposure through better design. However, only two of the wind systems have so far been considered in the design of buildings and structures, i.e., synoptic winds resulting from macroscale weather systems spanning thousands of kilometers, e.g., extratropical storms, and mesoscale tropical storms spanning hundreds of kilometers and traveling fast, e.g., hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones. During the last two decades, enough evidence has surfaced to support that a third type of very localized wind storms, the non-synoptic winds, are the most damaging in some regions of the world. Thus far there are no design provisions established for the codification of these wind storms. Their characterization in terms of climatology, wind field and intensity, frequency and occurrence, as well as their impact on the built environment, is slowly developing. This handbook presents the state-of-the-art of knowledge related to all these features including their risk, insurance issues, and economics. The research in this area is on the one hand more arduous given the reduced scale, the three-dimensionality, and nonstationary aspects of these non-synoptic winds while, at the same time, its understanding and modeling are being aided by the emergence of novel modeling and simulation techniques which are addressed in this handbook. This will serve as a guiding resource for those interested in learning about and contributing to the advancement of the field"--