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Network Security Architectures

Author : Sean Convery
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A definitive how-to guide to the Cisco security blueprint examines a wide variety of security issues and concepts, furnishes a broad overview of the ins and outs of implementing a comprehensive security plan--from identifying security threats to defending a network--and discusses specific solutions to a variety of security problems. (Beginner)

Arete Ver 2250

Author : Neil Dibb
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Arete: the ancient Greek goddess of virtue and excellence It is the year 2250, and most countries in the world are administered by an artificial intelligence system called Arete. Initially created to assist lawmakers in writing legislation, Arete gradually took over the whole process, replacing human-generated legislation with simplified universal laws that are fair and equitable to everyone and simultaneously making lawmakers, judges, and juries redundant. Arete is connected to personal intelligent wristbands and various robots built to care for and police society, which offers a true democracy. Everyone is treated equally, honestly, and fairly. Elected officials can focus on leading their country—they don’t have to administer it as well. The artificial intelligence is based on five fundamental principles defined by a UN committee. The underlying logic interpretation and coding are provided by a team of engineers working for the company that has developed the software. Sean Staples, a newly qualified cadet to this program, finds that lofty theoretical ideals are sometimes not easy to implement.

Maximum Windows 2000 Security

Author : Anonymous
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Format : PDF
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Written from the hacker's perspective, Maximum Windows 2000 Security is a comprehensive, solutions-oriented guide to Windows 2000 security. Topics include: Physical & File System Security, Password Security, Malicious Code, Windows 2000 Network Security Architecture and Professional Protocols, Web Server Security, Denial of Service Attacks, Intrusion Detection, Hacking Secure Code in Windows 2000.


Author :
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InfoWorld is targeted to Senior IT professionals. Content is segmented into Channels and Topic Centers. InfoWorld also celebrates people, companies, and projects.

My Samsung Galaxy S5 for Seniors

Author : Elna Tymes
File Size : 64.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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My Samsung Galaxy S5 for Seniors helps you quickly get started with the new smartphone and use its features to look up information and perform day-to-day activities from anywhere, any time. Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most Large, full-color, close-up photos show you exactly what to do Common-sense help whenever you run into problems Tips and notes to help you do even more Written for seniors by a senior, the full-color, step-by-step tasks—in legible print—walk you through getting and keeping your Samsung Galaxy S5 working just the way you want. • Learn all the basics—and the easiest, best shortcuts • Set up contacts, accounts, and voicemail • Make and receive calls—even three-way calls • Switch to Vibrate or Airplane Mode • Explore the Web • Connect with family on Facebook • Customize your phone’s settings • Master the art of texting • Take great photos—and share them • Get driving directions • Watch TV and movies • Discover great new apps • Keep your phone safe and secure

UX Fundamentals for Non UX Professionals

Author : Edward Stull
File Size : 26.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What can a WWII-era tank teach us about design? What does a small, blue flower tell us about audiences? What do drunk, French marathon-runners show us about software? In 40+ chapters and stories, you will learn the ways in which UX has influenced history and vice versa, and how it continues to change our daily lives. This book enables you to participate fully in discussions about UX, as you discover the fundamentals of user experience design and research. Rather than grasp concepts through a barrage of facts and figures, you will learn through stories. Poisonous blowfish, Russian playwrights, tiny angels, Texas sharpshooters, and wilderness wildfires all make an appearance. From Chinese rail workers to UFOs, you will cover a lot of territory, because the experiences that surround you are as broad and varied as every age, culture, and occupation. You will start by covering the principles of UX before going into more diverse topics, including: being human, the art of persuasion, and the murky waters of process. Every day, people gather around conference tables, jump onto phone calls, draw on whiteboards, stare at computer monitors, and try to build things — we all create. Increasingly, what we create is something digital. From apps to web sites, and from emails to video games, often the sole evidence of an experience appears on an illuminated screen. We design tiny worlds that thrive or perish at the whim of a device’s on/off button. With this book you will be ready. What You'll Learn Master the fundamentals of UX Acquire the skills to participate intelligently in discussions about UX design and research Understand how UX impacts business, including product, pricing, placement, and promotion as well as security, speed, and privacy Who This Book Is For Professionals who work alongside UX designers and researchers, including but not limited to: project managers, graphic designers, copyeditors, developers, and human resource professionals; and business, marketing, and computer science students seeking to understand how UX affects human cognition and memory, product pricing and promotion, and software security and privacy.

MacBook All in One For Dummies

Author : Mark L. Chambers
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Format : PDF
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MacBook All-in-one for Dummies Makes Everything Easier! With a MacBook, you can work and play anywhere. With 9 books in 1, MacBook All-in-one for Dummies shows you how! You'll find coverage of: Getting started -- choose the MacBook that suits your needs, set it up, customize your preferences, and organize files and folders. Using Mac OS X -- learn your way around Snow Leopard, get to know the Dock, find things with Spotlight, and back up your system with Time Machine. Customizing and Sharing. Going Mobile With iLife -- explore iLife, where photos, movies, music, and your very own Web site all hang out. iWork For the Road Warrior -- do it the Mac way with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, the iWork productivity applications. Typical Internet Stuff -- browse with Safari, store your stuff on iDisk, use Apple Mail, and iChat with friends. Networking in Mac OS X -- set up a network, go wireless, and use AirPort Extreme. Expanding Your System -- see how to add memory and connect hard drives and printers using USB and FireWire. Advanced Mac OS X. Learn the basics about using and maintaining your MacBook, how to work with Mac OS X, use the iWork productivity suite, enjoy the iLife, and cruise the Web from anywhere. Plus, you'll go under the hood and explore custom scripts and tweaks to help you get more from your MacBook and troubleshoot solutions.

Essentials of Business Communication

Author : Mary Ellen Guffey
File Size : 33.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, 9TH EDITION presents a streamlined approach to business communication that includes unparalleled resources and author support for instructors and students. ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION provides a four-in-one learning package: authoritative text, practical workbook, self-teaching grammar/mechanics handbook, and premium Web site. Especially effective for students with outdated or inadequate language skills, the Ninth Edition offers extraordinary print and digital exercises to help students build confidence as they review grammar, punctuation, and writing guidelines. Textbook chapters teach basic writing skills and then apply these skills to a variety of e-mails, memos, letters, reports, and resumes. Realistic model documents and structured writing assignments help students build lasting workplace skills. The Ninth Edition of this award-winning text features increased coverage of electronic messages and digital media, redesigned and updated model documents to introduce students to the latest business communication practices, and extensively updated exercises and activities. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The HIPAA Security Toolkit for Ambulatory Care

Author :
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Introducing Microsoft NET

Author : David S. Platt
File Size : 41.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Explores the advantages of the .NET software development platform, explaining the problem backgrounds and solution architectures that lead to the development of .NET Objects, ASP.NET, .NET Web services, and Windows forms.

OS X Yosemite For Dummies

Author : Bob LeVitus
File Size : 32.27 MB
Format : PDF
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Get the most out of the latest version of OS X Updated and revised for the latest OS X release from Apple, OS X Yosemite For Dummies gives you fun, easy-to-understand coverage of the key features and tools needed to get the most out OS X. Inside, you'll get up and running on OS X basics; customizing your workspace; working with the Dock; finding files with Spotlight; working with Mission Control and Launchpad; organizing your life with Calendar, Reminders, Notes, and Notifications; browsing the web with Safari; setting up, sending, and receiving e-mail; communicating through Messages; enjoying music, movies, and digital photos; writing documents with TextEdit; getting where you're going with Maps; and much more. Combining the power and stability of UNIX with Apple's legendary elegance and style, OS X is the default operating system installed on every desktop and laptop computer sold by Apple. OS X Yosemite For Dummies clearly explains the ins and outs of Apple's operating system in the straightforward but fun language that has defined the For Dummies series for more than twenty years. Richly illustrated in full color and updated to reflect the latest version of OS X Covers the key features and tools readers need to start using OS X Shows you how to use OS X to make your work and personal life more organized and fun If you're a first-time Apple consumer just switching over from a PC, or a beginner-to-intermediate Mac user upgrading to the newest version of OS X, this comprehensive and all-encompassing guide will have you whizzing around OS X like a pro in no time.

Network Certification Exam Guide

Author : Michael Meyers
File Size : 83.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is the book to have if you're considering the Network+ certification. Within its informative pages, best-selling author Mike Meyers provides easy-to-understand coverage of the latest exam objectives. Prepare for the exam with the most complete study guide available. Identify key concepts and tools using informative graphics, use the objectives map to quickly find specific review areas, practice with chapter questions, and obtain need-to-know information with exam tips. The bonus CD-ROM contains a testing engine with questions found only on the CD. Plus, the book makes a great on-the-job reference once you've become certified.


Author : University of Michigan Computing Center
File Size : 71.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Budapest Protocol

Author : Adam LeBor
File Size : 38.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Nazi-occupied Budapest, Winter 1944. The Russians are smashing through the German lines. Miklos Farkas breaks out of the Jewish ghetto to find food - at the Nazis’ headquarters. There he is handed a stolen copy of The Budapest Protocol, detailing the Nazis’ post-war plans. Miklos knows it must stay hidden forever if he is to stay alive. Present day Budapest. As the European Union launches the election campaign for the first President of Europe, Miklos Farkas is brutally murdered. His journalist grandson Alex buries his grief to track down the killers. He soon unravels a chilling conspiracy rooted in the dying days of the Third Reich, one that will ensure Nazi economic domination of Europe - and a plan for a new Gypsy Holocaust. The hunt is on for The Budapest Protocol. Alex is soon drawn deeper into a deadly web of intrigue and power play, a game played for the highest stakes: the very future of Europe. The Budapest Protocol is a journey into Europe’s hidden heart of darkness.

Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation

Author : Steven Anson
File Size : 68.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An authoritative guide to investigating high-technologycrimes Internet crime is seemingly ever on the rise, making the needfor a comprehensive resource on how to investigate these crimeseven more dire. This professional-level book--aimed at lawenforcement personnel, prosecutors, and corporateinvestigators--provides you with the training you need in order toacquire the sophisticated skills and software solutions to stay onestep ahead of computer criminals. Specifies the techniques needed to investigate, analyze, anddocument a criminal act on a Windows computer or network Places a special emphasis on how to thoroughly investigatecriminal activity and now just perform the initial response Walks you through ways to present technically complicatedmaterial in simple terms that will hold up in court Features content fully updated for Windows Server 2008 R2 andWindows 7 Covers the emerging field of Windows Mobile forensics Also included is a classroom support package to ensure academicadoption, Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation,2nd Edition offers help for investigating high-technologycrimes.

The Robin Williams Mac OS X Book

Author : Robin Williams
File Size : 52.89 MB
Format : PDF
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Demonstrates the operating system's updated interface, covering Mac fundamentals, word processing, connecting to the Internet, Sherlock, email, and creating keyboard shortcuts.

Internet Security Professional Reference

Author : Derek Atkins
File Size : 34.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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First study of the fascinating parallelism that characterizes developments in Japan and Germany by one of Germany's leading Japan specialists. With the founding of their respective national states, the Meiji Empire in 1869 and the German Reich in 1871, Japan and Germany entered world politics. Since then both countries have developed in ......

Faith is the Password

Author : William Arthur Poovey
File Size : 83.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Author : Brian Jacques
File Size : 89.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Presents three adventures of Matthias the mouse and friends, who exhibit human characteristics in a medieval setting.

Hearing on safeguarding veterans medical information within the Veterans Health Administration

Author :
File Size : 48.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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