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I Love my Skin I Love Me

Author : Christine Bolton
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"Hi, I'm sure you all remember me, Samantha, best known as Sam. In this book, I want to tell you about my beautiful skin and why I am so happy to be who I am and why I am so proud to be me."Sam speaks about her heritage and where her African American ancestors are from. Sam has discovered how special she is, and Sam takes great pride and comfort in the fact that she has a strong heritage and strong ancestors. Sam tells you about her skin and why it's brown and beautiful. She educates her friends on who she is as a person of color, and she tries to make her very curious friends understand her and gain acceptance of them.

I Love My Face

Author : Latisha Graham
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I Love Your Skin

Author : Marissa Jay White-Quarles
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Shania and Jamila couldn't be any more different from one another. Do their differences mean that they can't be sisters? In this charming book, we explore how these two rise above negativity and create a dialogue about loving the skin they're in.

Drums Under My Skin

Author : Luz Argentina Chiriboga
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The Country Under My Skin

Author : Gioconda Belli
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A Nicaraguan writer describes her privileged youth, her growing awareness of Nicaragua's social inequities, her involvement with the Sandinistas, her current life with an American husband, and her devotion to her country.

Under My Skin

Author : Alison Jameson
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Hope and Larry marry on a whim. They are twenty-two, crazy for each other and penniless. What Larry doesn't know is that behind her bohemian spirit and adorably off-beat humour, Hope is hiding a secret from her past. What Hope doesn't know is that her secret is going to tear her and Larry apart. The only person Hope reveals her secret to is Matilda, an internet pal she's never met. Matilda says the right things and Hope trusts her. But Matilda too has a dark secret - an obsession with a man who doesn't want her. After Larry leaves her Hope is heartbroken, but she tries to make a life without him. However, when she hears he has disappeared in New York, she drops everything and goes to find him. That's when she finally meets Matilda. What started as an innocent internet friendship results in the collision of four lives - with dramatic consequences, and the hope that true love will win in the end.

The Skin of Dreams

Author : Raymond Queneau
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Adventures in the Skin Trade

Author : Dylan Thomas
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The Big Book of Stories Songs and Sing alongs

Author : Beth Maddigan
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A collection of stories, songs, and sing-alongs designed to promote lifelong reading and library use in toddlers.

I Love My Skin

Author : Walt Design
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This book includes some healthy and natural ways and matters of skin care, especially dry skin

Stony Brook

Author :
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Moscow Under the Skin

Author : Vero Roberti
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Outlyer and Ghazals

Author : Jim Harrison
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Woman s Home Companion

Author :
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I Love the Land

Author : Paul A. Elbert
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I Love the Word Impossible

Author : Ann Kiemel
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McCall s

Author :
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Living Binge free

Author : Jane Evans Latimer
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Wise Women Don t Worry Wise Women Don t Sing the Blues

Author : Jane Claypool
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A spiritual handbook without the mystical trappings, Wise Women Don't Worry, Wise Women Don't Sing The Blues, takes you on your own personal journey towards inner growth, self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

Belonging to Puerto Rico and America

Author : Abigail Stahl McNamee
File Size : 82.91 MB
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Contents: Background; Introduction: Children as Cultural and Ethnic Beings; Children of Immigrant Families; Children as Conceptual Thinkers; Asking Puerto Rican Children about Puerto Ricanness; Patterns in the Children's Conceptualization of Puerto Ricanness; The Development of the Childrens' Overall Conceptualization of Puerto Ricanness; The Importance of Homeland; The Importance of Family Ties; The Importance of Physical Appearance; The Importance of Language; The Importance of the Specialness of Puerto Rican People; The Importance of Prejudice; The Importance of Safety; Thinking about the Children's Thinking and Thinking about Application; Index.