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So You Think You ve Messed Up

Author : Helen Rylance
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This book draws back the curtain on the authors life and lets in the light of God's grace which is always sufficient for us whatever we are facing. When God gave Helen a vision, it was at one of the lowest points of her life. She was excited as the vision revealed something of the future God had planned for her. When she shared the vision with some friends they laughed at her. " Why would God give you a ministry and a house?" They asked. At that time her self esteem was very low, so Helen agreed with them. Why would the Lord give her a big house and a husband as well as a ministry? This only happened to special people and she wasn't one of those, were her thoughts. She was a nobody, with little or no future! They were right. So she laid the vision down believing it to be impossible, but Helen reckoned without God, a fatal mistake! When two months later the Lord spoke into her life, telling her to pick the vision up again. She was delighted. This time she took hold of it with both hands, and determined that she would not let go of it again, no matter what it cost her. Little did she know it would almost cost her, her life!

The Messed Up Story

Author : Raven De Guzman
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The Art of Showing Up

Author : Rachel Wilkerson Miller
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Showing up is what turns the people you know into your people. It’s at the core of creating and maintaining strong, meaningful bonds with friends, family, coworkers, and internet pals. Showing up is the act of bearing witness to people’s joy, pain, and true selves; validating their experiences; easing their load; and communicating that they are not alone in this life. If you’re having trouble connecting with those around you, know that you’re not the only one. Adult friendships are tricky!!! Part manifesto, part guide, The Art of Showing Up is soul medicine for our modern, tech-mediated age. Rachel Wilkerson Miller charts a course to kinder, more thoughtful, and more fulfilling relationships—and, crucially, she reminds us that “you can’t show up for others if you aren’t showing up for yourself first.” Learn to fearlessly . . . define your needs, reclaim your time, and commit to self-care ask for backup when times are tough—and take action when others are in crisis meet and care for new friends, and gently end toxic friendships help your people feel more seen (and more OK) overall!

My Messed Up Life

Author : Susin Nielsen
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Violet is not impressed with her TV director dad: he’s decided to abandon his family in Vancouver to start over with a new younger wife in LA. To Violet, it’s like he’s traded his old life for a better one – complete with new and improved children. To make matters worse, her mom has taken up with a dorky new man called Dudley Wiener. Violet decides to take control. She needs a new stepfather who is perfect, charming and will show Dad what he’s missing: she needs George Clooney, Hollywood superstar.

Open A Toolkit for How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be

Author : Gemma Cairney
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Open: A Toolkit for How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be is full of honest advice about the big, bad and beautiful things that growing up is all about: from mental health to families to first love, and everything in between. Gemma Cairney is an important advocate for young people and between her life experiences and her personal insight from her time as Radio 1's resident agony aunt on The Surgery, she is perfectly placed to offer hope and a huge comforting cuddle to young people questioning what life's all about or dealing with hard times.

The Messed Up Christian

Author : Krista Sheedy
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But I need something more! For if I know the law but still can't keep it, and if the power of sin within me keeps sabotaging my best intentions, I obviously need help! I realize that I don't have what it takes. I can will it, but I can't do it. I decide to do good, but I don't really do it; I decide not to do bad, but then I do it anyway. My decisions, such as they are, don't result in actions. Something has gone wrong deep within me and gets the better of me every time. --Romans 7:17-20 (MSG) If you read this set of verses and say, "Wow that's me in a nutshell!" then welcome. You have found your people. Frequently as Christians, we fail, and we screw up. We are pegged as hypocrites because, well, we can be and oftentimes we are. Like anyone else in life, Christians have issues, and we don't always handle them right or well. Just because we carry the name Christian, it doesn't make us magically infallible. This mentality tends to leave us in a place of utter aloneness. Y'all, we were never alone to begin with! We don't have to stay in the place of hurt, harm, and hypocrisy! This book explains God's grace and sovereignty over our lives through some heavy and some normal life struggles, digging deep into the meaning of the hymn "His Eye is on the Sparrow" by Civilla Martin, changing our Sundays-only-Christian mentality into someone who's willing to plead with Christ and other Christians to change our character to be more like His.

Messed Up But all for Love

Author : Arvind Parashar
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Neil is a senior executive working with a leading brand name and his wife Gauri is a dentist running her own clinic. They are a loving and doting young married couple, living a life of comfort in posh suburban Gurgaon. Neil's fitness consultant Srinya seems to be stirring some trouble in their lives, though. Drishti is a TV news anchor and journalist and her husband Somesh, a top cop. They are bored of their mundane busy lives, until a chance meeting with Neil and his friends in Cuba that changes everything. To add sanity and madness to their lives are the funny and mysterious set of friends - Tom, Jerry, James, Mehr and Antriksha. The havoc ensues when Drishti gets abducted and Neil is framed for it. Gauri finds out some bitter truths and leaves Neil. But what really is the truth? When facts finally surface, we will know how much these lives are Messed Up! But All for Love.

Subconscious Demons and Conscious Delights

Author : Todd Andrew Rohrer
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A man had an accident seven months ago. He lost his sense of time and his perception was drastically altered. He will write his story. History will judge it. This is his fifth attempt to communicate how he perceives the world since the accident.

Messed Up Kid

Author : Jay Thomas Willis
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“Messed-Up Kid describes the authors childhood, family, and community relationships. It describes many of his adult relationships as well. It presents a young man who came from nowhere, experiencing trials and tribulations, trying to get from point “A” to point “B.” It pictures a young man who never expected to, but did achieve some degree of success. A commentary on what it’s like to come from a tough place, and realize this degree of success. All this is accomplished through maxims that are powerful, to the point, succinct, and direct. A good maxim is worth a thousand words.

One Seriously Messed Up Weekend

Author : Tom Clempson
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Jack Samsonite's Foolish Plan for Being Amazing at Everything (including getting a life, getting into Film School, and getting into a girl's knickers) 1.Make an amazing(ly bad) short film about zombies . . . or maybe superheroes . . . or just three idiot friends. It has to be deep and meaningful and (most importantly) has to have a scene where I kiss a girl on the mouth. 2.Write the world's best university application ever! (Or at least one that doesn't make me seem like a nob). 3.Don't get expelled trying to complete 1 & 2. It can't possibly fail . . . right?