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I and You and Don t Forget Who

Author : Brian P. Cleary
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The latest addition to the best-selling Words Are CATegorical series, this fun-filled guide uses playful puns and humorous illustrations to creatively clarify the concept of pronouns. Key pronouns appear in color for easy identification to show, not tell, readers what pronouns are all about.

I and You and Don t Forget Who

Author : 1959- Cleary
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Wonderland love stories part 1

Author : Alice Williams
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This is a book of love stories of my life wrote out in poem terms it is my new beginning for my life And future

Carmen s Soul so Deep Poetic Passion

Author : Carmen F. Gabriel-Watson
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WITH THIS BOOK, I THEE WRITE on "PURPOSE"; for ANYONE HUMAN, DURING STRUGGLE, Who LIVE inside The "Life Challenge Process"; When DENIED, In NEED of CREDITS, DEDICATED, to be INSPIRED, INFLUENCED, EXPOSED, SPARKED, MOTIVATED, RE-BUILT & IN-VENTED; to Disallow others to DEFINE you & Nonexist; but Follow a Life model called.."WHO I BE!"

Russia s Hawaiian Adventure 1815 1817

Author : Richard A. Pierce
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Never A Dry Moment

Author : Rick Kirkman
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Cartoons from the "Baby Blues" comic strip look at the difficulties of parenthood, sibling relationships, and the birth of a third child.

The Dragonmaster Trilogy Collection

Author : Katie Cross
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The Dragonmaster Trilogy collection is a compilation of three stunning YA Fantasy novels, FLAME, FLIGHT and FREEDOM as well as two books of short stories. Join sisterwitches Sanna and Isadora Spence as they grow into a new world of dragons, unexpected magic, and struggles that test the enduring bonds of sisterhood. FLAME In Anguis, magic Is forbidden. Dragon Servants Sanna and Isadora Spence live deep in Letum Wood, where persnickety dragons and wars on the borders are the least of their worries. Thanks to years of simmering tension, the hidden village is destined to crack. Soon, Sanna’s deep love for the giant beasts causes her to make an irreversible mistake, while Isadora’s disinterest leads her to a fateful decision that will change the course of the entire world. Can the sisters prevent everything they know from falling apart? Or do they allow it to break and pave the way for new growth? Join these beloved sisterwitches in a story about sisterhood, new magic, and dealing with change. FLIGHT A treacherous new world awaits. Sisterwitches Isadora and Sanna Spence aren’t sitting back anymore. In fact, they’re both tangled in separate new worlds—ones they didn’t anticipate. Despite the Dragonmasters home burning to ash, Sanna is certain of one thing—she will not be a tyrant, even though managing a brood of frightened dragons falls on her reluctant shoulders. When a devastating tragedy strikes the Dragonmaster families, Sanna is forced to face a world she never knew existed. Isadora, on the other hand, is too busy with her new life to worry about her old one. In the midst of training with her perpetually annoyed mentor, Maximillion, Isadora is unexpectedly taken away from home and thrust into a dangerous game. Her life is now in the hands of her most terrifying enemy: Cecelia Bianchi. Both sisters are far from home and over their heads. Can they marshal their courage to save those they care about? Or will their expanding horizons prove to be their biggest danger yet? Join the beloved sisters from FLAME in a new tale about growing up, moving on, and finding the courage within. FREEDOM Isadora Spence knows two things: 1) she’s tired of all the wars and wants them to stop and 2) she never wants to see Maximillion Sinclair again. Sparks fly when rising desperation leads Isadora and Maximillion to attend a political delegation together in the Southern Network. She’s determined to create a pact for peace and save lives, but when events spiral into far more dangerous territory, she realizes the only witch she can trust is Maximillion. Can they work together, or will everything fall apart? Meanwhile, her sisterwitch Sanna is out of her depth in an unfamiliar world of volatile goddesses and buried history. Facing an unwinnable battle against Prana, the ruthless goddess of the sea, Sanna roots through history, only to discover that Prana isn’t the only enemy they face. In a world embroiled with war on all fronts, can the sisterwitches do their part to bring peace and freedom to Antebellum? Or will all their best efforts fail in the bigger machinations of goddesses and witches? FREEDOM is the final book in the Dragonmaster trilogy. This sweeping YA Fantasy saga will take to a new world, keep you on the edge of your seat, and ask you to answer the most impossible question of all: What is freedom?

City of Night

Author : John Rechy
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[Rechy’s] tone rings absolutely true, is absolutely his own. . . . He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. . . . This is a most humbling and liberating achievement.” James Baldwin When John Rechy’s explosive first novel appeared in 1963, it marked a radical departure in fiction, and gave voice to a subculture that had never before been revealed with such acuity. It earned comparisons to Genet and Kerouac, even as Rechy was personally attacked by scandalized reviewers. Nevertheless, the book became an international bestseller, and fifty years later, it has become a classic. Bold and inventive in style, Rechy is unflinching in his portrayal of one hustling youngman” and his search for self-knowledge within the neon-lit world of hustlers, drag queens, and the denizens of their world, as he moves from El Paso to Times Square, from Pershing Square to the French Quarter. Now including never-seen original marked galley pages and an interview with the author, Rechy’s portrait of the edges of America has lost none of its power to move and exhilarate.


Author : Noor Hindi
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Quiet night, under the stars i lay,..wondering . . . . where are you now . . . . where are you babe . . . . we went our seperate ways . . . . i acted like i was ok . . . on the inside i was on my knees . . . begging heaven please . . . . begging heaven please . . . . i held back my tears . . . acted like i was ok . . . . i should have stopped you right there . . . . i should have told you how i feel . . . . i need you here . . . . my heart was crying even though my eyes never shed a tear

Speak Low When You Speak Love

Author : Kurt Weill
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Selected letters trace the relationship of the composer and actress, who were married for twenty-four years