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Soundtrack of My Life

Author : Lena Kovadlo
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Get ready to burst into song and sing your heart out, as you dive into the second volume of my lyric anthology, featuring an enormous collection of lyrics that will connect with you, touch you, and leave you craving for more.


Author : Mousumi Bhattacharjee
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This is a story with an entirely new taste of motivation that will describe leadership qualities and inspire to serve mankind. A story that can teach the new generation about the real meaning and motto of true love. It will serve to educate them about the proper meaning of love, inspire them on how to reach their goals, overcoming all the hurdles and breakdowns in life. With a mixture of love, comedy, crisis, corporate politics, climax, socio-economic-political overviews from different phases of Indian history and present age, human values and a taste of spiritualism, this story will provide a brief introduction about the whole Indian culture in a complete, structured manner.

The Teenage Billionaire

Author : Faruk Haroon
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Nick Peterson, C.E.O of a multinational company at the age of 18, has arrived in New York City. Nick is here to take over a company but at the same time he wants to live a normal life. Hiding his real identity as the “Teenage Billionaire” in a bid to attract real friends he joins a university. Will he be able to hide his identity for long? Will he be able to balance the acquisition and his life at a university?

I Found the Love of My Life on the Internet

Author : Edward A. Harris
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This book is dedicated to those persons everywhere who seek to find true happiness. Especially those who are at the point of giving up but have not tried finding the love of their life on the Internet, or have ventured into cyberspace but are frustrated due to the abuse by persons with whom they sought to establish genuine relationships. I implore you to take a last stand – try a reputable on line relationship service!It is my hope that you will get the confidence to go forward, believing that it is possible to find loving and respectful individuals in our world today, even on the Internet. I did not only find the Love of my life on the Internet – I found a Family on the Internet. It is for this reason that Melody and I have agreed to share our story with the world. There are lessons to be learnt from our experiences and the task has been ours to share - We Love You!

Words Unspoken

Author : Kryssandra Brust
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In life every person experiences many different trials, feelings, accomplishments and failures but how each person deals with and learns from those things are unique. Poetry is a way of expression that can often help with understanding. Many times people feel they are alone in the things happening to them or around them or that the things they have done have gone unnoticed. In this book the author reveals many things from her life growing up in hopes that it will reach someone and give them strength to take on the things that come there way, an understanding to the chaos, to inform them that their choices matter and are always noticed, but most importantly to allow her readers to know that they are never alone.


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Words aren't simply a combination of alphabets.It is an amalgamation of emotions and thoughts. "Dopamine: How Words Feel" is a collection of similar thoughts, put together by Srashti Behure and Kirtan Solanki under the auspices of Ms.Shaurya Sharma. Each page, each sentence and each word of this book speaks for itself. The writers have put in their heart and soul together in this compilation. "Dopamine" will give you all, a glimpse of some deep thoughts and imbibe within you an exotic and positive feeling. We hope that you have an overwhelming experience reading this book.

It Is All in Us

Author : Rajat Sinha
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IT Is All In Us depicts a true love story of a two beautiful soul who managed to find love and above all managed to stay in love. But as they say never expect good for too long and this saying comes out to be true in their life. A mischievous, a flirt who never believed in love had to believe in something special. He was one who never had the slightest idea that a girl could affect him so much. Well, his perception about life and love was changed by someone. What is that interesting turn that the author is talking about ? Time went on and so did their life but at one point things went off and so did their love. Did they fall apart ? And if yes, did they manage to meet again ? The story beautifully narrates the true love and shows out the social barriers that our so called society put on us. Aarush : You know that an average a heartbeat beats about 2.7 billion times during a lifetime. My heart has already beaten 0.7 billion times before meeting you. Now it wants to beat the remaining 2 billion times for you. Just for you..

Poetry on Real Life Experiences

Author : Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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This is a collection of contemporary poems in English by an Indian writer and poet Shashikant Nishant Sharma. This is the first published book of the author, poet, urban planner, consultant, social activist. This book contains poems which expresses the experiences of the poet during his young age ranging from village life to urban life of Delhi. You will find poems with beautifully carved rhythm and rhyme. The expression of emotions is made in a lucid manner to capture your imagination. - See more at:

To Love From Love

Author : Aashna Chawla
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To love, from love. Letters are something that we all have forgotten about, letters were are and always stay precious because it's something handwritten by our loved ones for us. The anthology is all about letters, the writers wrote it for their special and loved ones.

Letters from a Young Christian

Author : Catherine Grace Chung
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