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Hunting North American Big Game

Author : Durwood Hollis
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North America offers a wealth of big game hunting opportunities. This information-packed guide provides an overview of the most popular big game species, where to hunt them and the equipment, guns and strategies necessary for success.

The Art of Hunting Big Game in North America

Author : Jack O'Connor
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Wild Games

Author : Dennis A. Cutchins
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Humans understand at least some of what it means to be human, both literally and figuratively, in reference to wild animals. Our relationships with wildlife have traditionally been expressed in terms of hunting; more recently, these relationships have also been manifest as efforts to prevent hunting. Hunting and fishing traditions are, in fact, under fire by critics at the same time that they are receding of their own accord - perhaps becoming even more endangered than any of the pursued animals. These traditions form the major focus of Wild Games, a new collection of essays that looks at the folklore and culture of various hunting and fishing practices, documenting the central importance of hunting to many rural societies, even in modern times. Editors Dennis Cutchins and Eric Eliason contend that hunters often don't perceive of themselves as separate from the wild but, rather, identify strongly with a natural order - integrated with, rather than standing apart from, the fluctuation of ecosystems. And they frequently don't see wild animals as "set apart" but understand them as food sources, competitors, friendly rivals, and even equals. Featuring contributions from a variety of distinguished scholars and writers - including an essay by the noted folklorist Simon Bronner on the culture of the deer camp, a fascinating account of coyote tracking by Eric Eliason, and an examination of the role of gender in outdoor life by Diane Humphrey Lueck - this book shows how the traditions of hunting and fishing tend to bind hunter and prey into ancient patterns that often defy contemporary culture.

Hunting with Hounds in North America

Author : von Recum, Andreas F.
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In this comprehensive study, a noted veterinary expert tracks the evolution of various breeds and the development of training and hunting techniques.

Hunting in North America

Author : Constance Helmericks
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This is a new release of the original 1959 edition.

Deer Hunting Across North America

Author : Nick Sisley
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Whitetail Hunting

Author : Shawn Perich
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North America's #1 big-game animal is the whitetail. Most hunters, however, are not successful in their quest for a big buck. Some of them set up their treestands in the wrong places, others simply move too fast and make too much noise when still-hunting or tracking. Whitetail Hunting is written to help put the odds in the hunter's favor every time he or she steps into the deer woods. In the section Understanding Whitetails, readers learn what habitats deer prefer, how they react to weather changes, where they feed, how they use their senses, and how they communicate with each other. Preparing for the Hunt explains what equipment and clothing hunters should buy regardless of whether they hunt with firearm or bow & arrow. Chapters in this section also discuss tips for scouting and locating whitetail hotspots before opening day. The latest information on Chronic Wasting Disease and other deer-specific ailments are discussed. Hunting Techniques shows readers how the experts stand-hunt, still-hunt, stalk or drive deer in different situations and habitats. Readers also learn when to rattle, how to place deer attractor scents, and where to find trophy bucks. Trailing wounded deer and field-dressing tips are also provided. Regional Differences explores the unique hunting strategies needed for specific terrains and weather conditions in the various major geographic regions of the US and Canada.

Hunting the Quails of North America

Author : Ben O. Williams
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Hunting the Quails of North America is quintessential Ben O. Williams taut, direct, suffused with earned knowledge, and permeated by a gentle humor. It is a joyous book, brimming with its authors love of life afield, and while easily the most useful guide extant on the subject of wingshooting North American quails, it is also far more than a how-to manual. Its pages serve up wisdom, vision, and finally the ineffable and heartbreaking beauty of days spent out of doors. David Guterson, Snow Falling on Cedars and East of the Mountains. For Ben Williams, there is something very special about bird hunting. This book is not only about hunting game birds, bird dogs and bird guns, although they have been an important part of Williams life. Its also about each birds origin, distribution, life cycle, behavior, habitat, food and daily routine. Its about what Williams calls Learning Wild Things. Six species of quail are covered, each discussed in terms of when Williams first hunted the bird, exploring the bird's life cycle, and explaining how Williams hunts the bird today. These essays are about hunting wild things and wild places with clouds moving overhead and rocks beneath one's boots.

Hunting the Whitetail Deer

Author : Norm Nelson
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20 Great Trophy Hunts

Author : John O. Cartier
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Great Hunting Lodges of North America

Author : Paul Fersen
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Covers lodges in Utah, Montana, Idaho, Texas, Louisiana, Oregon, Colorado, Abasolo (Mexico), Kentucky, Illinois, South Carolina, Vifginia, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Rooster a Tribute to Pheasant Hunting in North America

Author :
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The photographer behind the phenomenally best-selling Just Labs now turns his stunning photography to another passion: hunting ring-necked pheasants. Filled with more than 150 glorious photos of pheasants, hunting dogs, and hunting trips with family and friends, along with fine writing by Michael McIntosh, Ron Spomer, Michael Furtman, and Pheasants Forever editor Mark Herwig, Rooster! is a very special, must-have book for the 2.3 million pheasant hunters across the country. With detailed descriptions about hunting in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota pick up your copy before making any pheasant hunting trip this year.

Fair Chase in North America

Author : Craig Boddington
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A collection of North American big game hunting adventures written by one of today's most popular outdoor writers.

Hunting North America s Upland Birds

Author : John D. Taylor
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How to hunt all of the major upland birds, with recollections of days spent in the field.

Recent Hunting Trips in British North America

Author : Frederick Courteney Selous
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Magical Treasure Hunting in Europe and North America

Author : J. Dillinger
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The first comprehensive history of magical treasure hunting from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, revealing a magical universe of treasure spirits, and wizards who tried to deal with them. Combining history and anthropology, this study sees treasure hunting as an expression of shifting economic mentalities and changing ideas about history.

The Providers

Author : R. Stephen Irwin
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"Shiver as the Eskimo waits beside a breathing hole for a ringed seal. Marvel at the migration of vast caribou herds across the tundra. Breathe the dust when the Plains Indians drive buffalo into an impoundment. Balance on a catwalk over a roaring river to net salmon with Salish Indians. Slip silently through eastern forests on a deer trail. THE PROVIDERS will take you into the lives of the first North American hunters, where you will learn of their ingenious hunting, fishing, and trapping methods."--Publisher.

Secrets of Successful Turkey Hunting

Author : John Phillips
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Expert tips, techniques, and strategies to make the hunt successful. Over 50 black-and-white photos highlight the informative but easy-to-follow text.

Wild and Fair

Author : Thomas McIntyre
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Thomas McIntyre has brought together some of the finest outdoor writers to create this anthology of hunting big game in North America. These original stories cover all North American big-game-from moose and bear in Alaska to sheep and mule deer in the Lower 48; it even contains a hunt for muskox. The writers include Stephen Bodio, author of Eagle Dreams; David Petzal of Field & Stream; Craig Boddington, one of the most famous outdoor writers today; Philip Caputo of the Chicago Tribune (1973 Pulitzer Prize winner) and many more.This book will give you a profound sense of why hunting is such an integral part of the American landscape. It is a grand collection of well-crafted stories on North America's most sought-after big-game species.

Wild Hunters

Author : George Laycock
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Describes the hunting habits of such predatory animals as wolves, eagles, roadrunners, sharks, alligators, and toads. Also discusses the ways in which prey animals protect themselves from predators.