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The Consequence of Loving Me

Author : Kat Singleton
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Veronica Cunningham was as shallow as they came—until new depths dragged her under at just seventeen. Now—aside from her art—she prefers all things surface-level, at best. Maverick Morrison needs a new roommate—and as a loyal man in a long-term relationship with his best friend, that’s all he needs. But when he meets Veronica, he finds himself slowly pulled into her past—and her sorrow, which threatens to swallow them both. To her, Maverick is annoying—with a stubbornness that rivals even her own—but safe. Though his ocean-eyes remind her of all that she’s lost. To him, she’s captivating. A beautiful mystery. Until he discovers that her guarded heart is a riptide—and that his has been in the wrong hands all along… What happens when a love-destructive girl accidentally falls for a boy who’s vowed to never again accept a love that doesn’t mend?

The Road to Finding Us

Author : Kat Singleton
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Lily Morrison was as guarded as a woman could get—until Aspen Bellevue came along during her first year of college. His playful banter and sexy smirk paved a way straight to her heart. But that was before his playboy tendencies demolished it. After being hurt by the one man she ever truly wanted, she swore she’d never let herself fall for him again. Aspen always knew his best friend’s twin sister was off limits. Lily was the one girl he couldn’t have—and yet, the only one he pined for. But by the time he realized this, ready to change his ways, it was already too late. To her, Aspen will always be a womanizer. To him, she’s a sassy spitfire whose feathers he still loves to ruffle. Now, after a few years apart, they’re thrown together to reunite with their old college crew. But this time, Aspen has a plan. He wants Lily to be his by the time they travel from Texas to South Carolina. Meanwhile, Lily wants their baggage to stay in the past—where to her, it belongs. How much could go wrong when two sworn enemies—with two different outlooks and renewed sexual tension—come together in a car for a week-long road trip? Only one of them wants to find out. The Road to Finding Us is a complete standalone novel in the Aftershock Series. It focuses on characters you met in The Consequence of Loving Me. The Road to Finding Us is Aspen and Lily's story.


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Tom is a writer of mostly British fiction about England who is also a Brethren minister in Monterey, California. He also visits bars of sad women who are bartenders. He meets one sad woman who is Laura Deis. They meet and visit even sad women in London, England where they meet sad women who are bartenders because they all flunked physics, chemistry, trig, and the bar. One in London even flunked British Literature. Tom is a fiction author and a Brethren minister, so read and find out.

Aussie Gags

Author : John Blackman
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"My grandfather died peacefully in his sleep. Which is more than I can say for the three passengers he had in his car at the time." At school, John Blackman was voted the student most likely to recede. Despite this, he has emerged as one of our best-loved funny men. Now the master of the microphone on TV's 'Hey Hey It's Saturday', the voice behind the hat that is Dickie Knee, the king of the backhanders has compiled over 1400 of his all-time favourite one-liners and jokes. "It was so cold today, I saw a politician with his hand in his own pocket." Following the side-splitting success of his previous books Don't Come the Raw Prawn! and The Best of Aussie Slang, John has become the undisputed master of Aussie lingo. Now he takes on his biggest challenge to date: to plumb the depths of the Aussie sense of humour! "I have a lot of trouble sleeping. Sometimes I toss and turn at my desk all day." Ever wished you could come up with an unforgettable one-liner at a crucial moment? Or be known as the king or queen of jokes? This is the definitive book of jokes from all over the world that make Aussies laugh.

Secrets Girls Keep

Author : Carrie Silver-Stock
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Do You Know Someone with a Secret? This book is for every girl with a secret, which pretty much means every one. Our secrets help us, hurt us, and sometimes even haunt us beyond high school. Secrets like: I hate the way I look. My boyfriend yells at me. I'm cheating my way through chemistry. I lost my virginity and regret it. I sent a text message about my friend that wasn't true. I went to a party and didn't tell my parents. My mom drinks too much. By revealing the personal stories, struggles, and secrets of other teen girls, Carrie Silver-Stock shows how to deal with everyday stresses by being self-reliant, not silent, and how to get real about what matters. With tips and advice for teens and by teens, you'll learn how to: • Navigate the ups and downs of dating • Make and keep good friends • Deal with school (the social scene and grades) • Handle family drama • Survive the cyber scene • And more . . . Thousands of girls are joining the movement to share their secrets, ideas, and stories. What are you waiting for? Visit

Sleeping Dogs

Author : Elizabeth Ferrars
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What happens to a woman after she has been acquitted of murder? Can she ever take up a normal life? And what happens when a journalist sees easy money in ghostwriting her memoirs? What happens when a helpful young woman, checking on the details of the story, gets caught up in the ugly world that surrounds Teresa Swale, legally acquitted - and possibly a victim herself - of murder? 'A consummate professional in clever plotting' Washington Post

Bloody London

Author : Reggie Nadelson
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As New York basks in a fine Indian summer, no one notices the feral teenagers in Central Park, or the homeless living by the river. Certainly no-one connects them to the Russian gangsters buying into respectability on the East Side, or to the dead Englishman in the swimming pool... Thomas Pascoe, a super-rich, elderly investment banker, is found gorily murdered on the day he was due to return to London, floating in the pool of the most exclusive apartment block in town. As head of the 'co-op' for the luxury apartments, where the residents own the shares, Pascoe had his say in who got to live in them, and who didn't. Could this be a motive for his murder? The investigation takes Artie Cohen to London, where the gripping plot unfolds with a series of murders, an encounter with his longtime girlfriend, and a meeting with a figure from the past. The momentum of apparently tangential events builds to a trademark thrilling conclusion.

The Farm and the Fireside

Author : Bill Arp
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Bill Arp s Scrap Book

Author : Bill Arp
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Easy Sacrifice

Author : Anna Brooks
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Jessa: He was there when I needed him. He showed up like some kind of hero and saved me. I wanted him to stay, I wanted to get to know him… I wanted him. But he always left without a word. The last time I saw him, he was in the backseat of a police car for a murder that I committed. Ty: She looks at me like I’m special. She thinks I have something to offer her, but she’s wrong. I don’t have anything more than street cred and my fists. But for her, I’ll take the fall. Even though I’ll never deserve her, I’ll sacrifice it all to make sure she can breathe easy, even if I suffocate in the process.