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Humanities in the Twenty First Century

Author : Eleonora Belfiore
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This collection of essays by scholars with expertise in a range of fields, cultural professionals and policy makers explores different ways in which the arts and humanities contribute to dealing with the challenges of contemporary society in ways that do not rely on simplistic and questionable notions of socio-economic impact as a proxy for value.

Humanism and the Humanities in the Twenty first Century

Author : William S. Haney
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The book raises questions about the underlying paradigms of contemporary learning and social thinking, including the nature of consciousness and the mind, the purpose and conduct of eduation, the role of science and scientific methodologies, the place of art and literature, or relationship to the environment, our concepts of spirituality, our attitudes to the past and also what we are doing to our own future.

Arts of Living

Author : Kurt Spellmeyer
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Argues that higher education needs to abandon the “culture wars” if it hopes to address the major crises of the century.

Liberal Education in Twenty first Century Engineering

Author : David F. Ollis
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Twenty-first century engineering education must meet radically revised national accreditation standards, known colloquially as EC2000. This book shows paths forward for all faculty involved in the «liberal education» of engineering undergraduates. Beginning with an exhortation for liberal education, it includes the EC2000 criteria and its historical origin, as well as example institutional and individual responses to these criteria - which include topics in communication, ethics and professional responsibility, contemporary issues, art and aesthetics, and the integration of engineering and the humanities. The variety of curricular responses presented indicate that this is a formative - perhaps even revolutionary - period in engineering education.

Graduate Study for the Twenty First Century

Author : Gregory M. Colón Semenza
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A guide to forging a successful academic career for graduate students.

Memory in the Twenty First Century

Author : Sebastian Groes
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This book maps and analyses the changing state of memory at the start of the twenty-first century in essays written by scientists, scholars and writers. It recontextualises memory by investigating the impact of new conditions such as the digital revolution, climate change and an ageing population on our world.

Middle English

Author : Paul Strohm
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This volume energizes issues of research in Middle English studies by eschewing an emphasis on what 'we know' and instead addressing the most challenging areas of unfixed opinion and unsettled debate. Although major authors such as Chaucer and Langland are richly represented, many little-known and neglected texts are considered as well.

Space Benefits for Humanity in the Twenty first Century

Author : United Nations
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These twelve background papers have been prepared as part of the preparatory work for UNISPACE III. They look at: the earth and its environment in space; disaster prediction; the management of earth resources; satellite navigation and location systems; space communications and applications; basic space science; commercial aspects of space exploration; information systems for research and applications; small satellite missions; education and training in space science and technology; economic and social benefits of space activities; the promotion of international co-operation.

Educating for the Twenty first Century

Author : Conrad Hughes
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Educating for the Twenty-First Century explores critical issues facing education in the 21st century.


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Twenty First Century Lesbian Studies

Author : Katherine O'Donnell
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An enlightening, entertaining look at what the term “lesbian” really means—and what it means to be a lesbian Twenty-First Century Lesbian Studies focuses on the field’s institutionalization into the humanities and social sciences, examining how the term “lesbian” is used in activist, community, and cultural contexts, and how its use impacts the lives of women who have chosen it as an identity. The book’s contributors include many of the world’s foremost experts in lesbian studies, as well as scholars whose primary research is in bisexuality, transsexuality and transgender, intersex, and queer theory. The innovative essays touch on five individual themes—“Genealogies,” “Readings,” “Theories,” “Identities,” and “Locations”—as they explore the past, present, and future of lesbian studies. Twenty-First Century Lesbian Studies places the term “lesbian” at the center of analysis, whether as a concept, a category, an identity, a political position, or an object choice. The book’s cutting-edge essays examine the various meanings of “lesbian;” the risks taken by women who live and/or act, write, and speak as lesbians; current genealogical myths; and the lives, studies, and activism of lesbians who represent a range of geographical and historical contexts. The book presents research produced outside the United States/United Kingdom, two places which tend to dominate the field, and essays that focus on areas, such as medieval studies, that are often ignored in theoretical discussions. Twenty-First Century Lesbian Studies considers these questions: does the term “lesbian” still have relevance as an identity descriptor or political position? who does “lesbian” include and/or exclude? how does intersectional thinking impact the way we formulate lesbian identities? are we now “post-lesbian?” what, if anything, defines the field of lesbian studies? what is the current state of the field? what is the possible future of the field? what current topics should be most important to practitioners? how is work that falls under the “lesbian studies” umbrella connected to efforts in the areas of feminism, LGBT, intersex, and queer straight studies? and many more Twenty-First Century Lesbian Studies is an enlightening, entertaining, and essential read for academics and students working in all disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, and for the lesbian/queer population, in general.

Journal of the Humanities

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Physicians for the Twenty first Century

Author : Panel on the General Professional Education of the Physician and College Preparation for Medicine
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Geography Into the Twenty First Century

Author : Eleanor M. Rawlings
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This volume contains essays which describe key developments in the areas of human, physical and environmental geography over the 20th century. It also examines how the teaching of geography has changed, highlighting alterations to the structure and charact

Teaching Shakespeare Into the Twenty first Century

Author : Ronald E. Salomone
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"A collection of success stories, thirty-two essays written by middle school, high school, and college teachers. In these essays teacher- authors record their best attempts at bringing Shakespeare and the student together in the "classroom" of today and tomorrow -- p. xii.

Science and Technology Policies for the Twenty first Century

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Environmental Criticism for the Twenty First Century

Author : Stephanie LeMenager
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Environmental Criticism for the Twenty-First Century showcases the recent explosive expansion of environmental criticism, which is actively transforming three areas of broad interest in contemporary literary and cultural studies: history, scale, and science. With contributors engaging texts from the medieval period through the twenty-first century, the collection brings into focus recent ecocritical concern for the long durations through which environmental imaginations have been shaped. Contributors also address problems of scale, including environmental institutions and imaginations that complicate conventional rubrics such as the national, local, and global. Finally, this collection brings together a set of scholars who are interested in drawing on both the sciences and the humanities in order to find compelling stories for engaging ecological processes such as global climate change, peak oil production, nuclear proliferation, and food scarcity. Environmental Criticism for the Twenty-First Century offers powerful proof that cultural criticism is itself ecologically resilient, evolving to meet the imaginative challenges of twenty-first-century environmental crises.

Africa in World Affairs

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Science for the Twenty first Century

Author : Ana María Cetto
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This volume contains an edited selection of the materials, lectures and debates presented at the World Conference on Science, which took place in Budapest in 1999. Topics ranging from the value of fundamental research to the public perception of science and ethical issues are presented.


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