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The Human Body in Health Disease

Author : Ruth Lundeen Memmler
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tion. As an introduction to basic anatomy and physiology, the organiza tion of the body is traced from the single cell to the coordinated who le. Coverage includes normal and abnormal anatomy, physiology, and pat hophysiology; basic microbiology, chemistry, and physics. Focus is pla ced on the interaction of all body systems for the maintenance of a st able internal state, or homeostasis, and explanation is given for cond itions that can upset this balance to produce disease. Key features in clude: student objectives, key terms and study questions in each chapt er; a summary outline at the end of each chapter; abundant illustratio ns to clarify text; a glossary with pronunciations; and a medical term inology section. New and exciting in the 8th edition: 50% of all illus trations are new; 70 new four-color illustrations; many new photograph s and micrographs; expanded information on physiology; special interes t boxes in each chapter, one on normal function, one presents clinical focus. Also new is an appendix on laboratory values covering urine, b lood cells, and blood chemistry.

Anatomy of the Human Body

Author : Henry Gray
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The Human Body Its Anatomy and Physiology

Author : Charles Herbert Best
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The Human Body in Health and Disease

Author : Ruth Lundeen Memmler
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Effects of A bomb Radiation on the Human Body

Author : Itsuzō Shigematsu
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In recent years, radiation exposure has become a major issue in various parts of the world as the result of nuclear testing and accidents at nuclear power plants such as Chernobyl. In order to help the victims of such events, the "International Council for the" "Health Care of the Radiation-Exposed" was established. This study by the council provides a comprehensive 47-year review of the known radiation-induced health effects on the survivors of the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan. Included are reports by 39 specialists in the field of radiation medicine encompassing studies on all diseases, cancers, growth and developmental effects associated with radiation exposure. This up-dated information on the medical problems of the A-bomb survivors contributes to a better understanding of radiation-induced disorders in humans.

Reading the Human Body

Author : Mladen Popović
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Offering new reconstructions and interpretations of physiognomic and astrological texts from Qumran in comparison with Babylonian and Greco-Roman texts, this book gives a fresh view of their sense, function, and status within both the Qumran community and Second Temple Judaism.

Modelling the Human Body Exposure to ELF Electric Fields

Author : Cristina Peratta
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The objective of this book is to describe techniques to investigate the behaviour of electric fields and induced currents in the human body exposed to different scenarios of extremely low frequency (ELF) high voltage - low current electromagnetic fields by means of numerical modelling with improved Boundary Element Methods (BEM).A variety of three dimensional anatomically shaped human body models under different exposure conditions are presented and solved.The mathematical formulation for the case of human exposure to ELF electromagnetic fields departing from Maxwell equations and for the electrical properties of biological tissue is provided.The underpinning ideas of the Boundary Element Method applied to ELF fields in the human body are presented.A literature survey including electrical properties of tissues relevant to low frequency calculations has been compiled and included in one chapter.A novel improved BEM approach is introduced in order to solve this type of problems leading to more accurate results and more efficient calculations.The developed methodology is applied to three different case studies: i- overhead power transmission lines, ii- power substation rooms, and iii- pregnant woman including foetus and evolving scenarios.In all the cases, a sensitivity analysis investigating the influence of varying geometrical and electrical properties of the tissues has been conducted.The results obtained allow to identify situations of high and low exposure in the different parts of the body and to compare with existing exposure guidelines.

The Pathological Anatomy of the Human Body

Author : Julius Vogel
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Human Body

Author :
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Help your child learn about the human body with this fact-packed guide, giant wallchart, interactive clip-art CD and dedicated website From hair-raising facts about your skin to a close-up view of the trillions of cells that are the body's building blocks; let your child discover the incredible biological marvel that is the human body. They'll discover more about the human body by downloading 100s of amazing images from the clip-art CD. Then use the giant pull-out wallchart to decorate their room. Great for projects or just for fun, ensure your child learns everything they need to know about the human body. With dedicated website

Human Body Dynamics

Author : Aydin Tözeren
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A quantitative approach to studying human biomechanics, presenting principles of classical mechanics using case studies involving human movement. Vector algebra and vector differentiation are used to describe the motion of objects and 3D motion mechanics are treated in depth. Diagrams and software-created sequences are used to illustrate human movement.