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The Glorious Hebrew Letters

Author : Darren Kelley
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The Biblical Hebrew Origin of the Japanese People

Author : Joseph Eidelberg
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Routledge Introductory Course in Biblical Hebrew

Author : Lily Kahn
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The Routledge Introductory Course in Biblical Hebrew provides a comprehensive introduction to Biblical Hebrew language and texts. Combining a fresh and innovative approach with an in-depth treatment of the language, it presents the essentials of biblical grammar and vocabulary in an engaging and systematic way. Unlike other Biblical Hebrew courses, it is structured around a series of vibrant and memorable stories, with each story reinforced by grammar explanations, supportive exercises, and a concluding genuine biblical text. This coherent focus encourages students to engage with the text actively and facilitate their mastery of the language to the full. Features include: Forty units covering all the topics expected in a first-year Biblical Hebrew course, including the Hebrew writing system, pointing rules, nouns and adjectives, parsing, mastery of strong and weak verb paradigms and full attention to syntax Clear and detailed grammar explanations supported by plentiful examples An extensive assortment of varied and stimulating exercises designed to reinforce new grammar and develop students’ ability to use Biblical Hebrew actively Incorporation of a wide range of genuine biblical texts to familiarise students with the main biblical narrative cycles and to equip them with the ability to read authentic material from the earliest stages of learning A free companion website ( offering a wealth of additional instructor and student resources, including many extra exercises and biblical texts, flashcards to test knowledge, a vocabulary guide listing words by part of speech, a full answer key, translations of all the stories and biblical texts, a sample syllabus, coursework assignments covering the entire contents of the course and audio recordings of the stories and biblical texts Coherent chapter organisation to consolidate and reinforce learning consistently at each step of the course Grammar summary, two-way glossary and subject index presented at the back of the book for easy access A user-friendly text design with original illustrations and clear presentation of the Hebrew script Written by an experienced instructor and extensively trialled at UCL, The Routledge Introductory Course in Biblical Hebrew will be an essential resource for all students beginning to learn Biblical Hebrew.

Writing Systems

Author : Florian Coulmas
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During its long history the problem of reducing language to writing, and conversely that of interpreting written signs as language, has found a variety of solutions which still exist in the form of different writing systems. Written by a leading expert, this new textbook provides an accessible introduction to the major writing systems of the world, from cuneiform to English spelling. Florian Coulmas presents detailed descriptions of the world's writing systems and explains their structural complexities as well as the intricate relationship between written and spoken language. The book also provides a clear and engaging account of the history of writing and its consequences for human thought and literate society. This illustrated textbook includes questions for discussion at the end of each chapter, and an up-to-date explanation of theoretical issues. Clearly organised and engagingly written, it is the ideal textbook for use on courses on writing systems.

Latin into Hebrew Texts and Studies

Author : Resianne Fontaine
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This two-volume work, Latin-into-Hebrew: Texts and Studies sheds new light on an under-investigated phenomenon of European medieval intellectual history: the transmission of knowledge and texts from Latin into Hebrew between the twelfth and the fifteenth century. Volume One: Studies, offers 18 studies and Volume Two: Texts in Contexts, includes editions and analyses of hitherto unpublished texts of medieval Latin-into-Hebrew translations. Both volumes are available separately or together as a set.

Writing peace

Author : Cattelain, Eric
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What is the word for 'peace' in Thai or in Arabic? In Hausa or in Maori? And how is it writ ten? The answers to these questions confront us to the specific languages we have learned or will be able to learn - and which help build our own identit y - just as much as to those languages we have no access to


Author : Menahem Mansoor
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Grade Level: Adult Each lesson of this one-volume modern language text contains self-correcting exercises and grammar drills.

Jewish Languages from A to Z

Author : Aaron D. Rubin
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Jewish Languages from A to Z provides an engaging and enjoyable overview of the rich variety of languages spoken and written by Jews over the past three thousand years. The book covers more than 50 different languages and language varieties. These include not only well-known Jewish languages like Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino, but also more exotic languages like Chinese, Esperanto, Malayalam, and Zulu, all of which have a fascinating Jewish story to be told. Each chapter presents the special features of the language variety in question, a discussion of the history of the associated Jewish community, and some examples of literature and other texts produced in it. The book thus takes readers on a stimulating voyage around the Jewish world, from ancient Babylonia to 21st-century New York, via such diverse locations as Tajikistan, South Africa, and the Caribbean. The chapters are accompanied by numerous full-colour photographs of the literary treasures produced by Jewish language-speaking communities, from ancient stone inscriptions to medieval illuminated manuscripts to contemporary novels and newspapers. This comprehensive survey of Jewish languages is designed to be accessible to all readers with an interest in languages or history, regardless of their background—no prior knowledge of linguistics or Jewish history is assumed.

Hebrew Workbook for Beginners

Author : Learn Learn Hebrew
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Complete your writing skills in Hebrew by learning to write the Alphabet in Cursive Script letters. Completing Hebrew 1 Workbook well prepares for this Hebrew 2 Workbook, teaching you to write the entire Hebrew alphabet in Cursive / Script letters using a set of 20+ new words you already know in Hebrew and in English, as well as establish necessary Hebrew basics. This workbook along with Hebrew 1 completes your writing skills in Hebrew! For best results, complete Hebrew 1 and then Hebrew 2 back-to-back. For Hebrew 1 Workbook, click the Author name Learn Hebrew or the Book Series. Enjoy this unique Workbook formulated by an Israeli Hebrew teacher, giving you so many exclusive features and benefits: Form the important habit of writing from right-to-left, as you read and write in Hebrew. This entire workbook and practice lessons are right-to-left. Arrows and text throughout the workbook serve as reminders until you establish this new habit. Enjoy immediate relevancy and easy memorizing by learning each letter using a word you already know in Hebrew and in English. Completing this workbook, you will have a vocabulary of 20+ words you already know in Hebrew (in addition to the 20+ different words you acquired in Hebrew 1), and new words in Hebrew you learn how to say and write. Write Hebrew the right way from the start! Proper writing in Hebrew is very important and is based on specific direction and sequence of writing. Following the close guidance and instructions in this workbook, you develop proper writing skills from day one. Fun for kids, simple for adults, this workbook is for all ages. Kids enjoy coloring the big letters and words representing them, and students of all ages benefit from a practical approach simplifying complex Hebrew concepts. Even our font selection was carefully thought of for maximum clarity and fast results, keeping frustration away. Practice letter writing using lots of tracing, followed by freehand writing practice of each letter and word you learn in Hebrew. Use a pencil to erase and retrace for multiple use of the workbook. Learn not only the Alphabet and writing skills but gain understanding of practical Hebrew basics needed for writing, including all the letter variations you will need to write like a pro in Hebrew. Navigate easily through the workbook using letter and page numbers as well as hints in the quiz pages. Cut-out beautifully designed Cursive / Script Alphabet sheet to use on the go. The next recommended steps on your Hebrew learning journey. click author name Learn Hebrew to watch videos of key features and and benefits. Inside this workbook, you will find: 99 pages of learning, coloring, tracing, freehand writing practice, and quizzing Beautiful design on Black and White paper for fun learning experience and coloring Large 8.5''x11'' format Durable, travel-friendly, wipe-clean cover All you need for understanding the Hebrew alphabet and knowing how to write using Cursive / Script letters, including 9 extra letter variations Progressive and gradual skill building Extra freehand writing practice pages Provide yourself or your little one an easy, comprehensive, and fast result learning experience building the necessary skills and confidence for a successful Hebrew learning journey. Complete your writing skills in Hebrew by ordering this one-of-a-kind Hebrew 2 Cursive / Script Workbook now.

Tracing Your Jewish Ancestors

Author : Rosemary Wenzerul
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This fully revised second edition of Rosemary Wenzerul's lively and informative guide to researching Jewish history will be absorbing reading for anyone who wants to find out about the life of a Jewish ancestor. In a clear and accessible way she takes readers through the entire process of research. She provides a brief social history of the Jewish presence in Britain and looks at practical issues of research – how to get started, how to organize the work, how to construct a family tree and how to use the information obtained to tell the story of a family. In addition she describes, in practical detail, the many sources that researchers can go to for information on their ancestors, their families and Jewish history.