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Writing and Selling Your Non fiction Book

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How to Write and Sell a Book Proposal

Author : Stella Whitelaw
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Every writer was once a beginner, and this book provides a step-by-step guide to help you structure a synopsis, plot and outline as well as polish your final words. Topics include: writers' jargon or 50 words every writer needs to know, overcoming writers' block, and planning and plotting.

How to Write and Sell Non fiction

Author : Hal Borland
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How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit

Author : Robert W. Bly
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Packed with income-generating ideas about creating a variety of saleable written works, this guide includes information for researching and writing effective, instructional materials and calling upon a variety of publishing channels, including magazines, traditional book publishers, self-publishing, and the Internet. The mechanics behind becoming a successful writer and information packager are presented in this resource that explores how to write and sell simple information in multiple formats, allowing writers to turn specialized knowledge into money-making books and products.

How to Write Non fiction Books

Author : Gordon Wells
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This text offers authoritative information for the non-fiction writer, practical advice for both the beginner and the established writer, and useful addresses of professional organizations.

The Kindle Writing Bible

Author : Tom Corson-Knowles
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How To Write A Nonfiction Book In 7 Days Flat I Believe Anyone Can Succeed As A Nonfiction Author With This Book You could be just a few days away from completing your bestselling nonfiction book. Learn how to: Overcome The 7 Deadly Writing Obstacles Learn how to overcome the 7 deadly writing sins that will stop you from achieving the success you dream of. You will conquer your fear, procrastination, indecision, perfectionism, lack of money, lack of knowledge and lack of vision. How To Double or Even Triple Your Writing Productivity Learn the secrets to writing faster and higher quality books. If you're a slow writer, you will love these proven writing strategies! How To Have Someone Else Write Your Book For You I've helped hundreds of would-be authors who don't like to write or simply don't know how to learn how to effectively hire a ghostwriter or use audio recording to help write your book much faster. If you have an idea and a passion for helping people, you can become a best-selling nonfiction author using these strategies! The 5 Simple Steps To Writing An Amazing Book Learn the 5 simple steps it takes to write a great book. Your readers will love your work when you follow these steps to success. Writing nonfiction is easy when you have a system to follow! How To Pick A Niche For Your Book That Will Be Guaranteed To Sell You can actually calculate ahead of time how well your book will sell using this simple marketing research technique! Once you understand the sales potential for your nonfiction books, you'll never be "writing blind" again and you will understand what your readers are willing to pay for. How To Give Your Readers Exactly What They Want Readers of nonfiction books want only one thing - a solution to their problem. If you can provide them with a convenient, easy, cheap, quick solution to their problem, they will love you forever and buy more of your books. Readers love convenience, ease, organization and step-by-step action guides. Learn how to write a bestseller by giving your readers what they really want. How To Increase Your Creativity Dramatically Creativity isn't just an art - there's a science to it too! Learn the science of how you can drastically increase your creative output using a simple notebook and tape recorder or voice recording app for your smartphone. How To Write A Kindle Book Fast Kindle books don't have to be 745 pages and full of images, tables, graphics, charts and references. You can write a simple, helpful how-to book and as long as it solves the reader's problem and helps your readers, they will love you for keeping it simple! The Psychology of Nonfiction Readers Learn the psychology of nonfiction readers so that you can turn your readers into loyal, raving fans who will write you book reviews and tell everyone they know about your great books. About The Author My poetry was first published at age 16 in Teen Ink magazine and I started writing books at age 19 but had no idea how to get my message out to anyone other than my friends and family. Finally, I discovered Amazon's Kindle Publishing platform and published my first book on Kindle on February 10, 2012. Since then, I've sold tens of thousands of nonfiction ebooks on Kindle and now earn a full-time income as a part-time Kindle author. I've since helped hundreds of self-published authors like myself sell more books on Kindle. If I can do it you can too! Learn how to write a bestseller today! Scroll up and click the buy button now.

How To Write Non Fiction

Author : Joanna Penn
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Do you want to write a non-fiction book but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you worry that you're not ‘the expert' or have enough authority in your niche to write a book on it? Are you ready to help other people and change your own life with your words? The first non-fiction book I wrote changed my life. Sure, it helped other people, but mostly it altered the course of my life – so much so that 10 years later, I make a living with my writing. I've written seven other non-fiction books and co-written two more and built a multi-six-figure income around my non-fiction eco-system. In this book, I'll share everything I've learned along the way and save you time, effort and frustration on your author journey. The book includes: PART 1. Before You Write: Mindset Why write a non-fiction book? Can I write a book if I'm not the expert? Originality. Or, there are so many other books on this topic Who are you? Personal stories and the writer's voice The day a non-fiction book changed my life Fear and self-doubt PART 2. Before You Write: Business Types of non-fiction books Business models for non-fiction books Who is your book for? Identify your target market Decide on the topic for your book Decide on your book title Your author name and pseudonyms How long does your book have to be? How long will it take to write the book? Your perspective on time Writing a book proposal PART 3. Writing and Editing Gather and organize existing material Research, interviews, surveys, and social listening Structure and organize the book How to write the first draft How to dictate your book Turn your blog/podcasts/videos/talks into a book Speed and quality Focus and shiny object syndrome Writer's block Co-writing a non-fiction book How to turn a boring book into an engaging read Elements of fiction in non-fiction Truth and perfectionism Legal issues: Using real people, quotes, lyrics, images, and citing sources Self-editing a book How to find and work with professional editors PART 4. Publishing and Product Creation Your publishing options The different formats for your book Non-fiction book covers Book formatting for non-fiction Pricing your book Your book sales description Categories and keywords Turn your non-fiction book into a multimedia course Updating your books over time PART 5. Marketing Non-Fiction Two models of marketing and the importance of mindset Book-centered marketing Paid advertising for non-fiction books Author-centered marketing. The power of a personal brand Build your author website Build an email list Integrate email marketing with your book Content marketing for non-fiction books My non-fiction marketing journey Conclusion and your next steps. It's time to (finally) write your non-fiction book. Download a sample or buy now and start writing.

Write Short Non Fiction Kindle Books Quickly

Author : Bansari Parikh
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Learn How to Write Short Non-Fiction Kindle eBooks that Sell using this easy to use guide for any author. Understand why this is the best source to make money online using your words. Learn what works and what doesn't in the eBook market by using smart market research given in this book. Crack the formula of how to write short books in a very short time selecting a non-fiction niche that sells and which you can easily research about even if you have no knowledge. With this book you will gain knowledge about the following subjects: Table of Contents Chapter 1: Why Writing Short Non-Fiction Kindle Books Time And Attention Are In Short Supply The Pricing Factor And How It Affects Readers And Authors The $2.99 And Under Effect So What Does This Mean For Authors? Chapter 2 HOW TO PICK THE BEST NICHE TO MAXIMIZE YOUR SALES Choosing Your Niche What Is A Niche? How To Choose A Niche Is There A Demand? Narrowing Your Niche Niche Task Chapter 3 FOUR COMMON TYPES OF SHORT KINDLE BOOKS YOU CAN WRITE All Interview-Focused Book A List Book Or Tip Book A Book That Answers A Specific Question A Long-Form Article Book Chapter 4 THE QUICK & EASY METHOD FOR MAKING YOUR BOOK Why Create An Outline? Outlining Made Simple Add Main Points All Evolving Outline Chapter 5 HOW TO CRAFT POWERFUL BOOK TITLES THAT GENERATE SALES Titles Title Creation Saves Time Developing The Title The Importance Of A Great Title What Makes A Great Title? Benefit Titles Curiosity Titles Brainstorming Your Own Book Title Know Your Audience Create A Spider Map Have A Title Party Chapter 6 OUTSOURCING Negotiate and request for sample material Chapter 7 YOUR FIRST DRAFT IS DONE. NOW WHAT? The Phases Of Editing Self-Editing Your Work Five Things To Watch Out For 1) Facts And Figures 2) Spelling And Grammar 3) Fluff And Junk Words 4) Tone And Consistent Voice 5) Content Chapter 8 HIRING A PROFESSIONAL EDITOR – WITHOUT GOING BROKE Send Your Book To An Editor The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Editor It Takes A Team Creating Your Editing Team Edit My 15,000 Word EBook Avoid Hiring Editors From Fiverr Editing Results Editing Tasks Chapter 9 FORMATTING YOUR KINDLE EBOOK

Write Non Fiction Books Today 2 0

Author : Malik Jordan
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*This Book Is a Great Opportunity* According to an article published in The New York Times, 81% of the United States population wants to write a book someday or thinks they have a book inside them. Would you like to be a part of the 19% who actually DOES WRITE A BOOK? If so, then I believe this book will help you begin making that dream a reality. This is basically an upgraded version of Write Non-Fiction Books Today: How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in the 21st Century. This book will give you the push you need to get started writing your first non-fiction book. *This Is What You Get When You Buy This Book* *Advice on what you should write about. *Advice on which software would be the best to use. *Links to websites that will let you use their high quality pictures in your book for FREE. *The best websites to go to when you need a book cover design made. *The best blog that will teach you how to write your first book. *Words that will give you the confidence you need to start AND finish writing your first non-fiction book. Invest in yourself by getting this valuable and inexpensive book today. Read it on your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. Download your copy today. Tags: non-fiction, nonfiction, book, books, how to, how-to, guide, tutorial, 21st Century, Malik Jordan, blog, blogging, business, e-commerce, electronic commerce, download, risk-free, strong language

A Complete Guide to Writing and Selling Non fiction

Author : Hayes B. Jacobs
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