How to Work Leather

Leather Working Techniques With Fun, Easy Projects


Author: Matthew Jones

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537034409


Page: 66

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Learn everything you need to get started with leather craft in one afternoon - even if you are a beginner!Leather working is a satisfying and fun hobby. With this quick-start guide you'll discover how easy it is to make beautiful, creative gifts.If you've ever wondered how to get started with leather working, or want to jump back into it, this book is a must.Matt Jones takes you step-by-step through understanding the basics of leatherworking, to creating your first leather projects. The patterns are classic and hand drawn with details, including: leather bag, leather belt, leather purses and more...You will learn:* The tools for working with leather, what they are and where to get them* How to get started leather working* Simple leather stitches * The cleanest way to cut leather and the tools you need to do it right* How to create a leather purse, belt, billfold, picture frame and moreWith * Hand-drawn illustrations of tools and patterns* Step-by-step techniques for creating gorgeous leather projects* Basic stitches and tools* Tips for making it look great10 Vintage Leatherworking Projects to inspire you, including: leather handbags, leather purses, leather patterns, supplies, dyes, and tooling. With 10 beginner projects.Written clearly and concisely, this book covers the basic of leather working techniques. Essential book for any leather workers library.

Learning How to Work with Leather - Includes DIY Projects


Author: Dueep Jyot Singh,John Davidson

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

ISBN: 1370935781

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 59

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Table of Contents Introduction Tools and Equipment Cutting out your Patterns The Sewing Process Saddle Stitching Lacing Cross Stitching Silver or Gold Belt Making Leather Wallets and Drawstring Pouches Making a Leather Drawstring Pouch How to Work with Suede Conclusion Where Do You Get the Leather? Author Bio Publisher Introduction When we were kids at school, and were living in a land, where we were taught crafts at school, as part of the educational curriculum, under the term of socially useful productive work, I remember some parents getting rather indignant, because their children were being taught how to work in leather! Being a rather socially backward area, steeped in old tradition and also the traditional working professions fit for different people of different ethnicities and castes, these supposedly highborn families would not allow their children to work on anything, which included touching any material made out of pigskin, calfskin, and hide. These items were considered to be touched only by the lowest of the low, the untouchables. They were the cobblers, who made things in leather, and people, supposedly of the highest caste never wore items made out of these natural products. That is why their shoes were always made out of wood and no way would they use leather belts, purses, bags, ornaments, jackets, or any other things which other people could wear with impunity. Believe it or not, this system worked in the East, for millenniums, but luckily, today we are fortunate because we are not so old-fashioned and also, we do not believe in such outmoded traditions, and that is why we can enjoy one of the most enjoyable of all activities, working with leather and making your own accessories, which otherwise, would set you back hundreds of dollars, if you went and bought them off the shelves. Believe me, if you are under the impression that working with leather is very difficult, it is definitely not so. If you have pushed a needle and thread, through a piece of fabric, you can consider leather to be just another fabric. It may be a bit harder to work on, but if the thread has been asked with ordinary candle wax, and your needle is sharp, there is absolutely no problem in stitching leather, and absolutely no limits to the things you can make out of leather. People have been doing so for millenniums, from jewelry to pouches to bags, to moccasins and shoes, to anything you want to make, which is going to be long-lasting and a thing to treasure. So let us assemble our equipment first. There are plenty of leather making kits, on the Internet, but with their totally absurd prices of up to $225, surely, surely you are not going to waste all your money on buying such a case or kit, unless of course you want to become a traditional leather worker, and intend to sell the things you make? Leather is normally made from the skin of animals. The whole skin is sold, and the portion of the back is stronger and thicker than the one at the edges. That is why, when you begin cutting shapes in leather, you would want to look at the thickness beforehand. The easiest to work with are leathers obtained from goats and sheep. Sheepskin leather – this is of course the cheapest, because it is so easily available, and that is why many people do plenty of embroidery work upon so that it looks more expensive.

V!VA Travel Guides

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands


Author: Viva Publishing Network,Paula Newton

Publisher: Viva Publishing Network

ISBN: 0979126428

Category: Travel

Page: 480

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Viva members around the world contribute to the travel guides' creation and updating. They provide information concerning hotels, restaurants, tours, shopping and activities.

Phoenix Quest 2 Journey to the Underworld

Journey to the Underworld


Author: James Malcolm

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493152890

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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The Abduction Prince Aiden and Princess Ariana were busy making preparations to celebrate the wonder of their first anniversary. The year had flown by, fulfilling their every dream. Aiden had adapted well to the expectations and demands of royalty, along with fatherhood. Angus, two months old, was the pride and joy of the monarchy. The marriage and parenthood brought out the softer side of the blacksmith. His son looked much like him and he held his legacy as often as possible. Princess Camille loved being a first time aunt, spending as much time as she could with Ariana and the baby. The king and Gideon reflected their approval, but usually at a distance. Aiden had relocated his blacksmith trade inside the perimeter of the castle walls, training his two replacements, while using the forge from time to time, to satisfy a more creative nature. His travels had shown him a wide array of artistic applications for his craft and a use that had yet to be satisfied in the kingdom. Aiden designed plates, bowls, mugs and a variety of hand tools, most of which were given away after fulfilling the needs of the royal family. Surprisingly, hed given his cottage to a village family, whose child had told the best story at one of his weekly gatherings. The prince had become a farmer, as well, having recently harvested his first crop of corn. Hed dried kernels for the evenings anniversary festivities in the courtyard. It would be his first presentation of pop corn since his return from the quest. He could hardly wait to see the reaction his new treat would have on the children and the prince planned to hand kernels out to the villagers for the next years planting. Times were good and spirits high, in the realm, where the future looked promising for all. King Darian commissioned the kingdoms first ship. The vessel was built of the finest wood, with help from the Egyptian carpenters. It was a beauty to behold, equal in size to the Argo and the ship would open the island up to trade with countries in the inland sea. Jib supervised the raising of the ship and became the kingdoms first captain, through kings decree. The ship was christened the Phoenix, to honor Aidens quest and his daughters royal marriage. It was the first of six vessels commissioned by the king, with shipbuilding and global trade escalating the rapid growth of the small, inadequate anchorage. Scota sailed back to Egypt aboard the Phoenix on its maiden voyage at her fathers request and having lost any other reason to stay. Everything changed for her with the emotional loss of her husband at the hands of the Nordics. The princess carried the phoenix feather on the return to her homeland, fulfilling Aidens commitment to Queen Nefertiti. King Darian opened her old settlement up for villagers to recolonize and also began construction of a larger seaport capable of handling the increased demands of the realm. The new harbors location was near the mouth of a small river, less than a mile from the castle. While plans for the anniversary celebration were being finalized, Aiden went to the gatehouse to pay the wizard a visit. He hadnt seen Edric since just after his son was born. He took dried corn kernels, from the crop the wizard had helped him plant, to show the magician some of his own magic. Edric hadnt been as preoccupied with his magic mirror since the quest had concluded, spending much of his time grooming his own garden. When there was no answer at the door, the prince walked to the backside of the gatehouse, finding the wizard clipping roses from his prized bushes.

Jubilee Hitchhiker

The Life and Times of Richard Brautigan


Author: William Hjortsberg

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 1619020459

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 878

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Confident and robust, Jubilee Hitchhiker is an comprehensive biography of late novelist and poet Richard Brautigan, author of Troutfishing in America and A Confederate General from Big Sur, among many others. When Brautigan took his own life in September of 1984 his close friends and network of artists and writers were devastated though not entirely surprised. To many, Brautigan was shrouded in enigma, erratic and unpredictable in his habits and presentation. But his career was formidable, an inspiration to young writers like Hjortsberg trying to get their start. Brautigans career wove its way through both the Beat-influenced San Francisco Renaissance in the 1950s and the “Flower Power hippie movement of the 1960s; while he never claimed direct artistic involvement with either period, Jubilee Hitchhiker also delves deeply into the spirited times in which he lived. As Hjortsberg guides us through his search to uncover Brautigan as a man the reader is pulled deeply into the writers world. Ultimately this is a work that seeks to connect the Brautigan known to his fans with the man who ended his life so abruptly in 1984 while revealing the close ties between his writing and the actual events of his life. Part history, part biography, and part memoir this etches the portrait of a man destroyed by his genius.

How to Work with the Spectroscope

A Manual of Practical Manipulation with Spectroscopes of All Kinds.


Author: John Browning

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108014186

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 120

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A complete introduction to the use of the spectroscope and telescope from the leading maker of scientific instruments in Britain.

So, You Want to Work with the Ancient and Recent Dead?

Unearthing Careers from Paleontology to Forensic Science


Author: J. M. Bedell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1582705461

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 256

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Have you ever been excited by forensic science or psyched to dig up fossils? This comprehensive guide reveals a whole host of careers in the underrated world of the no-longer-living. Covering everything from well known jobs like archaeologists, morticians, coroners, and forensic scientists to the not-so-well-known professions like studying dead stars and planets to playing a zombie on TV, So, You Want to Work With the Ancient and Recent Dead? uncovers a treasure trove of occupational opportunities. In addition to tips and interviews from professionals in the industry, So, You Want to Work With the Ancient and Recent Dead? includes inspiring stories from kids who are working toward an exciting career in the area of “dead things” as well as activities, a glossary, and resources to help you unearth your interests and discover a successful career.

The Art of Leather Burning

Step-by-Step Pyrography Techniques


Author: Lora Susan Irish

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486818691

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

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A legend in the wood/leather crafting industry presents 12 simple projects, accompanied by full-color illustrations. Detailed instructions for making key chains, jewelry, wallets, journals, belts, and more include practice exercises and safety tips.

Contemporary Native American Artists


Author: Dawn E. Reno

Publisher: Brooklyn, N.Y. : Alliance Publishing

ISBN: 9780964150966

Category: Indian art

Page: 230

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Profiles over 1,000 Native American artists who are blazing new trails in the ancient arts.