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How to Raise Or Lower Child Support in California

Author : Roderic Duncan
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Tens of thousands of parents who receive support are entitled to larger payments. And many parents who pay support qualify for a decrease due to changes in their income or in the other parent's financial status. How to Change Child Support in California shows parents on either side of the support issue how to go to court and get an existing order changed to the appropriate level.Recent changes in the law have made this process much simpler than it used to be, and it's now easier than ever to get your child support changed without a lawyer.The newly revised fourth edition incorporates all of these changes, and it provides the latest forms, with step-by-step instructions to compute new payments and request a change.

How to Modify and Collect Child Support in California

Author : J. L. Matthews
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Administration s Child Support Enforcement Incentive Payment Proposal

Author : United States
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California Marriage Divorce Law

Author : Ralph E. Warner
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Stand Up to the IRS

Author : Frederick W. Daily
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Child Custody

Author : Mimi E. Lyster
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LAW It is difficult to imagine a situation more fraught with potential conflict than that of divorcing parents discussing custody of their children. Professional mediator Lyster claims that despite the inflexibility that often accompanies family breakups, parents can put together custody agreements that are better than those mandated by a court. She aims here to provide guidance for constructing a parenting agreement that favors the child's needs while defusing the tension that can accompany negotiations. Lyster covers everything from medical care to allowing underage marriage to dealing with the parents' new partners. Compromises and creative solutions are suggested; Lyster also offers techniques for keeping the negotiations civil and productive. There is an interesting discussion on parenting arrangements in all kinds of nontraditional families, and important distinctions among states in regard to custody are noted. Legal and family counseling professionals will shiver at Lyster's assertion that the book can be used without professional intervention, but she is careful to provide advice on finding lawyers, custody evaluators, and counselors. A list of support organizations and the clear, pragmatic approach typical of the publisher's books make this a recommended choice for all popular law collections. Joan Pedzich, Harris, Beach & Wilcox, Rochester, N.Y.--LJ 06/15/1995.

Safe Homes Safe Neighborhoods

Author : Stephanie Mann
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Offers advice for protecting people and property from crime, including neighborhood crime prevention groups and child safety

Locating the Law

Author :
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Bowker s Law Books and Serials in Print

Author :
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California Family Law

Author :
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Everybody s Guide to Small Claims Court

Author : Ralph E. Warner
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How to Change Your Name in California

Author : David V. Loeb
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Thoroughly revised throughout to include the latest laws and forms, this book provides all the forms and instructions necessary to legally change a name in California, whether because of marriage, divorce, career or lifestyle change. It includes helpful tips for dealing with the bureaucracy and acquiring identification in the new name. All forms are provided as tear-outs, including Application for Restoration of Former Name After Divorce.

Stop Foreclosure Now in California

Author : Lloyd M. Segal
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Across the country, foreclosures are at an all time high, but especially so in California, where people facing foreclosure actually have several options. STOP FORECLOSURE NOW (California edition) provides step-by-step instructions to help Californians avoid foreclosure proceedings and protect their credit. Includes all necessary forms and instructions.

For Sale by Owner in California

Author : George Devine
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Updated to reflect the most recent changes in the housing market, this third edition guide shows homeowners how to save thousands of dollars by selling their homes on their own. It provides essential contracts and legal forms and includes practical information about pricing, attracting buyers, minimizing tax, negotiating, the contract, escrow, and much more. Illustrated.

How to Buy a House in California

Author : Ralph E. Warner
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This book offers effective strategies for buying a house in California's changing market. It shows California home buyers how to find a house, raise a down payment, work with real estate agents, make an offer, take advantage of creative financing techniques, negotiate intelligently and go through escrow.Includes all the necessary real estate forms and worksheets.

Law Books in Print

Author : Nicholas Triffin
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Selected Acquisitions

Author : Robert Crown Law Library
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How to Seal Your Juvenile Criminal Records in California

Author : Warren Siegel
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A must-have for anyone who has ever been arrested, convicted of a crime or been found delinquent in juvenile court. This book explains what a criminal record is and what harm it can do to future employment, licenses, driving and immigration.

How to form your own California corporation

Author : Anthony Mancuso
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This bestselling guide has shown over 100,000 California businesses how to incorporate. It provides step-by-step instructions and all the necessary forms, including Articles, Bylaws, Minutes, and Stock Certificates. It contains up-to-date corporate tax information including how to elect S corporation tax status.

The California Handbook

Author : Thaddeus C. Trzyna
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