How to Pass Exams

Accelerate Your Learning - Memorise Key Facts - Revise Effectively


Author: Dominic O'Brien

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 1848991665

Category: Education

Page: 176

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Everything you need to know to improve your memory and increase your chances of passing that exam with flying colours! Dominic O'Brien, eight-times World Memory Champion, outlines in simple language the steps you can take to increase your memory skills for all exam situations. How to Pass Exams also includes useful advice on revision, speed-reading, note-taking and mind mapping, as well as special features on specific subjects from history to modern languages. In this practical and accessible guide, a living memory legend shares with you the secret of his amazing talents and offers you the key to success in your studies.

How to Pass Your Exams

Proven Techniques for Any Exam that Will Boost Your Confidence and Guarantee Success


Author: Mike Evans

Publisher: How to Books Limited

ISBN: 9781845283230

Category: Education

Page: 114

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This book really will make a huge difference to exam performance, whatever exams you're taking - professional or academic, Master's level or GCSE, A level, essay or multiple choice. It isn't just hard work or intelligence that gets you through. In fact many hard working, intelligent people fail through lack of confidence or poor exam technique. At least 50 per cent of your chances are down to: Your attitude to exams; Simple but effective techniques to use in the exam itself; The way you approach the course of study. These techniques are your guarantee of success - and what's more they're easy to learn and proven beyond doubt. They also have the added advantage of giving your confidence a welcome boost so that you arrive in the exam room ready and able to succeed.

How to Pass Exams


Author: Fred Orr

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781741762952

Category: Education

Page: 144

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. Does the thought of exams and tests make you feel panicky? . Do you know how to make the most of those last days before an exam or test? . Do you worry you'll forget everything you've studied? This bestselling guide explains how to control your anxiety and get good marks. Learn how to: . avoid panic attacks . improve your memory . manage your time . cope with different kinds of exams and tests as well as many other essential techniques. Whether you are studying at school, college, university or anywhere else, you need How to Pass Exams. Don't wait till it's too late!

2018 Maryland PSI Real Estate Exam Prep Questions and Answers

Study Guide to Passing the Salesperson Real Estate License Exam Effortlessly


Author: Real Estate Exam Professionals Ltd.,Fun Science Group

Publisher: Real Estate Exam Professionals, Ltd.

ISBN: 1370478305

Category: Study Aids

Page: 535

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Pass the 2018 Maryland PSI Real Estate Salesperson Exam effortlessly on your 1st try. In this simple course, which includes both the Maryland state and PSI question and answer exam prep study guide, not only will you learn to pass the state licensing exam, you will also learn: - How to study for the MD exam quickly and effectively. - Secrets to Passing the Real Estate Exam even if you do not know the answer to a question. - How to tackle hard real estate MATH questions with ease and eliminate your fears. - Tips and Tricks from Real Estate Professionals, professional exam writers and test proctors. It will also answer questions like: - Do I need other course materials from companies like Allied Real Estate School? How about Anthony Real Estate School or Kaplan Real Estate School? Are they even good schools to attend? - What kinds of questions are on the Maryland Real Estate License Exam? - Should I use the MD Real Estate License Exams for Dummies Book? This Real Estate Study Guide contains over 1200+ real estate exam questions and answers with full explanations. It includes the Maryland State Specific portion, the PSI portion, real estate MATH ONLY section, and real estate vocabulary only exams. You will receive questions and answers that are similar to those on the Maryland Department of Real Estate Exam. You deserve the BEST real estate exam prep program there is to prepare you to pass, and it gets no better than this. The Maryland Real Estate Salesperson Exam is one of the hardest state test to pass in the United States. We have compiled this simple exam cram book that quickly and easily prepares you to take your state licensing exam and pass it on the 1st try with the PSI exam. Our Real Estate Exam Review is designed to help you pass the real estate exam in the quickest, easiest and most efficient manner possible. Throw away your real estate course test books and class notes, this is all you need to pass!

I Passed The Exam

The Ultimate Guide to Prepare Exam, Pass Exam & Getting Good Grades


Author: Juha Öörni

Publisher: ARTPICS



Page: 38

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I Passed The Exam: The Ultimate Guide to Prepare Exam, Pass Exam & Getting Good Grades We’ve all heard comments on how much someone dreads taking exams. Unfortunately, for most of us, exams are simply a part of life ... whether we are talking high school, college, or professional licensure. How great would it be to learn surefire strategies to take the worry out of exam preparation, to improve your exam taking abilities, and as a result, get dramatically better grades. I PASSED THE EXAM | The Ultimate Guide to Prepare Exam, Pass Exam and Getting Good Grades by Juha Öörni will help you do exactly that. This book explains how to take the pain out of studying and maybe ... even make it enjoyable! You will learn tricks to study happily, effectively and comfortably! You will learn seven key steps that are essential for efficient, effective exam preparation. Following these seven steps will make all the difference in the world in your exam performance. This book will teach you to identify the key questions to focus on and answer as you study your material. You will learn to find and clearly understand the key point being made in each paragraph. Putting these tips into practice, you will read gaining a much better understanding of the material. You can go into that next exam with the confidence of knowing that you are as prepared as you can to take your grades to the next level. If you are someone struggling with exams and exam preparation, this is the book for you. Learning the tips and techniques in the book can make all the difference in the world on your next exam!

How to Pass an Exam


Author: Workpress Publishing

Publisher: Workpress Publishing



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If you want to accomplish progress in your study curriculum, 'How to Pass an Exam' is your fundamental patronage. Based on gigantic research, this book helps you flourish and nourish the mandatory skills to purify your ingenuity, pass any exam and build confidence. The author's high-principled and sanguine method distinguishes that we all have a different formula for success and that finding it is the key to reach our production possibility frontier. No matter if you are at school or a college student 'How to Pass an Exam' is your passport to success. Best Wishes!

Mosby's Massage Therapy Review


Author: Sandy Fritz

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323240674

Category: Medical

Page: 552

View: 4202

Written by massage therapy expert Sandy Fritz, this unique review resource prepares you for all of your massage therapy exams — both routine semester exams and tests administered for licensure, such as the National Certification Exam and the MBLEx. This comprehensive review features updated content and questions based on the currently administered licensing exams. Plus, a companion Evolve website comes loaded with 8 practice exams and a variety of review activities such as labeling exercises, crossword puzzles, electronic coloring book, games, and much more! And for studying on the go, Mosby offers a new mobile app featuring 125 test questions. No other massage review on the market gives you such complete exam preparation! Full color format with 347 illustrations (showing various massage techniques as well as anatomy & physiology) presents information in a more visual, engaging way and helps you retain information better than reviewing text alone. Over 1300 practice questions in the text provide the opportunity to assess your readiness for exams. Over 40 labeling exercises are available throughout the book to help kinesthetic learners retain information. Logical text organization presents review content with illustrations and examples followed by review questions and exams to help you hone test-taking skills as you master facts, learn how to apply them, complete practice questions by topic, and then work through a realistic exam experience. Written to be versatile so it can be used to prepare for licensing exams, as well as classroom exams allows you to prepare for massage licensure exams as well as your regular course load along the way. Answer key printed in the back of the text with rationales provides you additional feedback so you can better understand why answers are correct or incorrect. Esteemed author Sandy Fritz delivers quality content that students and instructors know they can rely on. NEW! Updated content and questions based on the changes to licensing exams delivers the most up-to-date, relevant questions ensuring you’ll be fully prepared to pass the current exams. NEW! Companion website offers 8 practice exams, numerous review activities such as labeling exercises, crossword puzzles, Body Spectrum electronic coloring book, online flashcards, med term games, animations and more. NEW! Mobile app with practice test questions offers increased flexibility to study on the go and in shorter intervals.

How To Pass Your Exams 4th Edition

Proven Techniques for Any Exam That Will Guarantee Success


Author: Mike Evans

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1848034490

Category: Education

Page: 160

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Whatever exams you're taking, this book really will make a big difference to your performance - at professional or academic level; Master's or GCSE; A level, essay or multiple choice. Many hard working, intelligent people still fail their exams through lack of confidence or poor exam technique. At least fifty per cent of a candidate's chances are down to: *Taking the right attitude into the exam *Using simple but very effective techniques in the exam itself *Approaching your course of study in the right way These factors are your guarantee of success. They are easy to learn and proven beyond doubt. They will also boost your confidence so that you arrive in the exam room both ready and able to succeed. Contents: Preface; 1. Getting a sensible perspective; 2. What examiners want; 3. Getting set for success; 4. The role of parents, partners and fellow students; 5. Revision; 6. Special techniques; 7. As the exam approaches; 8. The exam; Index.