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How to Make it in Hollywood

Author : Wendy Elliott Hyland
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How To Make It In Hollywood

Author : Linda Buzzell
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Renowned psychotherapist and career counselor Linda Buzzell is the expert in knowing how to create and develop a career in Hollywood. With this book, she shows you how to look at your personality, your strengths, your weaknesses, your special skills, and your talents in order to target your personal goals and maximize your career success. She then explains all the jobs in Hollywood and how to find them, get them, and advance through each stage in your career. How To Make It in Hollywood includes everything you need to know about agents, managers, lawyers, the casting couch, chutzpah, schmoozing, networking, Godfather Calls, rhino skin, Power Rolodexes, handling rejection, constant unemployment, and keeping yourself on the track to your dreams when real life keeps telling you to give it all up and move back to Cincinnati!

Jaws 2 The Making of the Hollywood Sequel

Author : Louis R. Pisano
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Just when filmmakers thought it was safe to make a sequel, director John D. Hancock ran into huge difficulties making Jaws 2 (1978), a thriller film and the first sequel to Steven Spielberg's Jaws (1975). Until now, the full story of the sea of troubles during the making of the film has never been told. Authors Louis R. Pisano and Michael A. Smith fished from the original cast and crew the full no-holds-barred story from their behind the scenes experiences, a tale as action packed and occasionally as bloody as the film. Based on Peter Benchley's original Jaws novel, Jaws 2 starred Roy Scheider as a police chief dealing with another great white shark terrorizing the waters of a resort. The original director, John D. Hancock, proved unable to handle the action film and was replaced by Jeannot Szwarc. Actor Roy Scheider, who only made the film to end a contractual issue with Universal, was also unhappy during production and had several heated exchanges with Szwarc. Follow the entire fascinating production of the unforgettable film from concept to the impact the film made on Hollywood after Jaws 2 achieved a spot on Variety's list of Top 10 box office hits. About the authors: Louis R. Pisano is the director of the very popular series of “JawsFEST” fan DVDs. Michael A. Smith is the co-founder of and is a long-serving officer of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle. Jaws 2 The Making of the Hollywood Sequel is their first book. Includes Footnotes and illustrated with more than 200 rare behind-the-scenes photos taken by the cast and crew.

The Actor s Survival Guide

Author : Jon S. Robbins
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The Actor's Survival Guide: How to Make Your Way in Hollywood is a handbook and essential guide to the business of living and working as an actor in the Los Angeles area. Exploring the experience of relocating to L.A.; the casting process; and how to identify – and find work with – the key players in the film and television industry, the book offers a business-centered road map through the industry. It seeks to navigate the challenges and identify the pitfalls and wrong-turns that hinder too many promising careers and frustrate even the most dedicated of actors. In doing so, the book seeks to provide an extra-competitive edge of experience and know-how for those actors who have the skills and determination to persevere. This second edition features a number of new sections and topics including: Recent census data for the Los Angeles County Neighborhood Statistics Updates on casting diversity with the most recent SAG/AFTRA data Changes in contracts for film, television and stage, including information on AEA's new Hollywood Equity Waiver policy Details on new contracts for film, television and new media; ongoing contract negotiations for video game content; and the ramifications of the SAG/AFTRA merger The role of computer-generated images (CGI) and motion capture (MOCAP) Renewed emphasis on set safety, especially for stunt performers Audition workshops Recent prosecutions of casting directors for "Pay for Play" violations Emerging role of social media in an actor's marketing strategy Dos and don'ts of video self-taping of auditions Expanded glossary to include new media and performance capture vocabulary Written from the perspective of working actor and experienced career-guidance teacher Jon S. Robbins, this unique guide will help aspiring actors bridge the gap between training in drama schools and working in the epicentre of the film and television industries.

How to Make it in Hollywood

Author : Linda Buzzell
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For aspiring actors, writers, directors, costume designers, agents, or studio executives--the ultimate guide for breaking into the business and making all the right moves to achieve success in Hollywood. Buzzell shows readers how to look at their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and talents in order to maximize career success.

Its All Your Fault

Author : Bill Robinson
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An Essential Guide to Landing -- and Keeping -- Your first Hollywood Job A position as an assistant to a producer, agent, director, studio executive, or star can be the path to a fabulous career -- or a one-way ticket to hell. How can the aspiring Hollywood assistant quickly learn the inside track to success while avoiding the land mines? It's All Your Fault is the answer. Written by two former Hollywood assistants who've been there and done that, It's All Your Fault is bursting with hard-earned advice, from figuring out who's who and who isn't to sex, drugs, and other work-related issues. Filled with outrageous anecdotes and countless celebrity stories, It's All Your Fault proves an indispensable addition to the nightstand of every wannabe Hollywood mover and shaker.

How To Make It In Hollywood

Author : Alexis Boyett
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With 2020 fastly approaching Hollywood embraces a new era of stars to the silver screen. How To Make It In Hollywood is a book written by a tenacious young millennial that refuses to give up on the pursuit of her dreams. Alexis unveils adversity and challenges that lurk behind the silver screen with her intimate real-life journal entries. In three short years and no knowledge of the industry, this inspiring female conquered her fear of failure and accomplished her dream of being a professional SAG/AFTRA actress. Her intention in writing this book is to offer valuable insight to aid aspiring or established models/actors with their personal growth and development in the Hollywood industry. "By following my dream of moving to Los Angeles I forced myself out of my comfort zone, exposed my insecurities, and left myself vulnerable to failure. It was the best thing I ever did because I discovered that only once have you completely stripped yourself of all you've ever known can you discover the person you want to be."-Alexis Boyett How to Make it in Hollywood Topics: -Recommendations on where to live -Con artists & dangerous managers -Wardrobe & materials you need to start working -Your wheels -Where to get hired immediately -Set secrets -Structuring your goals & big break mentality -Rubbing elbows with celebrities -Standing out & attracting opportunity -Fine-tuning your skills -Commercials, Television & Film -Joining SAG / AFTRA -Getting your big break

Hollywood Drive

Author : Eve Light Honthaner
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Hollywood Drive: What it Takes to Break in, Hang in & Make it in the Entertainment Industry is the essential guide to starting and succeeding at a career in film and TV. Written by a Hollywood insider, Honthaner's invaluable experience and advice will give those attempting to enter and become successful in the entertainment industry the edge they need to stand out among the intense competition. Because while film school prepares students to write a script, direct a scene and operate a camera, few newcomers enter the job market understanding how this business truly works and how to land a first job-much less succeed in the industry. Hollywood Drive is not merely a book about what it takes to get your foot in the door. It goes beyond that by offering you the tools, attitude, philosophy and road map you'll need to give yourself a good fighting chance at success -- whether you're looking for your very first job or for a strategy to move your career to the next level. This book will allow you to proceed with your eyes wide open, knowing exactly what to expect. Hollywood Drive explores the realities of the industry: various career options, effective job search strategies, how to write an effective cover letter and resume, what to expect on your first job, the significance of networking and building solid industry relationships, how a project is sold, and how a reel production office and set operate. You'll learn how to define your goals and make a plan to achieve them, how to survive the tough times, how to deal with big egos and bad tempers, and how to put your passion to work for you.

How to Make It in Hollywood Before You Make It

Author : Christopher C. Odom
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In 1970, there was no internet, cell phone, VCR, DVD player, or cable television. All of these things factor into the equation of making it in Hollywood today. A philosophy for life on the road to success, rather than a blueprint to painting by numbers, HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD BEFORE YOU MAKE IT is a portrait of 10 emerging artists on the front lines of Hollywood, running the gamut from actors, writers, producers, dancers, singers and songwriters, all at different stages in their careers. The companion piece to Christopher C. Odom's Award-Winning documentary, by the same name, the book offers more true life insight on what it takes to maintain in Hollywood on the path to success, as well extras like the documentary screenplay, production notes, interviews with Odom and the original festival press kit.

Hollywood Goes Latin

Author : María Elena de las Carreras
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In the 1920s, Los Angeles enjoyed a buoyant homegrown Spanish-language culture comprised of local and itinerant stock companies that produced zarzuelas, stage plays, and variety acts. After the introduction of sound films, Spanish-language cinema thrived in the city’s downtown theatres, screening throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s in venues such as the Teatro Eléctrico, the California, the Roosevelt, the Mason, the Azteca, the Million Dollar, and the Mayan Theater, among others. With the emergence and growth of Mexican and Argentine sound cinema in the early to mid-1930s, downtown Los Angeles quickly became the undisputed capital of Latin American cinema culture in the United States. Meanwhile, the advent of talkies resulted in the Hollywood studios hiring local and international talent from Latin America and Spain for the production of films in Spanish. Parallel with these productions, a series of Spanish-language films were financed by independent producers. As a result, Los Angeles can be viewed as the most important hub in the United States for the production, distribution, and exhibition of films made in Spanish for Latin American audiences. In April 2017, the International Federation of Film Archives organized a symposium, "Hollywood Goes Latin: Spanish-Language Cinema in Los Angeles," which brought together scholars and film archivists from all of Latin America, Spain, and the United States to discuss the many issues surrounding the creation of Hollywood’s "Cine Hispano." The papers presented in this two-day symposium are collected and revised here. This is a joint publication of FIAF and UCLA Film & Television Archive.

The Big Picture

Author : Edward Jay Epstein
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During the heyday of the studio system spanning the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, virtually all the American motion picture industry’s money, power, and prestige came from a single activity: selling tickets at the box office. Today, the movie business is just a small, highly visible outpost in a media universe controlled by six corporations–Sony, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Viacom, Disney, and NewsCorporation. These conglomerates view films as part of an immense, synergistic, vertically integrated money-making industry. In The Big Picture, acclaimed writer Edward Jay Epstein gives an unprecedented, sweeping, and thoroughly entertaining account of the real magic behind moviemaking: how the studios make their money. Epstein shows how, in Hollywood, the only art that matters is the art of the deal: major films turn huge profits, not from the movies themselves but through myriad other enterprises, such as video-game spin-offs, fast-food tie-ins, soundtracks, and even theme-park rides. The studios may compete with one another for stars, publicity, box-office receipts, and Oscars; their corporate parents, however, make fortunes from cooperation (and collusion) with one another in less glamorous markets, such as cable, home video, and pay-TV. But money is only part of the Hollywood story; the social and political milieus–power, prestige, and status–tell the rest. Alongside remarkable financial revelations, The Big Picture is filled with eye-opening true Hollywood insider stories. We learn how the promise of free cowboy boots for a producer delayed a major movie’s shooting schedule; why stars never perform their own stunts, despite what the supermarket tabloids claim; how movies intentionally shape political sensibilities, both in America and abroad; and why fifteen-year-olds dictate the kind of low-grade fare that has flooded screens across the country. Epstein also offers incisive profiles of the pioneers, including Louis B. Mayer, who helped build Hollywood, and introduces us to the visionaries–Walt Disney, Akio Morita, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Ross, Sumner Redstone, David Sarnoff–power brokers who, by dint of innovation and deception, created and control the media that mold our lives. If you are interested in Hollywood today and the complex and fascinating way it has evolved in order to survive, you haven’t seen the big picture until you’ve read The Big Picture.

Hollywood s High Noon

Author : Thomas Cripps
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Over the last twenty-five years, the field of cinema studies has offered a dramatic reassessment of the history of film in general and of Hollywood in particular. Writers have drawn on the methodologies of a number of disciplines--literary criticism, sociology, psychology, women's studies, and minority and gay studies--to deepen our understanding of motion pictures, the film industry, and movie theater audiences. In Hollywood's High Noon, noted film historian Thomas Cripps offers a lively narrative history of Hollywood's classical age that brings the insights of recent scholarship to students and general readers. From its origin during the First World War to the beginning of its decline in the 1950s, Cripps writes, Hollywood operated as did other American industries: movies were created by a rational production system, regulated by both government and privately organized interests, and subject to the whims of a fickle marketplace. Yet these films did offer consumers something unique: in darkened movie palaces across the country, audiences projected themselves--their hopes and ideas -- onto silver screens, profoundly mediating their reception of Hollywood's flickering images. Beginning with turn-of-the-century moving-picture pioneer Thomas Edison, Cripps traces the invention of Hollywood and the development of the studio system. He explores the movie-going experience, the struggle for social control over the movies through censorship, the impact of sound on the style and content of films, alternatives to Hollywood's oligopoly including "race" films and documentaries, the paradoxical predictability and subversive creativity of genre pictures, and Hollywood's self-proclaimed"shining moment" during the Second World War. Cripps concludes with a discussion of the collapse of the studio system after the war, due in equal parts to suburbanization, the emergence of television, and government anti-trust action.

Making Music in Selznick s Hollywood

Author : Nathan Platte
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This book tells the fascinating story of the evolution of David O. Selznick's style through the many artists whose work defined Hollywood sound.

Paul Hollywood s Bread

Author : Paul Hollywood
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Paul Hollywood is Britain's favourite master baker. His new book is all about bread - how to make it and how to use it. But while it's all very well making a lovely loaf of bread, can you guarantee that it won't be wasted? You know those times when you have a lovely crusty loaf, fresh from the oven, and you have a horrible feeling that after the initial excitement is over, half of it's going to get pushed aside and not eaten...? Well, maybe it's time to bring bread back into mealtimes for real. Not only does Paul teach you exactly how to make a variety of breads, but for each one there is a spin-off recipe that shows you how to make a fantastic meal of it. The book has six chapters, each with five bread recipes - plus the spin-off recipes for main courses. Not only are Paul's recipes delicious but they are also foolproof, with comprehensive step-by-step photographs. Try your hand at a basic white bloomer, which can become a savoury picnic loaf; stilton and bacon rolls, which are excellent served with celery soup; fluffy crumpets, which become the base for eggs Benedict; flatbreads, which are a natural pairing with chickpea masala; ciabatta, which the Italians have traditionally used as a base for tomatoey panzanella; pizza bases, which can become home-made fig, Parma ham and Gorgonzola pizzas; or white chocolate and raspberry bread, which makes for the best summer pudding you've ever tasted. Tying in with the BBC2 television series, Paul Hollywood's Bread is all that you could want from a book and more. Get baking!

How to Make It in Hollywood

Author : Rick Friedberg
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HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD: The Inside Story is an often funny, enlightening insider's view on how to break into the world of show biz and navigate its shark-infested waters. Award winning writer/director Rick Friedberg's "war stories," collected while working with Academy Award-winning talent, embody a set of rules on how to make it in Hollywood and survive, like "Humility is a Highly Over-rated Virtue," "It's All About Passion," "If You Write it Well, They Will Come," and much more.

Hollywood Without Make up

Author : Pete Martin
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Rock Hard Bodyguard

Author : Alexis Abbott
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Her face is on all the billboards, on every movie screen, at every awards gala. She’s bigger than life, and she acts every bit the diva. Underneath her bratty facade, something secret lays dormant. I can sense it, because I’ve got secrets too. But when I’m hired as her bodyguard, I almost refuse. I don’t want to tempt the demons in me. With her sinful good looks, and that laugh that drives me wild, I know I’m in for a hell of a ride. But I can’t let her in. I won’t. No matter how determined she is, no matter how much she teases me. Until suddenly, her hotel room is under lockdown. It’s just her, and me. For hours. On Christmas. I’m falling for her. But can her light finally chase away the darkness that guards my heart? Search Terms: romantic suspense, bodyguard romance, alpha male romance, bad boy romance, alpha male, dark romance, antihero romance, forbidden romance, office romance

The Hollywood Rules

Author : Anonymous
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Compiled from the personal experiences of dozens of accredited writers, directors, producers, agents, and studio executives, "The Hollywood Rules" shows how to avoid the numerous pitfalls and traps on the rocky road to a career in film or television.


Author :
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Selling Shakespeare to Hollywood

Author : Emma French
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Filmed Shakespeare criticism has largely centred on aesthetic critiques of filmic devices, or on comparisons between the film and the source text. Employing a new angle, this book explores the reasons why contemporary filmed Shakespeare prompts cultural anxiety about high-culture adaptation.