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How to Get Your Child to Love Reading

Author : Esmé Raji Codell
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Offers advice and guidelines on how to expand a child's world through books and reading, introducing three thousand teacher-recommended book titles, craft ideas, projects, recipes, and reading club tips.

Parents who Love Reading Kids who Don t

Author : Mary Leonhardt
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A veteran high-school English teacher explains how to transform a reluctant reader into an enthusiastic one by helping a child acquire the reading habit and suggests books for youngsters to read. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

Help Your Child Love Reading

Author : Alison David
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The ultimate parenting book about getting your child to read. 'It’s a book that lives in that space between education in school and education at home. A thousand times better than those books of worksheets telling you “How to pass Sats” that sit on spinners in newsagents,' Michael Rosen, children's author and former children's laureate. 'If a child reads for pleasure it is the single biggest indicator of their future success - much more than parents' educational background or social success.' Would you like your child to read for pleasure or read more than they do? In this easy-to-use and accessible guide, Alison David, Consumer Insight Director at Egmont Publishing, gives you the tools you need to help your child love reading. In the era of Snapchat and Instagram, fostering a love of reading and regular reading habits has never been harder for parents. This book is filled with expert advice about how to turn reading in your home from yet another chore into a fun experience that will bring parent and child closer together. Getting your child engaged with reading will increase their confidence, encourage language development and improve their life chances. This book contains: • Strategies for each age range, from baby to young adult • Easy-to-follow steps to carve out time for a reading routine • Ideas and inspiration for what and how to read An essential addition to the parenting bookshelf. 'This book isn’t just for families that have children who don’t embrace reading with enthusiasm and love, but can help established reading families too. ' Sally, Space on the Bookshelf. Alison David works as a consumer research expert at Egmont UK, the publisher of Winnie-the-Pooh, Mr Men and many other much-loved children’s books. Through her extensive research, and as a parent herself, Alison has a real insight into the challenges facing reading.

7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading

Author : Louise Park
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Generation Alpha is the swiper, pincher, tapper cohort, the first to grow up with devices in their hands. They are breaking new ground as a result of technological advances, while you, their parents, are having to navigate these uncharted waters. Literacy is the single most important thing we can teach kids. If they can read, all other learning will follow. Learn how to futureproof your child's literacy in a rapidly changing world, and give them the best chance of success. Louise Park has spent decades watching children working away at this reading thing. As a teacher, children's author and leading educational consultant, she knows better than anyone how the goalposts have shifted over time. The road to literacy has never been smooth, but now there is the added challenge of digital distractions. Louise will show you how to make the most of both digital and traditional forms of reading, as well as setting out commonsense plans for making a reader of your child. Based on scientific research and presented in a friendly, accessible style for time-poor parents, the seven simple steps will lead your Generation Alpha child to an irreplaceable love of reading. 'Simple, practical and inspiring - what a treasure! This book contains all you need to know in order to help children to become enthusiastic, proficient and joyful readers.' - Andy Griffiths 'This awesome book should be in every community, library, school and home. A triumph.' - Gabbie Stroud 'An essential book for every parent - the pages are filled with all the tools and understanding you need to get your child reading.' - Matt Stanton 'Bold, assured and waffle free ... warm and non-judgemental. This book inspired me to make some simple, positive changes to our home routines.' - Lucinda Gifford


Author : Michele Borba
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Includes a Touchstone reading group guide in unnumbered pages at end of work.

Literacy Leadership to Support Reading Improvement

Author : Mary Kay Moskal
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Packed with vivid examples from actual schools, this book explores specific ways that literacy leaders can partner with teachers to meet all students' instructional needs. It provides a range of research-based strategies for implementing effective instruction in a response-to-intervention framework. It also describes innovative interventions—including schoolwide programs and family and community initiatives—that promote success for struggling readers. Practical ideas are presented for engaging particular populations, such as boys and middle and high school students, and for supporting teachers' professional development. Eight reproducible handouts and forms can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

Read to Me

Author : Bernice E. Cullinan
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Provides important tips on when to start reading to children, how to use computers and television wisely, and how to spark children's interest in reading and writing.

Read Rhyme and Romp Early Literacy Skills and Activities for Librarians Teachers and Parents

Author : Heather McNeil
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Designed to promote literacy in young children and to empower parents, educators, and librarians, this guide is filled with simple strategies, creative activities, and detailed instructions that help make reading fun. • Recommended book lists for promoting reading • An overview of basic strategies and components of an early literacy program • Helpful outline of pre-literacy skills required for reading success • Detailed instructions for early literacy activities

99 Ways to Get Kids to Love Reading

Author : Mary Leonhardt
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he author of Parents Who Love Reading, Kids Who Don't now offers a cornucopia of simple, practical tips that will help children--no matter what their age or level of reading ability--learn to read. A separate section identifies books suited to different kinds of readers, such as girls who love horses, teenagers who like rock bands, and computer nuts.

Raising Readers

Author : Megan Daley
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Some kids refuse to read, others won’t stop – not even at the dinner table! Either way, many parents question the best way to support their child’s literacy journey. When can you start reading to your child? How do you find that special book to inspire a reluctant reader? What can you do to keep your tween reading into their adolescent years? Award-winning teacher librarian Megan Daley, the passionate voice behind the Children’s Books Daily blog, has the answers to all these questions and more. She unpacks her twenty years of experience into this personable and accessible guide, enhanced with up-to-date research and firsthand accounts from well-known Australian children’s authors. It also contains practical tips, such as suggested reading lists and instructions on how to run book-themed activities.Raising Readers is a must-have resource for parents and educators to help the children in their lives fall in love with books.

Educating Esm

Author : Esmé Raji Codell
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A must-read for parents, new teachers, and classroom veterans, Educating Esmé is the exuberant diary of Esmé Raji Codell’s first year teaching in a Chicago public school. Fresh-mouthed and free-spirited, the irrepressible Madame Esmé—as she prefers to be called—does the cha-cha during multiplication tables, roller-skates down the hallways, and puts on rousing performances with at-risk students in the library. Her diary opens a window into a real-life classroom from a teacher’s perspective. While battling bureaucrats, gang members, abusive parents, and her own insecurities, this gifted young woman reveals what it takes to be an exceptional teacher. Heroine to thousands of parents and educators, Esmé now shares more of her ingenious and yet down-to-earth approaches to the classroom in a supplementary guide to help new teachers hit the ground running. As relevant and iconoclastic as when it was first published, Educating Esmé is a classic, as is Madame Esmé herself.

Love Reading

Author : Anne K. Marfey
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At the very core of a childs success is their ability to read at grade level, a skill that affects not only the childs learning, but also their self-esteem amongst their peers in class. Love Reading is a simple step-by-step guide for parents to help their child read better. Written in easy to read language, the book outlines a sequence of specific lessons geared to solving a variety of reading problems while providing insights and suggestions to help frustrated parents understand the underlying causes that may effect a childs ability to learn. As schools today rely more and more on parents to supplement daily lessons, Love Reading provides parents with the tools necessary to help improve their childs reading skills at home. A lifelong educator specializing in remedial reading, Dr. Anne Marfey earned her PhD. in early childhood education. Her proven teaching techniques have helped children overcome reading challenges and build confidence in their own ability to succeed. Throughout her distinguished teaching career, Dr. Marfey has taught both children and adults as well as lectured for educational training programs on the topic of remedial reading.

How to Give Your Child a Lifelong Love of Reading

Author : Alex Johnson
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How do you create an active reader? Why is reading good for creativity? Why is it vital for teaching the next generation resilience and positive mental health? In the digital age of never-ending screen time you could argue that the power of books has diminished. But while screens have changed the act of reading, Alex Johnson believes reading is even more important, and that people value books more than ever. This is visible in the sales of printed special editions, the revival in reading aloud, the increased interest in poetry anthologies and the rescuing of "lost words" from obscurity. But the problem is: with so many competing distractions, which are the best books for children to read and how can we access them? How do we get children to start reading? And how can we encourage them to be curious? How can we encourage their reading and maintain their interest? In this book of practical advice, Alex Johnson brings his tremendous enthusiasm and informed passion to answer these questions.

Sharing Books with Your School Age Child

Author : Pamela C. High, MD, FAAP
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What’s the best way to share books with your school-age child? Here are some tips that cover ages 5 and older of your child’s life.

Long Vowels

Author : Harriet Ziefert
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The stupendously successful I'm Going to Read series has already attracted a new generation of readers with wonderful stories and appealing art. And now an exciting new addition - I'm Going to Read Workbooks - offers parents and children another great way to enjoy interactive, educational playtime together. Sound it out with Long Vowels. vowels are the building blocks of literacy, the key to reading, writing, and spelling. With a bright and vibrant design that it will never be confused with homework, this workbook will ease kids into reading well.

7 Keys to Comprehension

Author : Susan Zimmermann
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Format : PDF, ePub
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It's simple: If children don't understand what they read, they will never embrace reading. And that limits what they can learn while in school. This fact frightens parents, worries teachers, and ultimately hurts children. 7 Keys to Comprehension is the result of cutting-edge research. It gives parents and teachers—those who aren't already using this valuable program—practical, thoughtful advice about the seven simple thinking strategies that proficient readers use: • Connecting reading to their background knowledge • Creating sensory images • Asking questions • Drawing inferences • Determining what's important • Synthesizing ideas • Solving problems Easily understood, easily applied, and proven successful, this essential educational tool helps parents and teachers to turn reading into a fun and rewarding adventure.

How to Have Healthy Happy Children

Author : Kristina Murrin
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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It seems the health and happiness of our nation's children has never been more publicly discussed and analyzed than it is today. Daily, we are reminded of how child obesity is on the increase, literacy amongst children is worsening, children are increasingly suffering from depression and how they're spending far too much time sitting idle in front of the TV or computer games. With every piece of bad news comes another expert telling you how you're failing your child and how you should be doing things differently. It's hard to know, from all this differing advice, what really works and whether these problems really do apply to you and your child. So how, in this modern age of convenience foods, TV, mobile phones, the internet, computer games, rising crime rates and bad school dinners, do you know exactly what is best and what you really need to be doing to foster a healthy and happy life for your child? How do you protect your child from all these negative influences? How do you know whether you're doing it right, doing it wrong or not doing it all? This new book aims to help you sort the facts from the fiction and guide you, step-by-step, along the best and most reliable routes to ensuring your children grow up healthily and happily. Healthy, Happy Children takes many of the most common parenting questions and, by digging out facts based on the best available science and research, gives you the answers. The book will encourage you to make a connection between your parenting style and its implications on your child's present and future. Then, through an easy-to-follow ten-step plan and some simple principles and advice, you'll discover how small, yet significant, changes can bring huge, immediate and long-term benefits. Discover all the facts about your child's diet, what they should be eating, how much sugar and salt they should be consuming, how to pack a good, healthy lunch and all about vitamins and minerals. Find out why communication, safety and good discipline are all important in your child's development, how you can encourage them into exercise and help them to find a sport or pastime they can really enjoy. Learn how you may, at times, have to put your own preferences to one side in the best interests of your child. Other themes covered include sleep; learning; respect and responsibility; love and praise and how you can get more involved in and share your child's interests. You'll find information and advice on a huge range of pertinent subjects including limiting TV and computer games; how your smoking may be affecting your child; how much homework your child should be getting; to smack or not to smack and how to manage your anger. The book covers the wide range of subjects and numerous factors important to your child's life expectancy and quality of life. There's no agenda, no strict rules and no rights or wrongs. How to Have Healthy Happy Children simply gives you the facts, advice and guidance you are looking for and allows you the freedom to decide if, and how, you apply them to your own situation.

Book Smart

Author : Anne E. Cunningham, PhD
File Size : 45.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Book Smart: How to Support Successful, Motivated Readers, the experience of reading together is used as a vehicle for discussing the varied yet interconnected language and literacy skills that jumpstart the career of a successful reader.

Something about the Author

Author :
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What to Read When

Author : Pam Allyn
File Size : 65.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Read Pam Allyn's posts on the Penguin Blog The books to read aloud to children at the important moments in their lives. In What to Read When, award-winning educator Pam Allyn celebrates the power of reading aloud with children. In many ways, books provide the first opportunity for children to begin to reflectively engage with and understand the world around them. Not only can parents entertain their child and convey the beauty of language through books, they can also share their values and create lasting connections. Here, Allyn offers parents and caregivers essential advice on choosing appropriate titles for their children—taking into account a child’s age, attention ability, gender, and interests— along with techniques for reading aloud effectively. But what sets this book apart is the extraordinary, annotated list of more than three hundred titles suitable for the pivotal moments in a child’s life. With category themes ranging from friendship and journeys to thankfulness, separations, silliness, and spirituality, What to Read When is a one-of-a-kind guide to how parents can best inspire children through reading together. In addition, Pam Allyn includes an indispensable “Reader’s Ladder” section, with recommendations for children at every stage from birth to age ten. With the author’s warm and engaging voice throughout, discussion questions to encourage in-depth conversations, as well as advice on helping kids make the transition to independent reading, this book will help shape thoughtful, creative, and curious children, imparting a love of reading that will last a lifetime. These Penguin Young Reader's Books are referenced in What to Read When Sylvia Jean: Drama Queen by Lisa Campbell Ernst (Penguin Young Reader’s Group: 2005) Two Is For Twins, by Wendy Cheyette Lewison, illustrations by Hiroe Nakata (Penguin Young Readers: 2006) Remember Grandma? by Laura Langston (Penguin Group (USA): May 2004) Soul Looks Back in Wonder compiled by Tom Feelings (Puffin Books) Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey (Penguin Books USA, Incorporated: December 1957) When I was Young in the Mountainsby Cynthia Rylant illustrated by Diane Goode (Penguin Young Readers Group: January 1993) Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs by Tomie DePaola (Puffin Books, an imprint of Penguin Books, Inc.:1973) Good Night, Good Knight by Shelly Moore Thomas, illustrations by Jennifer Plecas (Penguin Young Readers Group: 2002)