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How to Draw Realistic Pets

Author : Jasmina Susak
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A beautiful and inspirational guide to making your animal portraits and artworks leap to life. In this book you will find six step-by-step tutorials on how to draw realistic pets with colored pencils. You will learn to draw them, from both imagination and reference photos. Every tutorial consists illustrations with short explanations for each step based on the author's personal experience. The book is written and illustrated by a recognized fine artist, Jasmina Susak, whose life-like drawings are popular around the world. The drawing tutorials are easy to understand and apply, so whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, you can still follow along. This book also covers techniques for creating textures like fur, skin, that are traditionally difficult to make appear realistic, simple techniques for achieving amazingly realistic compositions, including layering and burnishing. You’ll learn tips for blending colors and creating subtle gradients in your drawings. This book can be a perfect gift for animal lovers particularly children, since the book contains more than hundred images. This book is a great choice for anyone who appreciates visual art, whether you want to create it yourself and learn through close observation, or just peek behind the curtain to see how such work is done. Enjoy learning!

How to Draw Realistic Photos Easy Tips and Tricks

Author : Ernest M
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Drawing an eye or any other object, takes skill to reflect realism at different levels. When embarking on a new drawing, planning is an essential part of achieving accuracy. It is important to have a plan in mind, lay down your plan on paper. If you want to draw a realistic eye or any other object, it is important to be aware of different textures of paper and pencils along with different sets of supply. The knowledge will help you understand what kind of art is best suited for set of supply. Shading is one of the important skills to have when drawing a realistically. Infact, most artists are successful because of their unique technique to shading. This book, we will talk about how to use different shading techniques and types of pencils that are used to accomplish these shading styles. Erasers are a bigger part of a realistic drawing, they come in different forms, shapes and some of them are electric. In chapter 3, we will look at how to choose a best eraser and see the science behind utilizing an eraser to achieve best results. The science of Light can be showcased using erasers, just like there are many different types of pencils same applies to erasers. One of the important mistakes to avoid when trying to draw a detailed picture is damaging your drawing. In chapter 4, we will look at what kind of destructions to avoid and how to better protect your drawing. This is normally overlooked and could impose a risk to your drawing. Reference photo is an image you prepare to reference your drawing on. They are equally important as the actual drawing itself, the better you know how to choose a best reference photo, most likely the drawing will be good. In chapter 5, we will talk about how to choose and prepare a good reference photo. Chapter 6 talks about how to create the best outlines which transition in chapter 7 when you will find out how to use a well known method to draw.

How to Draw Realistic Animals

Author : Richard M. Sparks
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Want to learn drawing but don't know where to begin? Well, your search is over. This book will teach you basic techniques of drawing. It's OK if you don't have any experience with drawing. I can bet that you can learn to draw whatever your age might be or even if you are holding a pencil for the first time in your life. All you need is a slight interest in the subject and the patience to practice till you can draw with intention. Here, we will learn two simple yet important techniques that will greatly improve your drawing skills. The techniques that you will learn in this book will surely make your journey fun and easy. The first technique will teach you how to draw anything using just a few simple shapes. The second technique that you will learn is used by a complete beginner and a skilled artist alike. This technique is called the Art Grid method. We will discuss both the techniques in detail in the following sections. In this book you will find step by step instructions to draw 25 animals using the above techniques followed by 35+ practice images, where you can apply the skills that you have learned. Though this book aims at teaching you "How to Draw Realistic Animals," but by practicing the techniques that you will learn in this book, you can draw literally anything, with increasing confidence and enjoyment. Before we begin, I wish you the confidence of a toddler doodling all over the wall, being joyful and proud of his creation. Remember that every artist has a unique perspective and way of drawing and he keeps on improving and perfecting his craft through practice. But during all the stages of his journey right from the moment he first decides to hold a pencil, he is an Artist, just like You. ORDER NOW and Let's get started.

How to Draw Realistic Lips

Author : Jasmina Susak
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In this tutorial you will learn to draw realistic lips from complete scratch. The pencil artist, Jasmina Susak will walk you through the process that she uses to draw proportional, lifelike lips with graphite pencils. The author will show you the tools she uses and the drawing and shading techniques that will help you get your drawing skills to the next level. Enhance your drawing skills in this easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial!

Secrets To Drawing Realistic Children

Author : Carrie Stuart Parks
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Drawing children has never been easier! Maybe you can't stop your favorite child from growing up, but you can create timeless memories with pencil, paper and some simple drawing skills. Now you can capture your most cherished moments in a way no ordinary photograph can. Here to show you how are Carrie Stuart Parks and Rick Parks, professional composite artists and drawing instructors. In their friendly and foolproof teaching style, the Parks cover everything you need to know to create incredibly true-to-life pencil portraits of the children you love. You'll learn how to: • Take strong reference photos • Achieve correct facial proportions • Draw a face from different angles and bring it to life with shading • Master tricky facial features such as eyes, nose, ears, hair, lips and smiles • Make hair look realistic and shiny • Draw clothing, incorporate props, and work with light and shadows • Convey the true sense of character of your child Complete with step-by-step demonstrations and countless expert tips for striking results, this book will help you create drawings that capture the one-of-a-kind essence of a child, preserving forever that lovable, clownish, whimsical or impish nature that makes children so very special.

Drawing Realistic Clothing and People with Lee Hammond

Author : Lee Hammond
File Size : 75.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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You can do it! If you've always wanted to draw realistic and believable clothing, then look no further! Lee Hammond drawing demystifies the process of drawing clothing through a series of easy-to-follow step-by-step demonstrations that will have you drawing like a pro in no time. With an emphasis on the human body and five different folds of fabric, Lee explores the countless ways that fabric moves and drapes on the human form. Exploring everything from the basics of anatomy to the importance of lighting to the way clothing and form work together--there is nothing Lee doesn't help you master. • 30 step-by-step demonstrations ranging from the basics of anatomy to masterful statuary poses to elegant and realistic clothing patterns and styles • Focuses on clothing the body and the way fabric moves and drapes, and the importance of light and shading • Explores a variety of fabric and patterns: lace, stripes, crochet, denim, plaid and much more!

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces

Author : Carrie Stuart Parks
File Size : 24.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Draw amazingly accurate portraits starting today! Even if you're an absolute beginner, you can render strikingly realistic faces and self-portraits! Instructor and FBI-trained artist Carrie Stuart Parks makes it simple with foolproof step-by-step instructions that are fun and easy to follow. You'll quickly begin to: • Master proportions and map facial features accurately • Study shapes within a composition and draw them realistically • Use value, light and shading to add life and depth to any portrait • Render tricky details, including eyes, noses, mouths and hair Proven, hands-on exercises and before-and-after examples from Parks' students ensure instant success! It's all the guidance and inspiration you need to draw realistic faces with precision, confidence and style!

Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs

Author : Lee Hammond
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Draw gorgeous portraits of your favorite pets! Turn your candid snapshots into remarkable artwork that truly captures the personality of your cherished animals. In Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs you'll find foolproof instruction that will have you creating impressive drawings in no time. Don't let a lack of natural artistic ability or drawing experience discourage you. Best-selling author and longtime art instructor Lee Hammond can teach everyone to draw. Her fail-proof grid method and simple penciling techniques have led thousands of beginners to undeniable drawing success. Twenty-nine step-by-step projects show you how surprisingly easy it is to render all your favorite animals, including cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters and more. You'll learn how to draw overall form and facial features accurately, plus the subtleties that make your pet unique. Capture every charming expression, every adorable pose in a work of art that you can proudly display and enjoy for years to come. With Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs, it's easier than you think!

Draw Realistic Animals

Author : Robert Louis Caldwell
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Draw Stunning, Soulful Animals! Beginning and experienced artists alike will delight in these lessons from accomplished wildlife artist Robert Louis Caldwell, as he shares the techniques behind his finely detailed pencil drawings. A book for those who prefer to learn by doing, Draw Realistic Animals features 14 step-by-step demonstrations with subjects ranging from domestic pets to birds, reptiles, big cats, and elephants. In-depth instruction shows how to develop a composition, build movement into the drawing, where to push the darks, and tips for lifting key highlights and teasing out finishing details to bring animals to life in graphite. • 14 demonstrations tackle a variety of subjects and backgrounds, with specific focus on techniques for drawing fur, scales, feathers, and more • Hands-on lessons clarify the basic concepts of drawing: value, shape, form, lighting, and composition • Includes expert advice on using reference photos to create strong, orignial compositions There are no "tricks." It's simply a matter of seeing the subject in terms of basic shapes, then using value shifts to build layers and create volume. From these humble beginnings, you'll learn how to evoke that essential spark that elevates shades of gray graphite to living, breathing wildlife art.

Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil

Author : J.D. Hillberry
File Size : 28.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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You won't believe the incredible drawings you can create using common pencils and the special techniques illustrated in this book. These methods are so easy that anyone—from doodler to advanced artist—can master them in minutes! Step by step, you'll learn how to capture the look of metal, glass, weathered wood, skin, hair and other textures. Two detailed start-to-finish demonstrations show you how to use these textures to create drawings that look so real they seem to leap right off the page.