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How to Buy a Home to Make You Happy

Author : Jeni Temen
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"How to buy a home to make you happy" is a step by step explanation on how to buy a home that best suits your lifestyle, not just buy a house. You will learn how to use ancient Numerology and Feng Shui methods in order to buy the right home. You will learn what to do, and what not to do, to get the most of your money, and, importantly, learn how to choose the best loan for you. The author discusses Feng Shui for real estate to ensure personal harmony with your new home's environment. Among many other insights, Jeni examines buying an investment house or a parcel of land to help secure your financial future. If you ever consider buying a home, this is the book for you! Makes a great gift for someone who is investing in real estate too! If you have a house for sale, check out Jeni Temen’s book “For sale by owner. It’s not rocket science; just follow the rules”.

How To Buy a Home in Louisville Kentucky

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How Art Can Make You Happy

Author : Bridget Watson Payne
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Why is art magical? How can it make us happy? How Art Can Make You Happy offers the keys to unlocking a rich and rewarding source of joy in life. This easy, breezy handbook is full of insight that will help regular people begin a more inspiring and less stressful relationship with art. With tips on how to visit museums, how to talk about art at cocktail parties, and how to let art wake you up to the world around you, this little guide makes it possible for anyone to fall in love with art, whether for the first time or all over again.

How Happy Is Your Home

Author : Sophie Keller
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Change your home…for the happier. With these 50 tips, you'll learn how to apply the principles of feng shui to make your home a healthier, happier place to live. Discover: – How to bring more love in through your front door. – Simple office solutions that will increase your income. – Where to place your bed for better sex and better sleep. Take charge of your happiness, one tip at a time.

What Makes You Happy

Author : Fiona Robards
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What do you want most in life? Most peoplewould answer: "I just want to be happy." Sounds simple, but what does happiness look like? And is the life you lead now bringing you closer to happiness? Many of us have adopted lifestyles that don't support happiness. We lead lives that are too rushed, too stressed and too focused on things that don't matter. And our obsession with economic development is destroying the natural environment. We need to rethink our way of life because our unhealthy lifestyles are making us physically and mentally unwell. They're making us unhappier, not happier. The solutions -- doing things that support our wellbeing, finding opportunities to connect with others and supporting the environment we live in -- are intrinsically linked. The good news is that many simple, positive, healthy choices and activities promote wellbeing. Fiona Robards is a psychologist -- with four Masters degrees -- but the things that make her happy are simple: a walk with a friend, a movie, travelling, watching waves rise and fall, kindness. In What Makes You Happy? she looks at ten areas of our life, ranging from finances to relationships, personal style to having fun, and through a series of practical exercises and searching questions guides us down the path to finding our own simple solutions to everyday happiness, so that we can stress less and live calmer, richer lives.

Buying and Selling a Home For Dummies

Author : Melanie Bien
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No-one obsesses over property quite like the British, even though buying and selling a home can be a personal headache and a financial lucky-dip. British newspapers groan under the weight of property supplements; TV reports constantly track house prices; young people fret about getting on the property ladder, while established homeowners worry about how to increase the value of their home or the market crashing. Buying a property is rarely straightforward and can be very time-consuming. There are numerous choices to make, from the style of building and location, to proximity to schools and other amenities. Most of all, there are plenty of opportunities to make the wrong decisions. Selling your home is also fraught with stress; from deciding to move and evaluating your property’s worth to finding an estate agent and putting your home on the market, every step comes with it’s own difficulties. Plus the advent of the Home Information Packs has also created a new headache for potential vendors. Buying and Selling a Home For Dummies, 2nd Edition covers everything from finding a property and getting a mortgage to preparing your home for sale and moving on. It is also one of the few guides to cover England, Wales and Northern Ireland as separate entitles from Scotland, and to cover the Scottish property market. This updated guide also contains coverage of HIPS (Home Information Packs), which were made compulsory in September 2007 and apply to all properties with three or more bedrooms.

How to Be Happy Every Single Day

Author : Nate Nicholson
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How to Be Happy Every Single Day: 63 Proven Ways to Boost Your Happiness and Live a More Positive Life If you met the old me, you would hate me. I used to be an unhappy pessimist. The worst kind: getting his high from things going wrong. Needless to say, I lived a sad life. I wish I could travel back in time and punch myself in the face. Maybe it would wake me up. Unfortunately, time travel machines aren’t a thing yet. But you can avoid making my mistakes and focus on your happiness right here, right now. My life was miserable until I started making changes to eliminate the negative thoughts from my mind. I slowly became happier and the bad emotions clouding my mind started fading away. Now I enjoy my life more than ever before, and actually predict it will get even better every day. I find myself happy with some of the smallest things in life. Even when I’m facing problems, I still maintain the positive outlook that helps me solve them. The book you’re about to read will deliver you my best 63 ideas on how to become a happy person. If you want to finally wake up with a smile on your face and be able to enjoy the little things in life, this book is for you. How to Be Happy Every Single Day will help you discover: - 3 habits to focus on the bright side of life. It’s the first and most important step to become a happier person. (Chapter 2) - 3 habits to enjoy the little things in life. If you have no idea how people can get so happy while having so little, I will tell you how to join in the fun. (Chapter 3) - how an Italian economist can help you find balance in your life. His well-known principle (unfortunately, rarely implemented outside of economy) can make extreme changes in your life. I wish I could fist-bump him. (Chapter 5) - the happy habit most people practice the least. It’s actually much simpler than you think to become more satisfied with your life. Hint: mass media doesn’t help you to be happy. (Chapter 7) - 3 beliefs to help you deal with problems in life. What one person sees as the worst thing that could happen in her life can be seen by another person as an opportunity to grow. Learn how to exhibit the latter attitude. That’s how happy people stay happy all the time. (Chapter 10) - 3 beliefs to put an end to negative thoughts. Negative thoughts happen to all of us, including the happiest people on the planet. The difference is what we do – or what we don’t do – with these thoughts. Learn the proper approach. (Chapter 11) - 3 beliefs to deal with negative people. Unhappy people can bring a lot of unhappiness to your life, but only if you let them. Learn how to free yourself of the negative influence of others. They aren’t worth it. (Chapter 14) - 3 ways to simplify your life and become calmer and more content with what you have. Stop complicating your life and your happiness will soar. (Chapter 20) - 3 life changes to create the kind of life that will give you joy, regardless of what other people think of your choices. Because if you let other people dictate your life, you’ll be a miserable sod. (Chapter 22) If you’re ready to become a happy person, click the buy button now. I’m sure the advice from this book will change your life and boost your happiness. Or you can wait for the damn time travel machine. P.S. As a thank you gift for reading this book, you’ll get access to a list of my 50 favorite positive quotes. You can load them onto your e-reader and read them whenever you need a quick boost of happiness. Note: Page count taken from the 5x8 print version of the book.

Domino The Book of Decorating

Author : Deborah Needleman
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The editors of Domino magazine present a guide to furnishing and decorating every room of a home, in a reference that demonstrates strategic layouts and includes insider shopping tips. 150,000 first printing.

Start from Where You Are

Author : Ken Esrig
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Start From Where You Are, is a guide for you, the entrepreneur, to a place that will help you reach your personal goals, both financially and emotionally. Learn how to take your current situation and turn it into success. Follow your heart and learn how to create a business through simple to understand and fun examples. The lack of jobs and crash of the housing market have left an entire country looking for ways to pay their bills. The internet has helped turn ordinary people into entrepreneurs, forced to find new sources of income. Americans are weighing their options and starting businesses at unbelievable rates. Rather than being hardcore entrepreneurs, these are regular people surviving financial crisis and potential foreclosure. You are the hero in your story. You will be given simple clues to how you can make your life exciting and fulfilling. Too much you say? Then you do not believe in yourself and your ability. Regardless of where you have been in the past you now find yourself where you are. Start From Where You Are by taking a personal assessment of who you really are and what you enjoy doing. I have included a worksheet called the 1,2,3s of Short Term Goals, which can be completed while you read. You should pay attention to the thought process that has been laid out for you. Thinking like an entrepreneur is natural for some, yet seemingly impossible for others. There are no guarantees in life and your journey will not be easy. If you assume the role of hero and muster your brains, heart and courage, you can Start From Where You Are. You must begin by believing that the hero always wins; with the right plan. So: Start From Where You Are.

To Each His Home

Author : Bilyana Dimitrova
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Product Description: In "To Each His Home: Inspired Interiors as Unique as their Owners", photographer Bilyana Dimitrova takes readers on a tour of eight extraordinary homes that unabashedly express the personalities of their free-spirited owners. Dimitrova's carefully crafted color photographs, accompanied by brief interviews with each homeowner, create vivid portraits of these one-of-a-kind American spaces. Highly varied in nature, the distinctive and captivating homes featured in this book have one remarkable thing in common: none are the product of a professional interior designer. The homeowners in "To Each His Home" do not rely on professional training or draw inspiration from shelter magazines. Instead they allow their own likes and dislikes to guide their choices of the furniture and fabrics, colors and configurations.

Circling Round Citizenship

Author : Margaret Collins
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From the author of our best-selling Circle Time for the Very Young comes another practical and exciting resource. Using the Circle Time framework Margaret has developed active ways to deliver elements of the PSHE and citizenship curriculum. Using her ingenious format the author has presented four themes: " personal education " health education " social education " citizenship. Each theme has 10 topics to cover the entire school year, and at two age levels on facing pages. This delightfully illustrated and practical book will not be left lying around in the staff-room it is a pick-up-and-use publication! Margaret Collins is a former headteacher of an infant and first school. She is now Visiting Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Southampton. She researches children's perceptions of health education topics, writes and co-writes teaching materials for children, books and articles on personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHCE).

Stay Home Stay Happy

Author : Rachel Campos-Duffy
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A warm, inspiring, and practical handbook for at-home moms, by a television celebrity and mother of five. National television personality and mother of five Rachel Campos-Duffy presents a new way of looking at stay at-home motherhood that will transform the way readers view their days, their family, and their home. With practical advice and candid, engaging stories from her own life and other moms who are making it all work, mothers will learn about: ? Embracing the choice to stay home with joy and confidence ? Taking care of yourself, guilt-free ? How rekindling your relationship with your husband benefits the whole family ? Reveling in the chance to explore new passions and creative outlets ? And the 10 things that no mom can live without!

Buy Your First Home with Confidence

Author : Larry Nielsen
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This eBook is a practical, easy to follow, guide to home ownership that anyone can use. It will help to build a basic foundation of knowledge and confidence that will greatly assist you, as a first time home buyer, throughout the process of finding and purchasing your first home while making you a more self-reliant and informed buyer along the way. Topics covered range from "Preparing Yourself and Your Finances," to "Finding Choosing and Working with Realtors," to "Viewing Properties," to making offers and negotiating, and the ever important "Contract to Closing" phase, along with other important information that you will find very useful. Confidence is the cornerstone of the philosophy in this eBook. If you put your mind to it, you can do it. Combine that with the information, ideas, and personal experiences contained in its pages and you will be well on your way to making your dream of home ownership a reality!

A Woman S Guide To A Happy Home

Author : J. Maurus
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199 Great Home Businesses You Can Start and Succeed In for Under 1 000

Author : Tyler G. Hicks
File Size : 90.39 MB
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Turn Your Dream of Starting a Home-Based Business into Reality! It's incredibly easy to start a money-making business right from the comfort of your own home. Millions of people just like you are enjoying the freedom—and extra income—of working for themselves. You can too. In 199 Great Home Businesses You Can Start (and Succeed In) for Under $1,000, home-based business guru Tyler Hicks shows you how to achieve your work-at-home dream. Inside you'll learn the secrets to: ·Choosing the home-based business that's just right for you ·Getting started in your business with minimal cost ·Building your fortune doing what you love ·Running a business from home while keeping your day job ·Using the Internet to advertise and promote your home-based business ·And much more! This invaluable book will help you begin your promising new life today as a successful home-based entrepreneur!

The Sunday at Home

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Youth Do You Dare

Author : Colin D. Standish
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Home Mission Monthly

Author :
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My Life How I Overcame Stress Depression and Communication Breakdowns

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Housebound Dogs How to Keep Your Stay at Home Dog Happy Healthy

Author : Paula Kephart
File Size : 48.7 MB
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Dog-Proof Your Home and House-Proof Your Dog! Does leaving your dog home alone result in broken lamps, chewed shoes, and warm puddles on the floor? Or does the thought of your forlorn pup waiting sadly at the door make you want to turn the car around? Help is here. Stay-at-home dogs are a reality in today's busy world. But with proper training, a dog left home alone is neither lonely nor destructive. In Housebound Dogs, Paula Kephart helps you understand the natural tendencies and insecurities of a housebound dog on its own. With her expert advice and simple training techniques, you can make your home a safe, comfortable, and cheery haven for your canine companion, and your dog will learn to be trustworthy and responsible in the house.