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How to Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain

Author : Ruth Goodman
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Historian and popular BBC TV presenter Ruth Goodman, author of How to Be a Tudor, offers up a history of Renaissance Britain - the offensive language, insulting gestures, insolent behaviour, brawling and scandal of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - with practical tips on just how to horrify the Tudor neighbours. From royalty to peasantry, every age has its bad eggs, those who break all the rules and rub everyone up the wrong way. But their niggling, anti-social and irritating ways not only tell us about what upset people, but also what mattered to them, how their society functioned and what kind of world they lived in. In this brilliantly nitty-gritty exploration of real life in the Tudor and Stuart age, you will discover: - how to choose the perfect insult, whether it be draggletail, varlet, flap, saucy fellow, strumpet, ninny-hammer or stinkard - why quoting Shakespeare was very poor form - the politics behind men kissing each other on the lips - why flashing the inside of your hat could repulse someone - the best way to mock accents, preachers, soldiers and pretty much everything else besides Ruth Goodman draws upon advice books and manuals, court cases and sermons, drama and imagery to outline bad behaviour from the gauche to the galling, the subtle to the outrageous. It is a celebration of drunkards, scolds, harridans and cross dressers in a time when calling a man a fool could get someone killed, and cursing wasn't just rude, it worked! 'Ruth is the queen of living history - long may she reign!' Lucy Worsley

How to Behave Badly in Elizabethan England A Guide for Knaves Fools Harlots Cuckolds Drunkards Liars Thieves and Braggarts

Author : Ruth Goodman
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Offensive language, insolent behavior, slights, brawls, and scandals come alive in Ruth Goodman’s uproarious history. Every age and social strata has its bad eggs, rule-breakers, and nose-thumbers. As acclaimed popular historian and author of How to Be a Victorian Ruth Goodman shows in her madcap chronicle, Elizabethan England was particularly rank with troublemakers, from snooty needlers who took aim with a cutting “thee,” to lowbrow drunkards with revolting table manners. Goodman draws on advice manuals, court cases, and sermons to offer this colorfully crude portrait of offenses most foul. Mischievous readers will delight in learning how to time your impressions for the biggest laugh, why quoting Shakespeare was poor form, and why curses hurled at women were almost always about sex (and why we shouldn’t be surprised). Bringing her signature “exhilarating and contagious” enthusiasm (Boston Globe), this is a celebration of one of history’s naughtiest periods, when derision was an art form.

The Domestic Revolution

Author : Ruth Goodman
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'Ruth is the queen of living history - long may she reign.' Lucy Worsley A large black cast iron range glowing hot, the kettle steaming on top, provider of everything from bath water and clean socks to morning tea: it's a nostalgic icon of a Victorian way of life. But it is far more than that. In this book, social historian and TV presenter Ruth Goodman tells the story of how the development of the coal-fired domestic range fundamentally changed not just our domestic comforts, but our world. The revolution began as far back as the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, when London began the switch from wood to coal as its domestic fuel - a full 200 years before any other city. It would be this domestic demand for more coal that would lead to the expansion of mining, engineering, construction and industry: the Domestic Revolution kick-started, pushed and fuelled the Industrial Revolution. There were other radical shifts. Coal cooking was to change not just how we cooked but what we cooked (causing major swings in diet), how we washed (first our laundry and then our bodies) and how we decorated (spurring the wallpaper industry). It also defined the nature of women's and men's working lives, pushing women more firmly into the domestic sphere. It transformed our landscape and environment (by the time of Elizabeth's death in 1603, London's air was as polluted as that of modern Beijing). Even tea drinking can be brought back to coal in the home, with all its ramifications for the shape of the empire and modern world economics. Taken together, these shifts in our day-to-day practices started something big, something unprecedented, something that was exported across the globe and helped create the world we live in today.

Bronze Behaving Badly

Author : Lucy Branch
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Learn The Principles of Bronze Conservation Lucy Branch runs a bronze conservation company, Antique Bronze Ltd, in London and has worked on some of the most well-known bronze statues, monuments and architectural features in the UK. In this book, she teaches the principles of bronze conservation for those who have had no formal training in the field. She brings her practical expertise together with academic knowledge in an easy and relatable way that will guide you towards a better understanding of how to care for outdoor bronze. This book is for you if: You want to be confident about bronze conservation so that you don’t have to rely on others to advise you You’d like to be able to write specifications and guide conservation contractors You’d like to be able to use the right language and ask the right questions of contractors and discern whether they know their subject You need to understand why your bronze is behaving badly and be able to shape a plan to do something about it You want to build your professional development You want to ensure you are doing the best for the bronzes in your care Areas covered in the book: Key definitions The Significance of Bronze Bronze in Context How Bronze Features are Made Science around bronze and its degradation Corrosion: The ways bronze corrodes Common Causes of Degradation Ethics of Bronze Conservation Ethics of Repatination Practical Techniques Protective Coatings Preventive Conservation Conservation Reports & Documentation

The Female Body in Medicine and Literature

Author : Andrew Mangham
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Drawing on a range of texts from the seventeenth century to the present, The Female Body in Medicine and Literature explores accounts of motherhood, fertility, and clinical procedures for what they have to tell us about the development of women's medicine. The essays here offer nuanced historical analyses of subjects that have received little critical attention, including the relationship between gynecology and psychology and the influence of popular art forms on so-called women's science prior to the twenty-first century. Taken together, these essays offer a wealth of insight into the medical treatment of women and will appeal to scholars in gender studies, literature, and the history of medicine.

Puritans Behaving Badly

Author : Monica D. Fitzgerald
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Tracing the first three generations in Puritan New England, this book explores changes in language, gender expectations, and religious identities for men and women. The book argues that laypeople shaped gender conventions by challenging the ideas of ministers and rectifying more traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity. Although Puritan's emphasis on spiritual equality had the opportunity to radically alter gender roles, in daily practice laymen censured men and women differently – punishing men for public behavior that threatened the peace of their communities, and women for private sins that allegedly revealed their spiritual corruption. In order to retain their public masculine identity, men altered the original mission of Puritanism, infusing gender into the construction of religious ideas about public service, the creation of the individual, and the gendering of separate spheres. With these practices, Puritans transformed their 'errand into the wilderness' and the normative Puritan became female.

Women and the Circulation of Texts in Renaissance Italy

Author : Brian Richardson
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The first comprehensive guide to women's promotion and use of textual culture, in manuscript and print, in Renaissance Italy.

Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England vol 30

Author : S.P. Cerasano
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Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England is an annual volume committed to the publication of essays and reviews related to drama and theatre history to 1642. Volume 30, an anniversary issue, contains eight essays, three review essays, and 12 briefer reviews of important books in the field.

Lower Middle Class Nation

Author : Nicola Bishop
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Lower-Middle-Class Nation provides an unparalleled interdisciplinary cultural history of the lower-middle-class worker in British life since 1850. Considering highbrow, lowbrow, and middle-brow forms across literature, film, television and more, Nicola Bishop traces the development of the lower-middle-class from the mid-19th century to the present day, tackling a number of pressing, consistent concerns such as automation, commuting, and the search for a life/work balance. Above all, this book brings together ideas about class, nationhood, and gender, demonstrating that a particularly British lower-middle-class identity is constructed through the spaces and practices of the everyday. Aimed at undergraduate, postgraduates and scholars working in media and social history, literature, popular culture, cultural studies and sociology, Lower-Middle-Class Nation represents a new direction in cultural histories of work, labour, and leisure.

The Theatre Guide

Author : Trevor R. Griffiths
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With over 500 entries on the most important plays and playwrights performed today, The Theatre Guide provides an authoritative A - Z of the contemporary theatre scene. From Aristophanes to Mark Ravenhill, The Alchemist to The Talking Cure, the Guide is both biographically detailed and critically current, while an extensive cross-referencing system allows for wider perspectives and new discoveries. Stimulating, observant and informative, The Theatre Guide is an essential companion and reference tool for anyone with an active interest in drama.


Author : Phil Thornton
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DAILY RECORD 'The rise of the casual is revealed!' THE WORD 'Thornton's intricate study and compilation of eye witness accounts is the new standard bearer.' WHEN SATURDAY COMES 'An essential read for all purveyors of terrace culture.' First came the Teds, then the Mods, Rockers, Hippies, Skinheads, Suedeheads and Punks. But by the late Seventies, a new youth fashion had appeared in Britain. Its adherents were often linked to violent football gangs, wore designer sportswear and made the bootboys of previous years look like the dinosaurs they were. They were known as scallies, Perry Boys, trendies and dressers. But the name that stuck was Casuals. And this grassroots phenomenon, largely ignored by the media, was to change the face of both British fashion and international style. CASUALS recounts how the working-class fascination with sharp dressing and sartorial one-upmanship crystallised the often bitter rivalries of the hooligan gangs and how their culture spread across the terraces, clubs and beyond. It is the definitive book for football, music and fashion obsessives alike.

Shakespeare s Audiences

Author : Matteo Pangallo
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Shakespeare wrote for a theater in which the audience was understood to be, and at times invited to be, active and participatory. How have Shakespeare’s audiences, from the sixteenth century to the present, responded to that invitation? In what ways have consumers across different cultural contexts, periods, and platforms engaged with the performance of Shakespeare’s plays? What are some of the different approaches taken by scholars today in thinking about the role of Shakespeare's audiences and their relationship to performance? The chapters in this collection use a variety of methods and approaches to explore the global history of audience experience of Shakespearean performance in theater, film, radio, and digital media. The approaches that these contributors take look at Shakespeare’s audiences through a variety of lenses, including theater history, dramaturgy, film studies, fan studies, popular culture, and performance. Together, they provide both close studies of particular moments in the history of Shakespeare’s audiences and a broader understanding of the various, often complex, connections between and among those audiences across the long history of Shakespearean performance.

The Fortnightly

Author :
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Tourism and the Night

Author : Andrew Smith
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Over recent decades, municipal authorities have promoted their cities as places boasting desirable night-time activities. Light festivals, museum lates, nightclubbing, and night markets extend the typical tourist experience into the night and have become a key part of the way some cities are branded. This anthology draws together research addressing the relationship between tourism and the night, facilitating a better understanding of nocturnal city destinations. Tourism and the Night: Rethinking Nocturnal Destinations covers an array of different tourist activities taking place at night and a range of European cities. The challenges facing late-night workers, the relationship between tourists and residents, and the effects of local policies on the expansion of late-night entertainment are examined in the first part of the book. The latter part focuses on the significance of night-time events, addressing the rising popularity of light art festivals and established religious rituals. Ultimately, this ground-breaking collection of papers examines how the night has become an important setting for city tourism. This trend means there is a need to rethink the management of urban districts and destinations, but there are also important implications for our understanding and experiences of the urban night. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue in the Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events.

The Fortnightly Review

Author :
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Encyclopedia of Television

Author : Horace Newcomb
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The Encyclopedia of Television, second edtion is the first major reference work to provide description, history, analysis, and information on more than 1100 subjects related to television in its international context. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Encyclo pedia of Television, 2nd edition website.

Uncertain Masculinities

Author : Mike O'Donnell
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In this era of rapid and unsettling change, boys now more than ever face difficulties in establishing their self-image and status. In this original and challenging study Mike O'Donnell and Sue Sharpe explore how teenage boys from white, African-Caribbean and Asian backgrounds negotiate contemporary uncertainties to construct their gender identities. Drawing theoretical insights about how class, race and ethnicity critically affect the formulation of masculinities throughout, the authors examine: * the discrepancies between boys and girls' attitudes and expectations * the split between boys' formal acceptance of politically correct ideas and their informal behaviour amongst the peer group * boys' leisure pursuits including involvement in illegal activities and their selective identification with global youth culture. Uncertain Masculinities is a fascinating account of the complexity of contemporary boys' identities and will be of use to students of the sociology of youth and of gender studies.

Biography of a Yogi

Author : Anya P. Foxen
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With over four million copies in print, Paramahansa Yogananda's autobiography has served as a gateway into yoga and alternative spirituality for North American practitioners since 1946. Balancing traditional yoga, metaphysical spirituality, and a flair for the stage, Yogananda inspired countless people to practice Yogoda, his own brand of yoga. His method combined the spiritual and superhuman aspirations of Indian traditions with the health-oriented sensibilities of Western practice. Because the Yogoda program does not rely on recognizable postures and poses, it has remained under the radar of yoga scholarship. Biography of a Yogi examines Yogananda's career and Yogoda in the wider context of the development of yoga in the twentieth century. Focusing on Yogis during this early period of transnational popularization, Foxen highlights the continuities in the concept of the Yogi as superhuman and traces the transformation of yoga from a holistic and spiritual practice to its present-day postural practice.

Language and Images of Renaissance Italy

Author : Alison Brown
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The Italian Renaissance has traditionally been regarded as a critical turning point in the history of Europe, the vital stepping stone between the Age of Faith and the Age of Reason. This classical view of the Renaissance as the birth of individualism and modernity, as formulated by the famous Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt, is challenged and reassessed in this intriguing and diverse group of essays. Leading scholars from different disciplines use a variety of approaches - textual and literary criticism, social anthropology, and gender studies - to re-evaluate the period as a whole. The book is divided into three sections, which discuss the model of death and rebirth and its political function; the social context of revival in terms of corporate and individual patronage; and the renaissance body as a political metaphor and social gesture. What emerges is an account of a mixed and lively culture which avoids the old generalizations and gives a fresh view of this most creative and fascinating period of European history.

Illuminated History Books in the Anglo Norman World 1066 1272

Author : Laura Cleaver
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Illuminated History Books in the Anglo-Norman World' examines surviving medieval manuscripts from 1066 to 1272 and the people and processes involved in their creation. It addresses the reception and circulation of histories, and the different ways in which imagery and text could be used to create nuanced accounts of the past.