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How to Be Married

Author : Jo Piazza
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Everyone tells you marriage is hard, but no one tells you what to do about it. At age thirty-four, Jo Piazza got her romantic-comedy ending when she met the man of her dreams on a boat in the Galápagos Islands and was engaged three months later. But before long, Jo found herself riddled with questions. How do you make a marriage work in a world where you no longer need to be married? How does an independent, strong-willed feminist become someone’s partner—all the time? In the tradition of writers such as Nora Ephron and Elizabeth Gilbert, award-winning journalist and nationally bestselling author Jo Piazza writes a provocative memoir of a real first year of marriage that will forever change the way we look at matrimony. A travel editor constantly on the move, Jo journeys to twenty countries on five continents to figure out what modern marriage means. Throughout this stunning, funny, warm, and wise personal narrative, she gleans wisdom from matrilineal tribeswomen, French ladies who lunch, Orthodox Jewish moms, Swedish stay-at-home dads, polygamous warriors, and Dutch prostitutes. Written with refreshing candor, elegant prose, astute reporting, and hilarious insight into the human psyche, How to Be Married offers an honest portrait of an utterly charming couple. When life throws more at them than they ever expected—a terrifying health diagnosis, sick parents to care for, unemployment—they ultimately create a fresh understanding of what it means to be equal partners during the good and bad times. Through their journey, they reveal a framework that will help the rest of us keep our marriages strong, from engagement into the newlywed years and beyond.

How To Be Married

Author : Polly Williams
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From Polly Williams, the bestselling author of THE RISE AND FALL OF A YUMMY MUMMY comes a startling, honest novel of love, marriage - and untidiness. Sadie Drew thinks she must be the world's worst wife. She only needs to walk into a room to make it untidy. She wears flannel pyjamas in bed. Furry things breed in her fridge. But she's a busy working mother not a wifebot and husband Tom loves her as she is. Until he gets a hot new job and things change. There are alpha-wives to entertain. Nuclear rows. Unsettling secrets. And the smell of another woman's perfume on his suit. Sadie risks losing everything if she can't transform herself into the perfect wife... But what is a perfect wife anyway?

How to Be Married to Melissa

Author : Dustin Nickerson
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Your therapist told you that marriage was no laughing matter, but Dustin Nickerson begs to differ. Go beyond the formulas and charts as you dig deep into your one-of-a-kind relationship. In this book written for actual married humans by an actual married human, Dustin explains why laughing in your marriage is essential—even in the hard times; why in a marriage, unlike on Southwest, your baggage does not fly free; what sex has to do with Legoland; an approach to problem-solving (we’re talking money, kids, in-laws) that brings you closer; and why you should never put Scattergories on your wedding registry. Popular standup comedian and podcaster Dustin Nickerson draws on experiences from his incredibly average life to share tips for appreciating the uniqueness of every marriage, especially his own. Through storytelling and brutally honest disclosures, Dustin brings his highly relatable brand of humor to the challenges couples may face, including eating healthy (versus being happy), parenting (building crucial survival skills), finances (bill collectors, anyone?), and church attendance (Melissa’s purse holds enough mints and fidget toys to entertain the kids and Dustin). This book will help your marriage if by no other means than looking at Dustin’s dysfunctional marriage and feeling better about your own. You’ll be working on your marriage without even realizing it.

Summary of Jo Piazza s How to Be Married

Author : Everest Media,
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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I was trying to be humane, by creating a different awful situation, by telling my new husband to divorce me. I didn’t want to ruin his life. #2 The wedding is often the most important thing in a woman’s life, eclipsing all of her accomplishments. And while we’ve made great strides in America to not be obsessed with weddings, we’re still a society that loves them. #3 I had been dating the wrong men for 34 years when I met my prince on a sightseeing boat in the Galápagos Islands. I was working as the managing editor for Yahoo!’s travel Web site. Nick also worked in journalism, the serious business kind that sent him to the Galápagos to write about the stability of Ecuador’s tourism plans. I was there to write about how to take wonderful selfies with baby sea lions. #4 I was engaged to Nick just three months after we met. I was terrified to leave New York, my home of thirteen years, for San Francisco to live with Nick before our wedding.

How to be Happy Though Married

Author : Edward John Hardy
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How to be Happily Married

Author : Tom R. Blaine
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How To Be Married AND Happy

Author : Sterling Mealancon
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This book was written to help couples have a great and successful relationship. If you are married, you and your spouse will learn to understand each other at a new and deeper level. If you are planning to get married, you can even begin laying the ground work today for a successful marriage. Here are some healthy tools for a better tomorrow.

How to be Happy While Single

Author : Jean Van Evera
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How To Be Married AND Happy Workbook

Author : Sterling Mealancon
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The workbook is in connection strictly with the book - How To Be Married AND Happy, by Sterling Mealancon. It is a great tool that husbands and wives can use as they go through the book together. It was written to help couples have a great and successful relationship. If you're married, you and your spouse will learn to understand each other at new and deeper levels. This workbook contains questions for each chapter and in the back of the book, an additional answer key if needed. If you're planning on getting married, you can begin laying the ground work today for a successful marriage . Inside You'll Discover the Workbook and questions that covers these topics. . The blueprint for a successful marriage . Laying a good foundation for your marriage . The roles in marriage . Enjoy single living . A good husband leads . About a virtuous woman

The Laws of Marriage

Author : John Fulton
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