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Clarity of the Crystal Dragon

Author : Eriqa Queen
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Luzi gets intimate with her crystal dragon as it clears every room in the house of her soul. Only her truth is spared. The ego builds on belief systems that are not truths, but the humanity of it joins in the Unity of all she is. At their first meeting, Luzi crouches under the clarity of the dragon while it declares, “I Am your BEST FRIEND, well, your ONLY FRIEND, because here is truly only you and I and nowhere to hide! The rest is insignificant, a smear of beingness … Well, mostly. I’m your I Am, or you are my expression as Luzi Cane.” A dear friend needs Luzi’s help, family moves from Hong Kong to Ireland, and they make preparations for the son, Li, to enter this world. Luzi connects to a future self, a conscious Built, not a Grown nor a Mech, who tells about an almost unbelievable future. Julia turns two years old and touches everyone and everything around her, and the family pets continue to play their role in the local community. When Li appears in the world, everyone around him must admit, at least to themselves, that their view of life and the world must be totally rewritten.

The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations

Author : Peter M. Ginter
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A comprehensive guide to effective strategic management of health care organizations. Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations provides essential guidance for leading health care organizations through strategic management. This structured approach to strategic management examines the processes of strategic thinking, consensus building and documentation of that thinking into a strategic plan, and creating and maintaining strategic momentum – all essential for coping with the rapidly evolving health care industry. Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations fully explains how strategic managers must become strategic thinkers with the ability to evaluate a changing industry, analyze data, question assumptions, and develop new ideas. The book guides readers through the strategic planning process demonstrating how to incorporate strategic thinking and create and document a clear and coherent plan of action. In addition, the all-important processes of creating and maintaining the strategic momentum of the organization are fully described. Finally, the text demonstrates how strategic managers in carrying out the strategic plan, must evaluate its success, learn more about what works, and incorporate new strategic thinking into operations and subsequent planning. This strategic management approach has become the de facto standard for health care management as leadership and strategic management are more critical than ever in coping with an industry in flux. This book provides heath care management students as well as health care administrators with foundational guidance on strategic management concepts and practices, tailored to the unique needs of the health care industry. Included are a clear discussion of health services external analysis, organizational internal analysis, the development of directional strategies, strategy alternative identification and evaluation, and the development and management of implementation strategies providing an informative and insightful resource for anyone in the field. This new eighth edition has been fully updated to reflect new insights into strategic thinking, new methods to conceptualize and document critical environmental issues, practical steps for carrying out each of the strategic management processes, industry and management essentials for strategic thinkers , and new case studies for applying the strategic management processes. More specifically, readers of this edition will be able to: Create a process for developing a strategic plan for a health care organization. Map and analyze external issues, trends, and events in the general environment, the health care system, and the service area. Conduct a comprehensive service area competitor analysis. Perform an internal analysis and determine the competitive advantages and competitive disadvantages. Develop directional strategies. Identify strategic alternatives and make rational strategic decisions for a health care organization. Develop a comprehensive strategy for a health care organization. Create effective value-adding service delivery and support strategies. Translate service delivery and support plans into specific action plans. The health care industry’s revolutionary change remains ongoing and organizational success depends on leadership. Strategic management has become the single clearest manifestation of effective leadership of health care organizations and the strategic management framework’s strengths are needed now more than ever. The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations provides comprehensive guidance and up-to-date practices to help leaders keep their organizations on track.

Transnational Migration and Childhood

Author : Naomi Tyrrell
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This book challenges the adult-centric tendencies of migration research and policy which often overlooks children and young people’s own experiences of migration. A wide range of international contributors provide careful analysis of the situations of children in contemporary transnational migratory contexts in the Global North and South. Drawing on studies with migrant children and young people in a variety of situations, Transnational Migration and Childhood makes a unique contribution to furthering our understandings of transnational childhoods. It explores the laws and policies that govern children and young people’s experiences of transnational migration whilst foregrounding their own accounts of migration and transnationalism. The book shifts our attention away from dominant discourses of migrant children as ‘victims’, towards the development of broader conceptualisations of transnational migration and childhood. It incorporates different migratory flows, a variety of sending and receiving contexts, and child-centred perspectives. Transnational Migration and Childhood will be of interest to researchers and policy makers working in the fields of migration, asylum, and childhood at local, national, and transnational scales. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

The Whooper Swan

Author : Mark Brazil
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The Whooper Swan has the most extensive range of all the world's seven swan species, and to people in many nations it is the archetypical swan species. The species is also strongly migratory, and the annual appearances of bulging" flocks of these beautiful white birds herald seasonal change and have inspired numerus myths and tales. Taking an in-depth look at the Whooper Swan, this book investigates its biology, migratory habits, courtship and breeding behaviour and its role in the folklore and legend of the many countries where it occurs."

Where the Grass is Greener

Author : Debbie McGowan
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Mistakes were made, that’s for sure. But was it the night of passion? Or walking away afterward? That’s the question Seamus Williams must face when he gets a late night phone call from someone he never expects to hear from again. “I miss you, Shay.” Chancey Bo Clearwater is a cowboy through and through. He spends his days finding work on whatever ranch will take him and his nights at the pool hall. He’s always done what needed doing and never thought much about what he wanted. ’Til that drunken night with Seamus. A world of problems now stand between Seamus and Chancey exploring what might have been, the least of which being the Atlantic Ocean. On one side there’s Chancey’s daughter who mood swings from angel to demon in two seconds flat; on the other there’s the new lodger, hogging Shay’s telly and his cornflakes, and making private Skype time hard to come by. Is this relationship doomed before it ever begins? Or can a surprise announcement from Seamus’s brother be enough to help the two find their second chance? Where the Grass is Greener is book two of the Seeds of Tyrone Series, but can be read independently of the first novel.

Who Moved the Cloud

Author : John M. Meade
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Are you wondering whether there is more to your Christianity? Not that God is deficient in any way but that you personally, are somehow missing out of a vital component of your spiritual journey. Whether you call it vision, purpose or destiny, when tallied up the equation produces the same feelings of emptiness and longing. Despite the presence of good works and effective acts of service, echoes of a deeper walk keep whispering in the night; "Will you follow? Will you follow Me-anywhere I choose?" If you have had a stirring in your heart and a willingness to ask, trust and obey then read this book. Throughout its pages you will discover, as did one family, a God who is wild, not at all predictable but always faithful to those willing to risk crossing over to the other side with Him. The same Lord who led Israel through the wilderness by cloud and fire will lead you today. Be encouraged, He did not let Peter drown and if needed, He will rescue you or give you swimming lessons. Go deeper-and enjoy the ride of your life! Dr. John along with his wife Pina and son Jonah currently live in Ireland. Their older son Joseph intends to join them in the Emerald Isle. They are called to build and establish the Body of Christ and serve God's people. John received a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Oral Roberts University.

Labour of Love One Woman S Struggle for Survival on a Tumultuous Journey

Author : Rosetta
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Labour of LoveOne Womans Struggle for Survival on a Tumultuous Journey is an autobiography about one womans solitary journey through lifea journey that was certainly both tumultuous and a labor of love. It is a must read that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Labour of Love tells the story of a mothers struggle for survival. It will inspire anyone going through challenges brought on by circumstances beyond their control. It will not only encourage readers but also give them hope for the futurehope that they too can make it through tumultuous times and believe that anything is possible in life if you persist. Based on a true-life story that will send shivers through readers spines, Labour of Love recounts unforeseen struggles and encompasses both joyous laughter and abject sadness. It is a story about a world filled with dreams and hopes. Readers, especially mothers going through difficulties, will find some of the content of this book disturbing. Mothers will, perhaps, relate to some of some of the trials recounted in this autobiography. For all those who need inspiration and encouragement not to be disheartened in a world where struggle for survival continues, seemingly without end, here is Labour of LoveOne Womans Struggle for Survival on a Tumultuous Journey.

Made To Work

Author : Breda Gray
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Made to Work analyses the conditions of mobile knowledge work (MKW) in contemporary worklives, contrasting and drawing parallels among three highly significant sectors of the Knowledge Economy: academia, information communication technology (ICT) management, and digital creative work. It introduces the concept of ‘corollary work’ to characterise the elusive work underpinning the configuration of workers, informational, technological, relational and infrastructural resources in (re)producing liveable worklives. It ultimately illuminates the myriad strands of corollary work that enable MKW to take place and contributes to emergent debates on how exploitation, at least in the domain of MKW, can be named, resisted and creatively subverted. In so doing, it opens up a conversation about the complex ways in which contemporary worklives are ‘made to work’, and about potential interventions to bring about more just worklife conditions in the future.

Moving to Ireland

Author : C. L. Mitchell
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Considering a move to Ireland? C L Mitchell uses her first hand knowledge and experience of relocating to Ireland to provide this easy to read, comprehensive guide. Packed with practical and essential information including immigration, housing, work, education, and culture, it provides everything you need to settle into your new life in Ireland. Included in this guide: - Essential information about moving to Ireland, including immigration, costs and considerations, preparing for the move, and relocating with pets. - Practical information on setting up your daily life, including renting or buying property, setting up utilities, healthcare, banking, and shopping. - Information about childcare and education options available in Ireland. - Guide to working and studying in Ireland. - Detailed guide on getting around Ireland by public transport, bicycle, and vehicle, including information about owning a vehicle and obtaining an Irish drivers licence.

Ireland Guide

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