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How Children Learn Book 4

Author : Shirley Allen
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The comprehensive guide to the most influential theorists and their ideas on how children with special educational needs learn and develop.

Thinking on Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

Author : Shirley F. Allen
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"The How Children Learn series provides a comprehensive yet accessible account of the educational theorising that has shaped and is continuing to shape teaching and learning in the early years. It explores educational thinking from ancient times to the present day, breaks complex ideas down into understandable ones, helps educators relate theory to their experience of children, makes clear how each theory translates into practice and offers guidance on working with and including children with additional special educational needs"--Publisher website.

Principles and Practices of Working with Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability

Author : Trevor Cotterill
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Providing insight into current research, and comprehensive guidance on recent legislation and policy, this key text offers anyone working or preparing to work with children with SEND with essential academic and theoretical understanding to underpin and inform existing and future practice. Exploring prime areas in which professionals work directly with children with SEND, chapters broach current issues and debates relating to practice, and examine recent advances in research, policy and legislation in areas including education, health and social care. This interdisciplianry approach, coupled with case studies, points for reflection and clearly signposted activities throughout, gives readers the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the complexities surrounding SEND and enables them to relate these to their own practice. Packed with practical tips and examples of best practice, topics discussed include: approaches to inclusion, integration and segregation competing discourses surrounding SEND and their impacts on children, families and professionals safeguarding and the voice of the child multi-agency work and the changing role of the SEND practitioner working in partnership with parents and families research and practice in relation to issues such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, chromosomal and gestational diversity, ADHD and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and Difficulties. Demystifying changes to policy, exploring legislation, and identifying best practice, this invaluable resource will support students, SEND practitioners and professionals to develop and enhance practice with children with SEND.

Young Children in a Digital Age

Author : Lorraine Kaye
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Young children are born into a digital world and it is not unusual to see preschool children intuitively swiping screens and confidently pressing buttons. There is much debate about the impact of the increased access to technology on young children’s health and wellbeing with claims that it damages their social skills and emotional development. This timely new textbook examines how developments in technology, particularly mobile and touch screen technology, have impacted on children’s lives and how when used appropriately it can support all aspects of their development. Clearly linking theory and research to everyday practice, the book offers guidance on: The role of technology in the early years curriculum Developing young children’s understanding of safe and responsible use of technology The role of the adult within digital play activities Using technology to enhance and develop young children’s creativity Technology and language acquisition Featuring a wide range of case studies and examples to show how the ideas described can be put into practice, this is essential reading for all early years students and practitioners that want to know how they can harness technology in a meaningful way to support young children’s learning and development.

How Children Learn New Edition

Author : Linda Pound
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An ideal introduction to the pioneers of educational theory for anyone studying childcare, child development or education – whether at further or higher education level. The first edition of this book has been a best-seller for almost a decade, identified as one of the top ten books for students of child development or early childhood care and education. In this new edition, there is an increased emphasis on both what practice based on particular theories of learning looks like and on criticisms of each theory. A glossary is included in sections highlighting words and concepts particular to the theorist in question. Full-colour photographs are used to illustrate some aspects of each theory or approach. How Children Learn looks at a wide range of theorists and practitioners who have influenced current understandings of how children learn and what this means for work with young children. The book summarises the findings and ideas of famous giants such as Montessori and Piaget as well as the more recent ideas of writers and thinkers such as Howard Gardner and Margaret Donaldson. It begins by looking at the work and life of Comenius who is widely described as the father of modern education and looks at the theory behind different approaches to early childhood care and education such as Steiner Waldorf education, HighScope and Te Whariki. You will find this book invaluable in giving you a clearer picture of how ideas about children’s learning have developed over the past four centuries.

Play in Healthcare

Author : Alison Tonkin
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The importance of play in children’s health and care services, both as a form of therapy and as a distraction, is often overlooked. This unique text promotes developmentally appropriate provision within healthcare settings for children and young people and provides an introduction to the underpinning knowledge and skills. Covering core content – such as the role of play in child development, relevant anatomy and physiology, the concept of resilience, health promotion, developing appropriate provision and working in diverse healthcare settings – each chapter: makes links with the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework and the Children’s Workforce’s Common Core of Skills and Knowledge begins with an overview of the chapter objectives contains a variety of activities such as reflective exercises, case studies and practical tasks that will promote both skills and knowledge needed in the workplace. concludes with a selection of additional useful resources and further reading suggestions. Designed for all healthcare professionals who work with children and young people, including those studying to become health play specialists and children’s nurses, this text provides practical examples of how all members of the multidisciplinary team can help to support children’s play.

Play in Healthcare for Adults

Author : Alison Tonkin
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PLAY. We all do it: wordplay, love play, role-play; we play cards, play sport, play the fool, and play around. And that’s just the grown-ups! It features in every aspect of our lives, whether we call it by that or another name. We all do it, but why do we do it? What does it mean to play and what, if any, difference does it make to our lives? Most crucially, and central to the theme of this book, is the question, ‘Does play have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing, and consequently a role in modern healthcare delivery?’ The contributors to this book provide a comprehensive overview of how play and play-based activities can be used throughout the adult lifespan to promote health and wellbeing within the context of healthcare service delivery for patients, their families and communities, and for the staff involved in their care. Responding to current global health concerns such as obesity, coronary heart disease, dementia and mental health, the book argues that play and playfulness offer a means of protection, promotion and recovery of positive health and wellbeing. The human tendency for play and playfulness as essential to personal growth and development lie at the heart of the discussion. This book will be of interest to all those working in health or social care settings, including nursing, social work and allied health students and professionals and those working within the therapeutic disciplines of art therapy, music therapy, and recreation alliances.

EBOOK Developing Professional Practice in the Early Years

Author : Shirley Allen
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Developing Professional Practice in the Early Years encourages the reader to critically consider key aspects of early childhood education and care. The book is a valuable and accessible tool for those on professional pathways to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS) or those engaged in Early Childhood Studies programmes or similar degree programmes courses relating to early years practice. This book will also be of interest to those engaged in continuous professional development (CPD) programmes. The book recognises the important contribution that early years education and care can make to children’s future outcomes. It can be read in-depth or dipped into when need arises. Each chapter will help the reader to engage with challenging concepts and ideas which underpin early childhood policy and practice. Strong practical elements to the book aim to support the application of learning to high quality practice with young children. The generic term ‘early childhood professional’ is used throughout the book to encompass the diversity of roles within early childhood practice. The book aims to support the reader to critically consider the complexity of ‘being professional’ in contemporary early childhood practice by providing a strong theoretical and practice-based framework of the role and context of the early childhood professional. Key features of the book include: • Reflective tasks to support critical thinking about key aspects of professional practice • Case studies to enable the reader to learn from stories and situations about real professionals and their practice • Positive Practice Impact (PPI) boxes to provide specific examples of good professional practice in early childhood. Each chapter of this essential text concludes by signposting further reading – book chapters, journal articles, websites – to build greater depth of knowledge and extend the reader’s understanding of early childhood theory and practice.

The Routledge Companion to Severe Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

Author : Penny Lacey
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The Routledge Companion to Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties is a timely and rich resource with contributions from writing teams of acknowledged experts providing a balance of both academic and practitioner perspectives. The book covers a myriad of topics and themes and has the core purpose of informing and supporting everyone who is interested in improving the quality of education and support for children and young adults with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties and their families. Each chapter contains careful presentations and analyses of the findings from influential research and its practical applications and the book is a treasure chest of experiences, suggestions and ideas from practitioners that will be invaluable for many years to come. The chapters include many vignettes gathered from practitioners in the field and are written specifically to be rigorous yet accessible. The contributors cover topics related to the rights and needs of children and young adults from 0-25 years, crucial features of high quality education, characteristics of integrated provision and effective and sensitive working with families to ensure the best possible outcomes for their children. Crucially, the voice of the learners themselves shines through. Historical provision that has had an impact on developing services and modern legislation aimed at improving provision and services are also discussed. The contributed chapters are organised into six themed parts: Provision for learners with SLD/PMLD. Involving stakeholders. Priorities for meeting the personal and social needs of learners. Developing the curriculum. Strategies for supporting teaching and learning. Towards a new understanding of education for learners with SLD/PMLD. This text is an essential read for students on courses and staff working in and with the whole range of educational settings catering for children and young adults with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties, not just for teachers but also for support staff, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and other specialists.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Author : Ron Babbage
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.