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Hotel Raphael

Author : Rachael Boast
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Hotel Raphael, Rachael Boast’s fourth collection, charts a journey through heat, drought and pain, and describes not only the reality of chronic illness, but living with it at a time of global crisis. Raphael is the patron saint of travellers and pilgrims, and also of healing; in the search for remedy, we pass through the balm of landscape, and brush against the worlds of artists, writers and filmmakers, whose angels broadcast to us from other rooms. We also encounter the biblical figure of Job, who poses the question of a terrible forbearance: how much suffering can we take, and what can we realistically change? While we fight to relieve our own pain, address the planet’s ecological imbalance and make efforts, large or small, to right its shocking injustices, we must also simply find a way through. Hotel Raphael sees Boast compose an extraordinary travelling song, one that shows us how to bear our pain without trying to erase its source.

History of the German Resistance 1933 1945

Author : Peter Hoffmann
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A McGill University history professor provides a comprehensive account of the German opposition's struggle against Hitler, covering all the serious attempts to overthrow or assassinate him leading up the failed attempt of 20 July 1944. First published in West Germany in 1969 by R. Piper and Co. as Widerstand, Staatsstreich, Attentat, this volume first appeared in English, published by Macdonald and Jane's and MIT Press, in 1977. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


Author : Gabi Tamman
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When the Second World War forces his family to move from Egypt back to their Sudanese homeland, Raphael stays to manage their leather workshop. He realises that he has a gift for business and a gift for the art of love. Growing hostility toward the Jews in Egypt disrupts the budding entrepreneur’s business. Raphael joins the resistance, helping settlers to reach Israel. When Raphael leaves Egypt, he makes his way to Nigeria, where he quickly establishes a business involving hunting crocodiles and exporting the skins to France. Here, he will face some of the greatest challenges of his young life.

A Dubious Past

Author : Elliot Y. Neaman
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A Dubious Past examines from a new perspective the legacy of Ernst Jünger (1895-1998), one of the most fascinating figures in twentieth-century German intellectual life. From the time he burst onto the literary scene with The Storms of Steel in the early 1920s until he reached Olympian age in a reunited Germany, Jünger's writings on a vast range of topics generated scores of controversies. In old age he became a cultural celebrity whose long life mirrored the tragic twists and turns of Germany's most difficult century. Elliot Neaman's study reflects an impressive investigation of published and unpublished material, including letters, interviews, and other media. Through his analysis of Jünger's work and its reception over the years, he addresses central questions of German intellectual life, such as the postwar radical conservative interpretation of the Holocaust, divided memory, German identity, left and right critiques of civilization, and the political allegiances of the German and European political right. A Dubious Past reconceptualizes intellectual fascism as a sophisticated critique of liberal humanism and Marxism, one that should be seen as coherent and—for a surprising number of contemporary intellectuals—all too attractive.

Eyewitness Travel Family Guide Rome

Author :
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DK's Family Guide Rome, from the groundbreaking family travel series, is written by parents and guarantees the entire family will enjoy their trip. With child-friendly sleeping and eating options, detailed maps of main sightseeing areas, travel info, budget guidance, age range suitability and activities for each sight, Family Guide Rome is the ultimate guide to stress-free family travel. In Family Guide Rome: - 'Hubs', built around major sights map the perfect day out, with suggestions for what to see, when to go and how to get there - Dedicated 'Kids Corners' feature cartoons, quizzes, puzzles, games and riddles to inform, bamboozle and entertain young travellers - 'Let off steam' suggestions and eating options around all 'hubs' enable the entire family to recharge their batteries - Maps outlining the nearest parks, playgrounds and public toilets - Language section lists essential words and phrases - 'Take shelter' suggests indoor activities for rainy days - Plus, DK's illustrations and reconstructions of the city, to give real cultural insight DK Family Guide Rome - we've done the planning so parents don't have to. Now available in PDF format.

Wartime Sites in Paris

Author : Steven Lehrer
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Paris, the City of Light, is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. Celebrated in painting, literature, film, and song, Paris never ceases to delight its millions of visitors. This book is a guide to historical sites in Paris associated with the Second World War, which official French histories call La Guerre 39-45. Understandably, the dark years of the German Occupation are a time the French prefer not to remember at all. Why should they? Would anyone expect them to put a plaque on the former Gestapo headquarters at 74, avenue Foch or 9, rue des Saussaies? As the Resistance developed, screams from the interrogation rooms kept neighbors awake at night. But these places, all described here, are harrowing reminders, often unmarked, of a time of humiliation and privation, unspeakable cruelties and brutal murders, but also of heroism and hope.

Muriel Spark

Author : Martin Stannard
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The long-awaited biography of one of the great writers of the twentieth century - 'a wonderful blend of scholarly fact and juicy storytelling' (Mail on Sunday). Muriel Spark ended was one of the great writers of the twentieth century. Hers is a Cinderella story, the first thirty-nine years of which she presented in her autobiography, Curriculum Vitae (1992), politely blurring the intensity of her darker moments: her relations with her brother, mother, son, husband; a terrifying period of hallucinations and subsequent depression; and the disastrously misplaced love she had felt for two men she had wanted to marry, Howard Sergeant and Derek Stanford. Aged nineteen, Spark left Scotland to marry in Southern Rhodesia, escaping back to Britain on a troopship in 1944 after her divorce. Her son returned in 1945 to be brought up by her parents in Edinburgh while she established herself as a poet and critic in London. After becoming a Roman Catholic in 1954, she began a novel, The Comforters, and with Memento Mori, The Ballad of Peckham Rye and The Bachelors rose rapidly into the literary stratosphere. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961), with its adaptation into a successful stage-play and film, marked her full translation into international celebrity and from that point she went to live first in New York, then Rome, and finally Tuscany where for over thirty years, until her death in 2006, she shared a house with her companion, the artist Penelope Jardine.

Italy with Kids

Author : Barbara Pape
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If you're going to Italy for a great family vacation, this is the book that will show you the way! We offer you the most family-friendly hotels, the best restaurants to take the kids, where to find the tastiest gelato, the most fun sights and activities -- and we tell you how to prepare, what books to read and websites to visit, and we even give you key Italian phrases you'll need for traveling with the kids! Book jacket.

Hotel D j Vu

Author : Christine Betts
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They say we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the dream we didn’t chase, the career, the lover but Is it really better to have loved and lost? Paris is in her darkest hour. It’s 1944 and the war is raging all around her. In an ancient stone house near Notre Dame, home to the distinguished de la Roche family, as Paris burns, Antoinette, a scientist working for the resistance, discovers a secret room that sends her back to 1933. Will her hastily scribbled memories help her change the outcome of the war? Only time will tell. Paris in the 1990s is still a hotbed of creativity and decadence for artists. Australian, Karen, finds herself in the quiet stone room in the house with the blue door, desperate to change her shattered life. She goes back to the last time she can remember being happy…and whole…her arms free of the marks left by the drug she used to escape the pain of being herself. She uses her second chance to make a better life but learns that not everyone wants to be saved. Now it’s 2016, tour guide Rachel, can’t believe she lost the man of her dreams - twice. She comes face-to-face with her past when her latest tour group arrives to stay in the luxurious home-turned private hotel in Paris, the ancient stone house with the blue door. Between touring all over Paris, the shopping, and the champagne, the women learn how to let their hair down and have fun again and remember what it is they really want from life and some find they need to do it all again.

The Devil s Captain

Author : Allan Mitchell
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Author of Nazi Paris, a Choice Academic Book of the Year, Allan Mitchell has researched a companion volume concerning the acclaimed and controversial German author Ernst Jünger who, if not the greatest German writer of the twentieth century, certainly was the most controversial. His service as a military officer during the occupation of Paris, where his principal duty was to mingle with French intellectuals such as Jean Cocteau and with visiting German celebrities like Martin Heidegger, was at the center of disputes concerning his career. Spending more than three years in the French capital, he regularly recorded in a journal revealing impressions of Parisian life and also managed to establish various meaningful social contacts, with the intriguing Sophie Ravoux for one. By focusing on this episode, the most important of Jünger’s adult life, the author brings to bear a wide reading of journals and correspondence to reveal Jünger’s professional and personal experience in wartime and thereafter. This new perspective on the war years adds significantly to our understanding of France's darkest hour.