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Witchfinder General

Author : Craig Cabell
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Matthew Hopkins is perhaps the most notorious, certainly the most productive, witchfinder that England ever boasted. In eighteen months between 1645 and 1646, he was responsible for the condemnation and execution of at least 230 witches in south-east England and East Anglia. His victims were for the most part elderly women, though men too, even respected clergymen, faced trial and capital punishment for performing witchcraft and making covenants with Satan. Hopkins had appointed himself Witchfinder General by order of Parliament but his reputation as a local hero became tarnished by his use of excessive torture, too many false accusations, and confessions obtained by dubious means. His death is somewhat mysterious. He died while still quite young, possibly after having been accused of witchcraft himself and executed. Craig Cabell, already a noted biographer of such contemporary students of the occult as Dennis Wheatley and James Herbert, uses the copious extant records and Hopkins's own writings, to create a richly detailed picture of a man and a society obsessed with magic, devil worship and the powers of darkness. He provides the first full modern biography of a man who turned his undoubted energies and gifts into a streamlined, and profitable, killing machine.

The Encyclopedia of Witches Witchcraft and Wicca

Author : Rosemary Guiley
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Witchcraft practices around the world and from many periods in history are defined and explained.


Author : Peggy J. Parks
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Are witches real or merely the imaginings of hysterical minds and irrational folklore? Witches have been a source of fear and fascination for thousands of years. This title traces the subject of witches from ancient times through today, and also explores the massive witch hunts that ended in the executions of thousands of alleged witches.

The Concise Encyclopedia of the Revolutions and Wars of England Scotland and Ireland 1639 1660

Author : Stephen C. Manganiello
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Presents an alphabetical arrangement of historical topics specific to this time period, with entries on political,military and religious leaders, nobles, battles, treaties, locations, and events.

Witches and Witchcraft

Author : Dean Miller
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Magical phenomenon, pagan worship, sorcery, and religion have all at one time been thought of as witchcraft. Witches, were labeled magical wizards, or sorcerers who had powers to conjure ill feeling or will toward non-magical people. These ideas predate the Anglo-Saxon period. This engaging and meticulously illustrated atlas reveals cultural ideas, from a global perspective, about witches and witchcraft, their place in their society, and the sometimes cruel punishments they were subjected to. Sidebars and boxes highlight interesting facts, glossary, an index, and resources for further study conclude this fascinating book.

A Companion to the Folklore Myths Customs of Britain

Author : Marc Alexander
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With more than one thousand entries, this illustrated guide to the myths, legends, and traditional lore of the British Isles covers the gamut, from stone circles to Arthurian legends to ancient heroes and monsters.

Traditions Superstitions and Folk Lore chiefly Lancashire and the North of England their affinity to others their Eastern origin and mythical significance

Author : Charles HARDWICK (of Preston.)
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Traditions Superstitions and Folk lore chiefly Lancashire and the North of England Their Eastern Origin and Mythical Significance

Author : Charles Hardwick
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Witch Warlock and Magician

Author : William Henry Davenport Adams
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Traces the development of magic, alchemy and witchcraft in England from the fourteenth century and portrays some of the most important 'magicians'.

The Psychology of Witchcraft

Author : Tom Ravensdale
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The Champions of the Church

Author : De Robigne Mortimer Bennett
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Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live

Author : Raymond M. Hall
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Harry Bridges is a retired detective; the police force obliged him to finish his career at the young age of 55, leaving him at a loose end. A career as a store detective follows and for five long and boring years he struggles to find any worth in his life. Finally, at 60 years of age he finds himself unemployed, unmarried and at the point of ending it all. He is preparing for his suicide when fate intervenes and throws an old colleague into his path who asks for help with a particularly gruesome murder. Harry finds new meaning to life and his old detective skills come to the fore. However, all is not as it seems and he finds himself embroiled in the dark world of the supernatural. Old wounds emanating from the seventeenth century are coming to the surface. The spectre of Matthew Hopkins, the witch-finder general of Cromwell's era, is back in the present, pursued by his victims in a never ending game of cat and mouse. Even Harry's skill as a detective may not be a match for the dark powers that now surround him.

Servants of Satan

Author : Joseph Klaits
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"In all, Klaits has done a good job. Avoiding the scandalous and sensational, he has maintained throughout, with sensitivity and economy, an awareness of the uniqueness of the theories and persecutions that have fascinated scholars now for two decades and are unlikely to lose their appeal in the foreseeable future." -- American Historical Review "This is a commendable synthesis whose time has come.... fascinating... " -- The Sixteenth Century Journal ..". comprehensive and clearly written... An excellent book... " -- Choice "Impeccable research and interpretation stand behind this scholarly but not stultifying account... " -- Booklist "A good, solid, general treatment... " -- Erik Midelfort "Servants of Satan is a well written, easy to read book, and the bibliography is a good source of secondary materials for further reading." -- Journal of American Folklore

Friendship s Memorial for 1853

Author : J. T. Headley
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The English Civil War Through the Restoration in Fiction

Author : Roxane C. Murph
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Provides access to works giving both contemporary and recent perspectives on a tumultuous era.

How was it Done

Author : Reader's Digest Association
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Tells the stories behind such achievements as how Vikings crossed the Atlantic without a compass or chart, how scientists split the atom, and how soldiers prepared for trench warfare during World War I

World of Witches and Wizards

Author : Paul Dowswell
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Sorcerers and spirits have always played a part in the world of human imagination, and this book reveals the facts behind the fantasy.

The Great and Eccentric Characters of the World Their Lives and Their Deeds Representing All Ages and All Countries

Author :
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Witches Wizards

Author : Paul Dowswell
File Size : 62.65 MB
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Children will love discovering the spellbinding world of witches and wizards contained in this volume, from soothsayers and alchemists to shamans and witch doctors, a whole host of world cultures feature in this new addition to a fun and inspirational series.

The Irish Monthly

Author :
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