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Home Of The Brave

Author : Les Rolston
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Taken directly from affidavits stored at the National Archives in Washington, District of Columbia, immigrant soldiers and witnesses attest to the events that resulted in 26 soldiers of these soldiers being awarded the medal of honor.

Home of the Brave

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In Blastin’the Blues, still fearing they are being followed and even more worried they have a traitor in their midst, the team travels to New Orleans, where the magic of their ball and the music of the city create one memorable game. But like always, trouble is right around the corner and the hits keep on coming for the Payne family and all of the Travelin’Nine! In Home of the Brave, after the rousing success in New Orleans, Griffith, Ruby, and Graham are determined to beat the Chancellor at his own game and save their family as well as the game of baseball. Pulling into their hometown of Baltimore, the Paynes are reunited with a familiar face, and the Travelin’Nine are tested on the field once again. Can they win without the help of their baseball? Prepare for fireworks in this final inning to the grand slam series, Sluggers!

Home of the Brave

Author : Rachel Lee
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Find your Happily Ever After with two feel-good stories of dogs unleashing romance in small-town settings. Ruff remedy for the soldier A Conard County Homecoming by New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Lee Wounded in battle, Zane McLaren wants only to be left alone. He doesn’t need pity, especially from his outgoing, dog-loving neighbor, Ashley Granger. But it seems Zane’s affectionate golden retriever has other ideas about the decorated soldier and the teacher next door! And soon the Purple Heart recipient is having a hard time keeping his own heart under wraps… A New Leash on Love by Melissa Senate Army vet Matt Fielding is back—for good—and finding a puppy for his niece. He’s also avoiding Claire Asher, his high school ex—spotted at the local animal shelter! He can’t refuse her offer of puppy training, but soon their friendly reunion brings back memories of their teenage love, and sparks fly. Will their rekindled affair lead Matt to put a ring on it?

Home of the Brave Confronting Conquering Challenging Times

Author : Richard L. Godfrey
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In good times and bad, in times of economic downturn and times of wartime peril, we as Americans have shown our mettle. There is something in the historical DNA of this people - a resilience, a power, a talent for innovation, a unique and empowering bravery - that has carried us forward as a nation and a people for nearly 250 years. This book is about this history, this inheritance, this people. These characteristics apply not just to the people of the United States as a whole, but to each of us as individuals. Whether we are leaders, followers, friends, co-workers, parents, spouses, partners or simply sojourners in this thing we call life - it is rare for us to see those we care about suffer and not want to change their circumstances or alleviate their suffering. It is an almost in-born trait that we as individuals and as a nation tend to seek ways to overcome the challenges we periodically face. Home of the Brave is about meeting our individual challenges and the challenges of those we care about and care for. It is about finding the time-proven principles in the historical DNA of great Americans that we can draw on - not only for strength but for practical insight and action that can make even the most challenging times more manageable, even conquerable.

Home of the Brave

Author : Arthur Laurents
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Home of the Brave

Author : Olabisi Are
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Because of the Brave

Author : Deb Evans
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When Casey's brother heads off to serve his country, one pair of special mementos helps Casey not miss him as much. A great book to help young children with siblings in the service cope with missing their older brother or sister.

Frantz Fanon s Black Skin White Masks

Author : Max Silverman
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"This book will be essential reading for students and researchers in the areas of postcolonial studies, French and Francophone studies, cultural studies, ethnic and racial studies, politics, literature and psychoanalysis, and all those concerned, like Fanon, with the quest for human freedom."--BOOK JACKET.

The Brave

Author : Hayley DiMarco
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Helps teens dig into Scripture to learn to conquer their fears so that they can grow up with confidence, peace, and hope.

The Brave a Story of New York City s Firefighters

Author : George Pickett, Hugh Downs
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•“Much has been written about firefighters, some of it by people who actually fight fires. Few of the books I have any knowledge of show the mindset of the firefighters with as much insight and candor as this book...” —from the foreword by Hugh Downs •“Every so often a writer of substantive talent appears through the smokey background to perk up our interest in firefighters and firefighting. George Pickett is just such a man.... In The Brave you will come to know him and a valiant group of men as they speed from alarm to alarm in downtown New York, where the buildings are tall and for the most part old, where bums and drug addicts populate the streets, and where the fire companies hardly ever rest. You will begin to feel that you too are a member of Engine 33, Ladder 9, and, after George’s promotion to lieutenant, of some of Brooklyn’s busiest fire companies. It is an empowering feeling, until you suddenly realize that these are among the very first fire companies who will arrive one fateful day in their future at the World Trade Center, providing our city with more courage, determination, and selflessness that we ever knew we had. You will then thank George Pickett for letting you into their lives.” —Dennis Smith, New York Times’ bestselling author