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Homage to Catalonia

Author : George Orwell
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'An unrivalled picture of the rumours, suspicions and treachery of civil war' Antony Beevor Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic Socialism as I understand it'. Thus wrote Orwell following his experiences as a militiaman in the Spanish Civil War, chronicled in Homage to Catalonia. Here he brings to bear all the force of his humanity, passion and clarity, describing with bitter intensity the bright hopes and cynical betrayals of that chaotic episode: the revolutionary euphoria of Barcelona, the courage of ordinary Spanish men and women he fought alongside, the terror and confusion of the front, his near-fatal bullet wound and the vicious treachery of his supposed allies. A firsthand account of the brutal conditions of the Spanish Civil War, George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia includes an introduction by Julian Symons.

Homage to Catalonia and Looking Back on the Spanish War

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The Complete Works of George Orwell Homage to Catalonia

Author : George Orwell
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The Autobiographical Works

Author : George Orwell
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Homage to Catalonia is George Orwell's personal account of his experiences and observations fighting for the Republican army during the Spanish Civil War. The war was one of the shaping events on his political outlook and a significant part of what led him to write, in 1946, "Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for Democratic Socialism, as I understand it." Down and Out in Paris and London is a memoir in two parts on the theme of poverty in the two cities. The first part is an account of living in near-destitution in Paris and the experience of casual labour in restaurant kitchens. The second part is a travelogue of life on the road in and around London from the tramp's perspective, with descriptions of the types of hostel accommodation available and some of the characters to be found living on the margins. The Road to Wigan Pier is a book by the British writer George Orwell, first published in 1937. The first half of this work documents his sociological investigations of the bleak living conditions among the working class in Lancashire and Yorkshire in the industrial north of England before World War II. The second half is a long essay on his middle-class upbringing, and the development of his political conscience, questioning British attitudes towards socialism. Orwell states plainly that he himself is in favour of socialism, but feels it necessary to point out reasons why many people who would benefit from socialism and should logically support it, are in practice likely to be strong opponents. Contents: Down and Out in Paris and London The Road to Wigan Pier Homage to Catalonia A Hanging Bookshop Memories Shooting an Elephant Marrakech Why I Write Books vs. Cigarettes Such, Such Were the Joys As I Please

Homage to Catalonia Down and Out in Paris and London

Author : George Orwell
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Homage to Catalonia is both a memoir of Orwell’s experience at the front in the Spanish Civil War and a tribute to those who died in what he called a fight for common decency. Down and Out in Paris and London chronicles the adventures of a penniless British writer who finds himself rapidly descending into the seedy heart of two great European cities. This edition brings together two powerful works from one of the finest writers of the twentieth century.

Orwell and the Politics of Despair

Author : Alok Rai
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Drawing on a wide range of Orwell's writing Rai charts his progression from rebellion through reconciliation to despair.

Apollinaire and the International Avant Garde

Author : Willard Bohn
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This literary history examines Guillaume Apollinaire's reception and influence in the Western hemisphere during the early twentieth century. Ir identifies and reconstructs major literary and art historical paths of development, about which surprisingly little is known. In particular, it discusses Apollinaire's reception and formative influence in North America, England, Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico, and includes important documents by Apollinaire himself that have not appeared in print until now. "Bohn brings together a worldwide network of writers, artists, and critics to reveal the role and centrality of Apollinaire as the icon of Parisian modernism, cult figure of the avant-garde, poet with a new series of techniques, esthetician of the New, innovator of modern culture, and literary and cultural arbiter of his generation. "This is Rezeptionsesthetik in its most intense form. It is the definitive reference book for checking on who had any dealings with Apollinaire, the man or his work, and French modernism in English, German, Spanish or Catalan linguistic and cultural domains in both the Old and New Worlds. Bohn's translations from the various languages he commands are superb and prove that he is always working from source material. His text is simply a tour de force, a virtuoso performance". -- Seth L. Wolitz, University of Texas, Austin "Given the centrality of French poetry for European and New World poetry since Baudelaire, one simply cannot overstate Apollinaire's role in the evolution of the most advanced poetry written throughout Europe and North and South America since circa 1900. However, no one before has tracked his impact on avant-garde circles outsideFrance with so much attention to the specifics involved. Bohn has emerged as the dean of Apollinaire studies in North America; thus everything he has to say about the poet has the ring of absolute authority". -- Robert W. Greene, State University of New York, Albany

Orwell in Spain

Author : George Orwell
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The volume collects together, for the first time ever, Orwell's writings on his experience of the Spanish Civil War - the chaos at the Front, the futile young deaths for what became a confused cause, the antique weapons and the disappointment many British Socialists felt on arriving in Spain to help. ORWELL IN SPAIN includes the complete text of HOMAGE TO CATALONIA.

Restructuring Societies

Author : Former Professor of Geography David B Knight
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From the John Holmes Library Collection.

Catalonia a Self portrait

Author : Josep Miquel Sobrer
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"... a diverse collection of translations of 20th-century Catalan prose writings... This exploration reveals the achievements of a distinct culture flourishing within Spain and introduces to English readers the work of Catalonia's modern writers.... This title is an entertaining and well-conceived introduction to a relatively unknown culture." —Library Journal "Those seeking direct access to the region's literary culture should turn to Catalonia: A Self-Portrait..." —The Philadelphia Enquirer Some of this century's greatest names in Western art have been Catalan: architect Antoni Gaudí, painters Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró, cellist Pablo Casals, and singer Victoria de los Angeles, to name just a few. Catalonia's writers, however, are little known beyond the borders of the country, even though they are comparable in stature to their colleagues in the other arts. ÂCatalonia, A Self-Portrait narrates a tale of extraordinary literary and artistic achievements by a minority culture that thrives within the larger, dominant cultures of Spain and Europe. The selections, twentieth-century Catalan classics, deal with contemporary Catalonia and its people, including some of the outstanding figures named above.