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The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner

Author : Paul Y. Cho
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David Yonggi Cho, founder and pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea details his working relationship with the Holy Spirit whom he calls his "senior partner" in ministry.

The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner

Author : Yong-gi Cho
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Holy Spirit My Senior Partner

Author : Paul Y. Cho
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In His Name a training course for healing prayer teams

Author : Alison Morgan
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Designed for use in churches wishing to begin or revive a healing ministry, In His Name is a deliberately hands-on course. Although it is careful to build a proper foundation in terms of both theology and good practice, the emphasis is on equipping the participants to engage in an active ministry of healing. Fully illustrated and containing ice-breakers, practical exercises, group prayer times and many real life stories of healing, In His Name is deliberately written to be easy to use. First published in 2008 and now on its third printing, it has been widely used in local churches and is the recommended course in a number of Anglican dioceses. “Far and away the most balanced, informed, practical guide for church healing teams. The authors have seen much healing – physical, psychological and spiritual, and have the theological and biblical underpinning to ground it. The course is interactive, beautifully written and has been tested over ten years. Simply invaluable” – Canon Dr Michael Green“Following on from the open evening we ran the ‘In His Name’ course and had over forty participants, which attracted participants from other local churches and was widely spoken of it as one of the best things St Paul’s had ever done” – Revd Chris Spittle, Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Spirit Led Reader

Author : David Yonggi Cho
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The Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner: You can have the same intimate personal relationship with the Holy Spirit that David Yonggi Cho says is at the heart of his effective ministry. Cho sees himself as the Junior partner of the Holy Spirit in his daily work of accomplishing the portion of God's plan assigned to him. The Next Move of God: For two days God took Fuchsia Pickett into the Spirit and gave her a vision of the things He was going to do in the last days. He spoke to her about how He would prepare the church for His return. With prophetic revelation and sound scriptural teaching, Dr. Pickett now reveals The Next Move of God. There's a Miracle in Your House: This upbeat, motivating book will revolutionize the way you think about "impossible" situations and "overwhelming" opportunities. When God shows you the miracle in the house, you won't have to look anywhere else.

Charis and Charisma

Author : Sung-Hoon Myung
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"Founded by David Yonggi Cho, Yoido Full Gospel Church is the world's largest church. This book discusses the factors responsible for the phenomenal growth of this church. The book expounds the role played by leadership, the Holy Spirit, prayer, preaching, cell groups and creativity in promoting church growth, with particular reference to Yoido Full Gospel Church. It focusses on God's Grace (charis) and Inspiring Leadership (charisma) as the two essential factors for church growth and, in this context, examines the part David Yonggi Cho's personal charisma and his ideas or principles play in causing growth. The purpose of the book is to present a model for church growth worldwide"--P. [4] of cover.

The Obvious Secret

Author : Bruce C. Steffens
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The Obvious Secret: A Discipleship Journey to Christian Maturity By: Bruce C. Steffens The Obvious Secret explores the various major beliefs of the Christian faith from a logical and analytical standpoint. It is intended for two purposes. First, it is a resource to develop Christian discipleship curriculum for teachers and instructors. Secondly, it is self-study resource for seekers, new believers, and even established believers. It contains a systemic approach to understand the “why” of what we believe and then helps one to establish and deepen a personal relationship with God. The book is not intended to tell someone what to believe, but rather to give the logical reasons related to belief topics and allow a person to discover the truth of the belief for themselves. However, without a vibrant relationship with God, all the understanding of God’s principles and truths are academic. A mature disciple is the person whose best friend is God and who helps those around him or her to know God’s love and create their own relationship with God.

David Yonggi Cho

Author : Wonsuk Ma
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This book is a serious attempt by Asian scholars to reflect on various aspects of the Asian Pentecostal movement. It joins a small but growing list of works on this critical subject. Second, it presents an Asian perspective on one of the most important figures in Asian Pentecostalism in this generation, Dr. David Yonggi Cho, who clearly stands out as one of the most preeminient Pentecostals anywhere in the world.

A Theology of Hope

Author : Sang Yun Lee
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Lee advocates a “theology of hope,” essentially different from the Moltmann version on which the idea is developed. Lee shows how Cho’s message, particularly in its promise of a “saved” healthy, happy and prosperous life (the “Threefold Blessing”), was the antidote to the events that had ravaged the Korean peninsula in the 1950s. At the same time, Asian Pentecostal scholars might also need a greater appreciation for both the diversity and richness of their cultural and religious past. . . . [They] have found both culturally and biblically acceptable alternatives to, and adaptations from, the practices of their ancient religions and are seeking to provide answers to the needs of their own context. —Allan H. Anderson, University of Birmingham, England (From the Foreword)

The Holy Spirit in the Third Millennium

Author : Stanford E. Linzey, Jr.
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This work deals with issues surrounding the manifestation of the Spirit in prayer from theological and practical points of view. The treatment is orthodox, yet it is charismatic in tone and practical in presentation. It is a culmination of thirty years of study and experience received from conducting seminars spanning denominational lines. It has broad appeal to charismatic, Pentecostal, and parachurch groups, yet it has reached into evangelical, mainline, Catholic Pentecostal, and ecumenical groups because of its reasoned theological and biblical content.

Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

Author : Darren Edwards
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A practical guide to building a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Movement in Korea

Author : Young-Hoon Lee
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This book traces the historical and theological development of the Holy Spirit in Korea through six successive periods.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Author : Billy Prewitt
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The modern Pentecostal movement began with a new understanding concerning the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The distinction in the doctrine is both the matter of tongues as evidence and the issue of subsequence. Pentecostals state the doctrine in slightly different terms, but the basic conclusion is that subsequent to conversion, a person can and should be baptized in the Holy Spirit and tongues are given as evidence of such. As a result of this distinctive doctrine, Pentecostals have placed a high emphasis on not only tongues, but also on the work, ministry, and person of the Holy Spirit as a whole. Beginning with the prophecies of the Old Testament and the promise of the Father, Pentecostals can progressively trace their doctrine of the baptism with the Holy Spirit subsequent to salvation with the evidence of speaking in other tongues through the dispensations to the present day. This experience is valid and should be sought by every believer for empowerment, edification and entrance into the realm of Spirit-giftedness.

Prayer that Brings Revival

Author : Yong-gi Cho
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In Prayer That Brings Revival, best-selling author David Yonggi Cho shares key principles to having the kind of prayer life that will move your mountains and stir revival in home, church, and community. This book will: -Show you how prayer produces power. -Teach you the key to prayer and fasting. -Prepare you to wait on the Lord. -Help you to pray longer, with more persistence. -Instruct you on how to listen to God's voice.

The Ultimate Surrender Thy Will Not Mine

Author : Christian O. Bosah
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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PRAYERS? God hears and answers all your prayers. God's answers are the best for you. God's silence is best for you. He has the best plan for you. Learn the five secrets for getting answers to your prayers. Learn how prayer changes you first of all. Learn from Jesus how to pray. Follow the Master's plan. Until you surrender, you are still "fighting" God's chastening is the best for you. The grace of God is more than enough for you. God is the supernatural designer. Designs must be followed for maximum benefit derivation. Designs not followed must lead to ultimate destruction.

Just Be Born Again

Author : Isaac King
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Jesus answered and said…, “Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). A lot of people do not have the assurance they will go to heaven when they die. Jesus made it clear in John 3:3-5 that to enter heaven each of us must be born again. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, author Isaac William King will show you how you can be born again, just as Jesus said. And for those who already believe in Christ, Just Be Born Again details how you can know Him intimately.

The Great Tradition A Great Labour

Author : Philip Harrold
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At a recent conference entitled Ancient Wisdom-Anglican Futures, theologians from across the denominational spectrum considered the question, What does it mean to inhabit the 'Great Tradition' authentically? As an expression of what C. S. Lewis called Deep Church, Anglicanism offers a test case of Tradition with a capital T in late modernity. Of particular interest is the highly dynamic transmission that has preserved a recognizable Anglican Way over the centuries. The process has been enlivened through constant negotiation and exchange with surprising convergences that have brought new life and direction. The contributors to this volume show how profitable and commodious (as Richard Hooker has said) the Great Tradition can be innurturing the worship, communal life, and mission of the Church. But it often demonstrates how hard it is to uphold the varied integrities of historic faith in the contemporary marketplace of religion and, especially, among evangelicals who continueto follow the Canterbury Trail.

Princess Warriors

Author : Robin Kirby-Gatto
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A Princess and a Warrior? Yes! You can be a warrior in God’s army while also being a princess in God’s royal family. Princess Warriors is the second book in the Glory to Glory Sisterhood series. Discussed in organic detail: Fear of the Lord and Spiritual Warfare, which equip women to victoriously battle for their lives, family, destiny, church, community, and nation. Princess Warriors builds upon the first book, God’s Sorority, and trains you for spiritual warfare by starting with “The Fear of the Lord,” which teaches you how to master sin and walk in holiness. You will learn all the basics of spiritual warfare, including how to: Hear Holy Spirit during spiritual warfare. Use the Keys of the Kingdom. Take hold of your God-given destiny. Possess a warrior mentality. Live an assertive role in prayer, declaring, and prophesying. Join with other women as Princess Warriors from God. Look for the next two books in the series: At His Feet, deals with strongholds set up by satan to keep women in bondage; and Destiny, which empowers women to become big sisters in God’s Sorority—reproducers of the seed of Jesus Christ, bringing Heaven down to earth.

Grassroots Asian Theology

Author : Simon Chan
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A dynamic chapter of church history is now being written in Asia. But the theological inflections at its heart are not well understood by outsiders. Simon Chan explores Asian Christianity at its grassroots, sustaining level and finds a vibrant, implicit theology that is authentically Asian. More than a survey, this is a serious and constructive contribution to Asian theology.

Practical Guide to Effective Soul Winning

Author : Chris Okeke
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God's intentions for all generations after the sin of Adam, has always been to reconcile the sinners to Him, for this ultimate reason he chosen the church to carry out this important mission, for this reason He gave us the great commission. This is what this book is all about. Many churches shy away from this responsibility because of lack of tools or motivation. This book is a practical guide for effective soul winning is written based on practical experience, the author has earned over many years of street and house to house evangelism, from Africa and the United States, The main objective of this book is to encourage and empower the church to engage in soul winning for we are living in a perilous, for His coming is any time or our exit form this planet earth maybe anytime soon. Jesus said to them" Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation" Mark 16:15. The tools and motivation you need is in this book. It will awaken you. May the Lord guide you as you study. Dr Chris Okeke is an itinerant Evangelist who has found favor of God in the ministry of Soul winning. He started his evangelism career in Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria where God has used him to turn hundreds of people to Jesus. Dr Chris has shared the salvation message to thousands of people of diverse faith in Africa and the United States of America. He believes that every member of the body of Christ should engage in soul winning, reconciling the world to God [11Corinthian 5:18.] Dr Chris also believes that evangelism is what the church is all about, many congregations are not sharing the Gospel of Jesus for the lack of tools of motivation and empowerment. He is a teacher on evangelism specifically on street and door- to- door soul winning. He is motivator, a man full of God's wisdom and favor for soul winning. His is the founder of Finger of God outreach ministry and Tract evangelism, a ministry geared to words wining soul for the kingdom of God. He is married to Mrs Helen Ngozi Okeke and they have two beautiful children, miss Gift Kodichimma Okeke and master Favour Chibueze Okeke, they all reside in the USA.