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Holocene Foragers of North India

Author : John R. Lukacs
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A fresh and innovative approach to the skeletal biology of prehistoric South Asians is presented in this volume. It is the first comprehensive bioarchaeological study of an early Holocene human skeletal series from the Gangetic Plain of North India. New methods and techniques reveal insightful perspectives on the biological adaptations and affinities of the aceramic foragers from Mesolithic Damdama (ca. 8800 BP). Attention is given to archaeological context and to the geological and ecological setting in which these semi-nomadic, microlithic hunters lived and foraged. The integrative analysis of skeletal preservation includes documenting bone micro-structure and chemical composition, and a taphonomic approach to skeletal representation. Diverse methods of age and sex determination provide a firm basis for paleo-demographic analysis. Multivariate statistics refine the precision of: sex determination, stature estimation, and calculation of bio-distance from cranial and dental attributes. The large skeletal sample facilitates both statistical assessment of traits by sex within the Damdama series, and inter-site comparison of traits with nearby Mesolithic series and with key prehistoric samples from India and Pakistan. Prevalence of pathological lesions provides evidence of health and nutrition, while skeletal markers of activity yield insight into patterns of habitual behavior. These new data from Mesolithic Damdama contribute significantly to theoretical issues in anthropology, including health and subsistence, skeletal robusticity, and biological adaptation to a subtropical riparian environment. With contributions by M.C. Gupta, V.D. Misra, Greg C. Nelson, and G. Robbins Schug.

Age Estimation

Author : Joe Adserias-Garriga
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Age Estimation: A Multidisciplinary Approach is the only reference in the field covering all techniques and methods involving age estimation from different perspectives. This book provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of age estimation, including aging the living and the dead, human rights, scientific rationale of the estimates, and skeletal, dental age and biochemical techniques and methods. Each chapter is written by internationally known expert contributors, making this book a one-of-a-kind resource for those involved in estimating the age of the living and the dead. Presents a concentration of all techniques and methods involving age estimation in a single volume Provides a multidisciplinary approach that lends itself to researchers, practitioners and students from a variety of different fields Includes contributions by world renowned forensic specialists

A Companion to South Asia in the Past

Author : Gwen Robbins Schug
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A Companion to South Asia in the Past provides the definitive overview of research and knowledge about South Asia’s past, from the Pleistocene to the historic era in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, provided by a truly global team of experts. The most comprehensive and detailed scholarly treatment of South Asian archaeology and biological anthropology, providing ground-breaking new ideas and future challenges Provides an in-depth and broad view of the current state of knowledge about South Asia’s past, from the Pleistocene to the historic era in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal A comprehensive treatment of research in a crucial region for human evolution and biocultural adaptation A global team of scholars together present a varied set of perspectives on South Asian pre- and proto-history

Holocene Foragers Fishers and Herders of Western Kenya

Author : Karega-Munene
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Using evidence from the site of Gogo Falls in the Lake Victoria basin, Karega-Munene is able to reach more general conclusions about the nature of subsistence activities in East Africa as a whole between the Neolithic and Iron Age. This report discusses artefactual and faunal evidence from the site, its geographical, enviromental and climatic setting, and patterns of land use, human settlement and the exploitation of animal and plant resources.

Climate Change An Archaeological Study

Author : John D. Grainger
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How did our ancestors face climate change? Their response to the problem was not to attempt to stop climate change but was experimental and technological in finding ways to cope with it. Global warming is among the most urgent problems facing the world today. Yet many commentators, and even some scientists, discuss it with reference only to the changing climate of the last century or so. John Grainger takes a longer view and draws on the archaeological evidence to show how our ancestors faced up to the ending of the last Ice Age, arguably a more dramatic climate change crisis than the present one. Ranging from the Paleolithic down to the development of agriculture in the Neolithic, the author shows how human ingenuity and resourcefulness allowed them to adapt to the changing conditions in a variety of ways as the ice sheets retreated and water levels rose. Different strategies, from big game hunting on the ice, nomadic hunter gathering, sedentary foraging and finally farming, were developed in various regions in response to local conditions as early man colonized the changing world. The human response to climate change was not to try to stop it, but to embrace technology and innovation to cope with it.

Early Paleoindian Economies of Eastern North America

Author : Kenneth B. Tankersley
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Settlement Mobility and Technological Organization Among Great Lakes Paleo Indian Foragers

Author : Michael Joseph Shott
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From the Pleistocene to the Holocene

Author : C. Britt Bousman
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The end of the Pleistocene era brought dramatic environmental changes to small bands of humans living in North America: changes that affected subsistence, mobility, demography, technology, and social relations. The transition they made from Paleoindian (Pleistocene) to Archaic (Early Holocene) societies represents the first major cultural shift that took place solely in the Americas. This event—which manifested in ways and at times much more varied than often supposed—set the stage for the unique developments of behavioral complexity that distinguish later Native American prehistoric societies. Using localized studies and broad regional syntheses, the contributors to this volume demonstrate the diversity of adaptations to the dynamic and changing environmental and cultural landscapes that occurred between the Pleistocene and early portion of the Holocene. The authors' research areas range from Northern Mexico to Alaska and across the continent to the American Northeast, synthesizing the copious available evidence from well-known and recent excavations.With its methodologically and geographically diverse approach, From the Pleistocene to the Holocene: Human Organization and Cultural Transformations in Prehistoric North America provides an overview of the present state of knowledge regarding this crucial transformative period in Native North America. It offers a large-scale synthesis of human adaptation, reflects the range of ideas and concepts in current archaeological theoretical approaches, and acts as a springboard for future explanations and models of prehistoric change.

Paleoindian Or Paleoarchaic

Author : Kelly E. Graf
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Offers an updated perspective of human ecology and organization during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in the Great Basin, 13,000 8,000 years ago, with special regard to whether these hunter-gatherers possessed a Paleoindian or Paleoarchaic lifeway.

On Shelter s Ledge Histories Theories and Methods of Rockshelter Research

Author : International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences
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Proceedings of the XV World Congress UISPP Lisbon, 4-9 September 2006 Volume 14, Session C54 Series Editor: Luiz Oosterbeek

Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Paleoecology and Archeology of the Eastern Great Lakes Region

Author : Buffalo Museum of Science
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Holocene Hunter Gatherers of the Lower Ohio River Valley

Author : Richard W. Jefferies
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Holocene Hunter-Gatherers of the Lower Ohio River Valley addresses the approximately 7,000 years of the prehistory of eastern North America, termed the Archaic Period by archaeologists.

Mesolithic India

Author :
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Contributed papers presented at the National Seminar on "Mesolithic Culture in India," held at Allahabd, during March 22-24, 1996.

Behavioral Ecology and Hunter gatherer Foraging

Author : Steven R. Simms
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Mesolithic Damdama Dental Histology and Age Estimation

Author :
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Foraging Collecting and Harvesting

Author : Sarah Ward Neusius
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Affluent Foragers of the North American Plains

Author : Marcel Kornfeld
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Although trends in anthropological thinking have gradually shifted away from considering prehistoric groups as specialists in subsistence provisioning, many scholars studying the North American Plains still consider man to be the Bison hunter'. In this study, Marcel Kornfield presents archaeological evidence and a theoretical model for the inhabitants of the Black Hills being generalists' or broad spectrum hunters, Considering the environment, ecology, sites, landscape and technological organisation required for subsistence provisioning, Kornfield presents a new approach to interpreting forage patterns in this part of the North American Plains.

Foragers of the Terminal Pleistocene in North America

Author : Renee Beauchamp Walker
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These essays cast new light on Paleoindians, the first settlers of North America. Recent research strongly suggests that big-game hunting was but one of the subsistence strategies the first humans in the New World employed and that they also relied on foraging and fishing.

Southeastern Archaeology

Author :
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Shaw Air Force Base

Author : John S. Cable
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