Analytic and Algebraic Geometry


Author: Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula,Indranil Biswas,Archana S. Morye,A. J. Parameswaran

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 981105648X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 292

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This volume is an outcome of the International conference held in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and the University of Hyderabad. There are fifteen articles in this volume. The main purpose of the articles is to introduce recent and advanced techniques in the area of analytic and algebraic geometry. This volume attempts to give recent developments in the area to target mainly young researchers who are new to this area. Also, some research articles have been added to give examples of how to use these techniques to prove new results.

Algebraic Geometry over the Complex Numbers


Author: Donu Arapura

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461418097

Category: Mathematics

Page: 329

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This is a relatively fast paced graduate level introduction to complex algebraic geometry, from the basics to the frontier of the subject. It covers sheaf theory, cohomology, some Hodge theory, as well as some of the more algebraic aspects of algebraic geometry. The author frequently refers the reader if the treatment of a certain topic is readily available elsewhere but goes into considerable detail on topics for which his treatment puts a twist or a more transparent viewpoint. His cases of exploration and are chosen very carefully and deliberately. The textbook achieves its purpose of taking new students of complex algebraic geometry through this a deep yet broad introduction to a vast subject, eventually bringing them to the forefront of the topic via a non-intimidating style.

Arithmetic Groups and Their Generalizations

What, Why, and How


Author: Lizhen Ji

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821848666

Category: Mathematics

Page: 259

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In one guise or another, many mathematicians are familiar with certain arithmetic groups, such as $\mathbf{Z}$ or $\textrm{SL}(n,\mathbf{Z})$. Yet, many applications of arithmetic groups and many connections to other subjects within mathematics are less well known. Indeed, arithmetic groups admit many natural and important generalizations. The purpose of this expository book is to explain, through some brief and informal comments and extensive references, what arithmetic groups and their generalizations are, why they are important to study, and how they can be understood and applied to many fields, such as analysis, geometry, topology, number theory, representation theory, and algebraic geometry. It is hoped that such an overview will shed a light on the important role played by arithmetic groups in modern mathematics. Titles in this series are co-published with International Press, Cambridge, MA. Table of Contents: Introduction; General comments on references; Examples of basic arithmetic groups; General arithmetic subgroups and locally symmetric spaces; Discrete subgroups of Lie groups and arithmeticity of lattices in Lie groups; Different completions of $\mathbb{Q}$ and $S$-arithmetic groups over number fields; Global fields and $S$-arithmetic groups over function fields; Finiteness properties of arithmetic and $S$-arithmetic groups; Symmetric spaces, Bruhat-Tits buildings and their arithmetic quotients; Compactifications of locally symmetric spaces; Rigidity of locally symmetric spaces; Automorphic forms and automorphic representations for general arithmetic groups; Cohomology of arithmetic groups; $K$-groups of rings of integers and $K$-groups of group rings; Locally homogeneous manifolds and period domains; Non-cofinite discrete groups, geometrically finite groups; Large scale geometry of discrete groups; Tree lattices; Hyperbolic groups; Mapping class groups and outer automorphism groups of free groups; Outer automorphism group of free groups and the outer spaces; References; Index. Review from Mathematical Reviews: ...the author deserves credit for having done the tremendous job of encompassing every aspect of arithmetic groups visible in today's mathematics in a systematic manner; the book should be an important guide for some time to come. (AMSIP/43.)

String-Math 2014


Author: Vincent Bouchard:,Charles Doran,Stefan Méndez-Diez,Callum Quigley

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 1470419920

Category: $K$-theory

Page: 396

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The conference String-Math 2014 was held from June 9–13, 2014, at the University of Alberta. This edition of String-Math is the first to include satellite workshops: “String-Math Summer School” (held from June 2–6, 2014, at the University of British Columbia), “Calabi-Yau Manifolds and their Moduli” (held from June 14–18, 2014, at the University of Alberta), and “Quantum Curves and Quantum Knot Invariants” (held from June 16–20, 2014, at the Banff International Research Station). This volume presents the proceedings of the conference and satellite workshops. For mathematics, string theory has been a source of many significant inspirations, ranging from Seiberg-Witten theory in four-manifolds, to enumerative geometry and Gromov-Witten theory in algebraic geometry, to work on the Jones polynomial in knot theory, to recent progress in the geometric Langlands program and the development of derived algebraic geometry and n-category theory. In the other direction, mathematics has provided physicists with powerful tools, ranging from powerful differential geometric techniques for solving or analyzing key partial differential equations, to toric geometry, to K-theory and derived categories in D-branes, to the analysis of Calabi-Yau manifolds and string compactifications, to modular forms and other arithmetic techniques. Articles in this book address many of these topics.

Recent Advances in Algebraic Geometry

A Volume in Honor of Rob Lazarsfeld’s 60th Birthday


Author: Christopher D. Hacon,Mircea Mustaţă,Mihnea Popa

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 131619583X

Category: Mathematics

Page: N.A

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Contemporary research in algebraic geometry is the focus of this collection, which presents articles on modern aspects of the subject. The list of topics covered is a roll-call of some of the most important and active themes in this thriving area of mathematics: the reader will find articles on birational geometry, vanishing theorems, complex geometry and Hodge theory, free resolutions and syzygies, derived categories, invariant theory, moduli spaces, and related topics, all written by leading experts. The articles, which have an expository flavour, present an overall picture of current research in algebraic geometry, making this book essential for researchers and graduate students. This volume is the outcome of the conference Recent Advances in Algebraic Geometry, held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to honour Rob Lazarsfeld's many contributions to the subject on the occasion of his 60th birthday.



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Category: American literature

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