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Hitler s American Friends

Author : Bradley W. Hart
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A book examining the strange terrain of Nazi sympathizers, nonintervention campaigners and other voices in America who advocated on behalf of Nazi Germany in the years before World War II. Americans who remember World War II reminisce about how it brought the country together. The less popular truth behind this warm nostalgia: until the attack on Pearl Harbor, America was deeply, dangerously divided. Bradley W. Hart's Hitler's American Friends exposes the homegrown antagonists who sought to protect and promote Hitler, leave Europeans (and especially European Jews) to fend for themselves, and elevate the Nazi regime. Some of these friends were Americans of German heritage who joined the Bund, whose leadership dreamed of installing a stateside Führer. Some were as bizarre and hair-raising as the Silver Shirt Legion, run by an eccentric who claimed that Hitler fulfilled a religious prophesy. Some were Midwestern Catholics like Father Charles Coughlin, an early right-wing radio star who broadcast anti-Semitic tirades. They were even members of Congress who used their franking privilege—sending mail at cost to American taxpayers—to distribute German propaganda. And celebrity pilot Charles Lindbergh ended up speaking for them all at the America First Committee. We try to tell ourselves it couldn't happen here, but Americans are not immune to the lure of fascism. Hitler's American Friends is a powerful look at how the forces of evil manipulate ordinary people, how we stepped back from the ledge, and the disturbing ease with which we could return to it.

Hitler Was My Friend

Author : Heinrich Hoffmann
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“Here’s Adolf Hitler in a series of bizarre photographs which he kept hidden from the world . . . They have now been published in this memoir.”—Daily Express Heinrich Hoffman was a key part in the making of the Hitler legend, the photographer who carefully crafted the image of the Fuhrer as a godlike figure. Hoffmann published his first book of photographs in 1919, following his work as an official photographer for the German army. In 1920 he joined the Nazi Party, and his association with Hitler began. He became Hitler’s official photographer and traveled with him extensively. He took over two million photographs of Hitler, and they were distributed widely, including on postage stamps, an enterprise that proved very profitable for both men. Hoffmann published several books on Hitler in the 1930s, including The Hitler Nobody Knows (1933). Hoffmann and Hitler were very close, and he acted not only as a personal confidante—his memoirs include rare details of the Fuhrer—but also as a matchmaker; it is Hoffmann who introduced Eva Braun, his studio assistant, to Hitler. At the end of the war, Hoffmann was arrested by the US military, who also seized his photographic archive, and was sentenced to imprisonment for Nazi profiteering. This edition of a classic book includes photographs by Hoffmann and a new introduction by Roger Moorhouse. “An extraordinary new book of photographs of Adolf Hitler includes one that so embarrassed him he banned it from being published. It shows the Führer in his lederhosen, striking an absurdly camp pose as he leans against a tree.”—The Times

New Times

Author :
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The Nazi Spy Ring in America

Author : Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
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The first full account of Nazi spies in 1930s America and how they were exposed. In the mid-1930s just as the United States was embarking on a policy of neutrality, Nazi Germany launched a program of espionage against the unwary nation. The Nazi Spy Ring in America tells the story of Hitler’s attempts to interfere in American affairs by spreading anti-Semitic propaganda, stealing military technology, and mapping US defenses. This fast-paced history provides essential insight into the role of espionage in shaping American perceptions of Germany in the years leading up to US entry into World War II. Fascinating and thoroughly researched, The Nazi Spy Ring in America sheds light on a now-forgotten but significant episode in the history of international relations and the development of the FBI. Using recently declassified documents, prize-winning historian Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones narrates this little-known chapter in US history. He shows how Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the Abwehr, was able to steal top secret US technology such as a prototype codebreaking machine and data about the latest fighter planes. At the center of the story is Leon Turrou, the FBI agent who helped bring down the Nazi spy ring in a case that quickly transformed into a national sensation. The arrest and prosecution of four members of the ring was a high-profile case with all the trappings of fiction: fast cars, louche liaisons, a murder plot, a Manhattan socialite, and a ringleader codenamed Agent Sex. Part of the story of breaking the Nazi spy ring is also the rise and fall of Turrou, whose talent was matched only by his penchant for publicity, which eventually caused him to run afoul of J. Edgar Hoover's strict codes of conduct.

Hitler Boys in America

Author : Hans Schmidt
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HB describes the allied attempt of brainwashing (re-education) of the German people after WW II.

The Nazi Menace

Author : Benjamin Carter Hett
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A panoramic narrative of the years leading up to the Second World War—a tale of democratic crisis, racial conflict, and a belated recognition of evil, with profound resonance for our own time. Berlin, November 1937. Adolf Hitler meets with his military commanders to impress upon them the urgent necessity for a war of aggression in eastern Europe. Some generals are unnerved by the Führer’s grandiose plan, but these dissenters are silenced one by one, setting in motion events that will culminate in the most calamitous war in history. Benjamin Carter Hett takes us behind the scenes in Berlin, London, Moscow, and Washington, revealing the unsettled politics within each country in the wake of the German dictator’s growing provocations. He reveals the fitful path by which anti-Nazi forces inside and outside Germany came to understand Hitler’s true menace to European civilization and learned to oppose him, painting a sweeping portrait of governments under siege, as larger-than-life figures struggled to turn events to their advantage. As in The Death of Democracy, his acclaimed history of the fall of the Weimar Republic, Hett draws on original sources and newly released documents to show how these long-ago conflicts have unexpected resonances in our own time. To read The Nazi Menace is to see past and present in a new and unnerving light.

The American Speeches of the Earl of Halifax

Author : Edward Frederick Lindley Wood Earl of Halifax
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Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Hitler s Loss

Author : Tom Ambrose
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The fascinating story of how Hitler's intolerance of anyone with even a neutral opinion of Nazism led to a significant "brain drain," whereby Britain and America truly benefitted from the best minds of a German generation.

German Democracy and the Triumph of Hitler Essays in Recent German History

Author : Anthony James Nicholls
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The Unknown Hitler

Author : Ernst Hanfstaengl
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A forgotten eyewitness book about Hitler's rise to power with new material on the author. In the Spring of 2003 the BBC will feature a high-profile documentary on Hitler's rise to power. One of the key books used for this series will be The Unknown Hitler by his foreign press secretary Ernst (Putzi) Hanfstaengl. After the Nazis came into power, Hanfstaengl was asked to go on a mission to Spain during which he was to be thrown out of his plane. This edition will include for the first time his report to the Americans and a recently classified report by the SOE on Hanfstaengl's character.

The German Opposition to Hitler

Author : Hans Rothfels
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Report of the Senate Fact Finding Committee on Un American Activities

Author : California. Legislature. Senate. Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities
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Report of the Senate Fact Finding Subcommittee on Un American Activities

Author : California. Legislature. Senate. Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities
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Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention

Author : Congress of Industrial Organizations (U.S.)
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Tragedy of a People

Author : American Friends of Democratic Sudetens
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Schacht Hitler s Magician

Author : Norbert Muhlen
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"Translated by E.W. Dickes."London edition (G. Routledge & Sons, Ltd. [1938] has title: Hitler's magician: Schacht ...

A Documentary History of the Communist Party of the United States People s front 1935 1937

Author : Bernard K. Johnpoll
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This is the fourth in an eight-volume documentary history of the Communist Party of the United States of America. This landmark collection by a noted authority on the American Left is the result of forty years of searching for pamphlets, proclamations, manifestos, party reports, and minutes of meetings in bookstores and archives all over the country. Facsimiles of the originals are presented whenever possible. Brief introductions and critical notes and explanations about the documents are provided with each of these rare and hard-to-find materials covering the building of the People's Front, the period from 1936 to 1937.

Eleanor s Story

Author : Eleanor Ramrath Garner
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This dramatic autobiography of Eleanor Ramrath Garner reveals the daily struggles of growing up as a young American caught in World War II Berlin. During the Great Depression, when she is nine, Eleanor’s family moves from her beloved America to Germany, where her father has been offered a good job. But war breaks out as her family is crossing the Atlantic, and they cannot return to the United States. Eleanor tries to maintain her American identity as she feels herself pulled into the turbulent life roiling around her. She fervently hopes for an Allied victory, yet for years she must try to survive the Allied bombs shattering her neighborhood. Her family faces separations, bombings, hunger, the final fierce battle for Berlin, the Russian invasion, and the terrors of Soviet occupancy. This compelling story immerses readers in the first-hand account of surviving World War II as a civilian. It’s a story of trying to maintain stability, hope, and identity in a world of terror and contrasts, and it puts a very human face on the horrors of war, helping readers understand that each casualty of war is a person, not a number.

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust

Author : Israel Gutman
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Discusses various aspects of the Jewish Holocaust from its antecedents to its post-war consequences, with almost 1,000 alphabetically arranged entries.