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Author : Fredrick Carl Redlich
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Redlich draws upon Hitler's medical records to show what transformed the dictator from an aimless, friendless, and vaguely resentful youth into the most destructive force of the 20th century. 22 illustrations.

Hitler s Fortune

Author : Cris Whetton
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In 1918 Adolf Hitler was penniless: within 25 years he was probably the richest man in Europe. In his fascinating book the author sets out to discover not only the extent of Hitler's fortune but how it was amassed and with whose help. He finds that royalties of Mein Kampf represent only the tip of the iceberg. His publishing company Eher Verlag and his fund Adolf Hitler Spende, which many 'voluntarily' contributed to, turn out to be much more important. We learn how Hitler's attraction to the opposite sex proved hugely lucrative. This book also traces what happened to the property, the funds, the art collection, and other items after 1945 and reveals who is - and who is trying to -profit today from the legacy of Adolf Hitler. Amongst items never before revealed is recently discovered evidence for two of Hitler's bank accounts; the truth about the financing of Hitler's publishing empire; and many other previously undisclosed facts.

Killing Hitler

Author : Roger Moorhouse
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Most people have heard of the Stauffenberg Plot - the attempt to kill Hitler lauched by the German Resistance Movement in 1944 - but it is not widely known that this was only one of a long series of similar attacks. 'Killing Hitler' is an account of the surprisingly numerous attempts on the life of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler s Willing Executioners

Author : Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
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A revisionist study of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust reveals why ordinary Germans from all walks of life participated willingly in the extermination of the Jews. Reprint. 125,000 first printing. Tour.


Author : J. P. Stern
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Seeks to pinpoint the source of Hitler's appeal to German society during the nineteen thirties through an examination of his speeches, writings and conversations

Hitler s Wonderland

Author : Michael Fry
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Author : Michael J. Lynch
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Adolf Hitler is the most notorious political figure of the twentieth century. The story of his life, how he became a dictator, and how he managed to convince so many to follow his cause is a subject of perennial fascination. Balancing narrative and analysis, this biography employs a chronological approach to describe the main features of Hitler's career. Set against the background of developments in Germany and Europe during his lifetime, the text tells the extraordinary story of how an Austrian layabout rose to become Führer of the Third Reich. The chapters incorporate into their narrative the major debates surrounding Hitler's ideas, behaviour and historical significance. Particular attention is paid to his experience as a soldier in 1914 -18 and to the reasons why his original left-wing sympathies transmuted into Nazism. Arguments over the real character of Hitler's dictatorship are analysed and a measured assessment is offered on the disputed issues of how far Hitler initiated the Third Reich's domestic and foreign policies himself and to what extent he was controlled by events. His destructive leadership of wartime Germany is now a subject of close scrutiny among historians and the book's final chapters deal with this theme and offer a set of reflections on Hitler's relationship with the German people and his legacy to the German nation. Michael Lynch provides a balanced guide to this most difficult of figures that will be enlightening for students and general readers alike

Hitler s Women and Marlene

Author : Guido Knopp
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A portrait of six women and their role in the Nazi regime: Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress ; Magda Goebbels, wife of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels ; Winifred Wagner, grand-daughter of composer Richard Wagner ; Leni Riefenstahl, Nazi film director ; Zarah Leander, film star ; and screen goddess Marlene Dietrich.

Hitler and Germany

Author : Brendan John Elliott
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Chronicles the rise of Hitler from a poor worker in Vienna to the powerful dictator of Germany who influenced the course of world history.

Hitler and Nazism

Author : Louis Leo Snyder
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The life story of the leader of the Nazi party who became dictator of Germany and launched World War II.

Hitler s Nazi State

Author : Otis C. Mitchell
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Summarizes recent research and refers to primary sources, with the intention to counter over-simplified views of the monolithic totalitarian Nazi state. Ch. 9 (pp. 183-202), "The Persecution of the Jews in Germany and Foreign Lands, " sketches the history of antisemitism (particularly in Germany), describing the transition from religious to racial antisemitism and the increase in antisemitism after World War I. Surveys Nazi anti-Jewish policy after 1933 and the Final Solution. In reference to the "historians' debate, " concludes that whereas the functionalist theory may explain other aspects of the Nazi state, "in antisemitic policy documentary evidence leads us back to intentionalism."

The Speeches of Adolf Hitler April 1922 August 1939

Author : Adolf Hitler
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Germans Against Hitler July 20 1944

Author : Erich Zimmermann
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Resume of German resistance to Hitler, which culminated in the assassination attempt of July 20, 1944.

Hitler s Northern Utopia

Author : Despina Stratigakos
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The fascinating untold story of how Nazi architects and planners envisioned and began to build a model “Aryan” society in Norway during World War II Between 1940 and 1945, German occupiers transformed Norway into a vast construction zone. This remarkable building campaign, largely unknown today, was designed to extend the Greater German Reich beyond the Arctic Circle and turn the Scandinavian country into a racial utopia. From ideal new cities to a scenic superhighway stretching from Berlin to northern Norway, plans to remake the country into a model “Aryan” society fired the imaginations of Hitler, his architect Albert Speer, and other Nazi leaders. In Hitler’s Northern Utopia, Despina Stratigakos provides the first major history of Nazi efforts to build a Nordic empire—one that they believed would improve their genetic stock and confirm their destiny as a new order of Vikings. Drawing on extraordinary unpublished diaries, photographs, and maps, as well as newspapers from the period, Hitler’s Northern Utopia tells the story of a broad range of completed and unrealized architectural and infrastructure projects far beyond the well-known German military defenses built on Norway’s Atlantic coast. These ventures included maternity centers, cultural and recreational facilities for German soldiers, and a plan to create quintessential National Socialist communities out of twenty-three towns damaged in the German invasion, an overhaul Norwegian architects were expected to lead. The most ambitious scheme—a German cultural capital and naval base—remained a closely guarded secret for fear of provoking Norwegian resistance. A gripping account of the rise of a Nazi landscape in occupied Norway, Hitler’s Northern Utopia reveals a haunting vision of what might have been—a world colonized under the swastika.

Hitler Boys in America

Author : Hans Schmidt
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HB describes the allied attempt of brainwashing (re-education) of the German people after WW II.

Hitler and I

Author : Otto Strasser
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Hitler s Miracle Weapons

Author : Friedrich Georg
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Following on from the success of volume 1, Friedrich Georg's second book in the series covers unconventional short- and medium-range weapons. In particular, this volume includes a wealth of information about the V-rocket programme, not just the more familiar V-1 and V-2, but special variants of these two rockets as well as later experimental craft and weaponry. Following a fascinating examination of pre-war efforts to build flying bombs, the author examines the V-1 and V-2 projects in great detail. Particular attention is paid to special variants that have previously received little coverage. These include the V-2 A-4 'America Rocket', and V-2s designed to carry nuclear and radiological warheads. The capability of the Germans to deploy such weapons is also discussed. A large number of weird and wonderful projects that never left the drawing board are examined, including the FR-35, V-6, V-101, Waterfall and Naval EMW A-7 rockets. The fascinating final section examines German plans to utilise such rocketry against London and Paris in 1945, as well as recounting the activities of V-weapons on other fronts, including Italy, Yugoslavia and the Eastern Front. The text is supported by b/w photographs and 16 superb pages of colour artwork, including profiles, computer-generated images of designs that never flew, and pictures of the author's own models.

Schacht Hitler s Magician

Author : Norbert Muhlen
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"Translated by E.W. Dickes."London edition (G. Routledge & Sons, Ltd. [1938] has title: Hitler's magician: Schacht ...

Hitler s Mentor

Author : Joseph Howard Tyson
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Early associates such as Rudolf Hess, Ernst Hanfstaengl, and Hermann Esser all claimed that Hitler revered alcoholic playwright Dietrich Eckart more than any other colleague. Eminent German historians Karl Dietrich Bracher, Werner Maser, Georg Franz-Willig, and Ernst Nolte have confirmed this assessment. Hitler not only dedicated Mein Kampf to Eckart, he hung his portrait in Munich's Brown House, placed a bust of him in the Reich Chancellery next to one of Bismarck, and named Berlin's 1936 Olympic stadium the Dietrich Ekcart Outdoor Theater. Yet British-American scholarship has virtually ignored "Nazism's Spiritual Father." J. H. Tyson weaves Eckart's biography into a colorful account of modern German history.

Adolf Hitler Faces of a Dictator

Author :
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