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Historic Architecture for the Home Builder

Author : Walter Jewett Keith
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Structural Analysis of Historic Buildings

Author : J. Stanley Rabun
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Structural Analysis of Historic Buildings offers the most' complete, detailed, and authentic data available on the materials, calculation methods, and design techniques used by architects and engineers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It provides today's building professionals with information needed to analyze, modify, and certify historic buildings for modern use. Among the many important features of this book not available in any other single volume are: * More than 350 line drawings and diagrams taken directly from original sources such as the Carnegie Steele Company's Pocket Companion (1893) and Frank Kidder's The Architect's and Builder's Pocketbook (1902) * Hard-to-find data on period structural components, such as cast-iron columns and beams, wrought-iron columns and beams, and fireproof terra cotta floor arches * Methods for determining what kind of loads structural components were originally designed to bear and methods to determine if they are still capable of performing as intended * Extensive coverage of historical foundation systems and empirical design methods for load-bearing masonry buildings For any building professional involved in the rapidly growing field of restoring, preserving, and adapting historic buildings, Structural Analysis of Historic Buildings is an invaluable structural handbook.

A Building History of Northern New England

Author : James L. Garvin
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The first and only full-scale technical and stylistic analysis of 200 years of architectural evolution in northern New England.

Bungalow Details Exterior

Author :
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What defines an Arts & Crafts bungalow? What makes it different from other small, one or one-and-a-half story houses? Many say that it's hard to describe, but you know one when you see it. And knowing one when you see it is all about knowing how to spot the details. With Arts & Crafts homes, it is often the way the details are combined, and the philosophy they represent, that makes a house an authentic Arts and Crafts bungalow. It is not just knee braces in the gable, nor a river rock column, or a three part front window. In their latest book, bungalow experts Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen identify the finer points and visual characteristics that make a bungalow a bungalow, and show how to incorporate these important details into your bungalow. The authors skillfully explain how to identify the details and the ways of blending them, and offer insight into the Arts & Crafts philosophy behind their use. A sleeping porch, a pergola, an exposed rafter tail, an extensive use of wood, stone, and brick: none of these things by themselves characterize a bungalow. With Bungalow Details, however, anyone can become a bungalow expert, and be able to confidently "know a bungalow when they see one." Jane Powell is the proprietor of House Dressing, a business dedicated to renovating and preserving old homes. She is a frequent lecturer and consultant, and is the author of Bungalow Kitchens and Bungalow Bathrooms. Linda Svendsen, a graduate of Music and Art High School and Parsons School of Design in New York, has been a renowned photographer for more than thirty years. Her work is showcased in numerous magazines and books; she is the author of Bicycle: Around the World.

Stone House Construction

Author : Sarah Gunn
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Stone House Construction is a comprehensive study of Australian stone building techniques in a residential context, for people with an interest in building or renovating, including property owners, architects and builders. It has a strong theme of historic stone buildings, as traditional forms of building respond to the need for structural integrity and stability over time against weathering. The book covers aspects of building in locally sourced stone, from quarrying on-site to building arches over openings for upper storey walls, and is a source book of examples and methods to help the reader to carry on a tradition of building in local stone. Stone buildings inspire people because they transfer a natural beauty to a human achievement. The book shows many examples of Australian stonework that have not been given exposure in previous architectural references. It promotes Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) through the continuation of a stonework tradition in Australia.

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session. The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Debates for sessions prior to 1873 are recorded in The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873)

Legendary Homes of Lake Minnetonka

Author : Bette Jones Hammel
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A stunningly photographed volume that invites readers inside thirty historic and architecturally significant homes on beautiful Lake Minnetonka.

Homes and Homebuilding 1986

Author : National Association of Home Builders Staff
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Home Builder s Guide to Coastal Construction Technical Fact Sheet Series

Author :
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Kay County s Historic Architecture

Author : Bret A. Carter
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A pictorial depiction of civic buildings in Kay County, Okla. The collection focuses on public buildings and is divided into decades beginning with the 1910's and ending with the 1950's.

Building a Timeless House in an Instant Age

Author : Brent Hull
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HISTORY®'s "Lone Star Restoration" star, Brent Hull is a master craftsman and a hands-on preservationist. Hull--a Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalist for architectural non-fiction--challenges us to consider the impact our decisions will have when building a house. What do our homes say about us? What stories are they telling? Are they declarations of integrity, beauty, and heritage? Or do they suggest we have lost our sense of value, craft, and harmony? Kirkus Reviews calls Building a Timeless House in an Instant Age "Part call to action, part exploration of technique, the result is a persuasive and enjoyable reminder that our homes are reflections of ourselves." Nationally recognized as an authority on historic design, architecturally correct moldings, and millwork, Hull is uniquely qualified to speak to the craft of building and art of design. In an age of ''instant'' homes, how do we build something timeless that weaves a tale of character, values, history, and heart? The decisions we make for our homes are not inconsequential. What we build defines us. In fact, the contrast between the way we build today and how structures used to be built has become only more vivid. What happened to craft? What happened to the art of building? Our values and what we believe about life have changed as well. We have come to see houses as a tradable commodity. We live in a time that is obsessed with ''what's next?'' We need to be careful of fooling ourselves into thinking that a bottom-line mentality is the best way to approach building a home. Now is the time to examine ourselves, our motives, and our hearts.

Art Books 1876 1949

Author : R.R. Bowker Company
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Art Books

Author :
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Including an international directory of museum permanent collection catalogs.

The Avenues

Author : Cevan LeSieur
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East of Utah's domed state capitol and near downtown Salt Lake City, a residential district sharply climbs the foothills of the Wasatch Range. The neighborhood is known as "The Avenues." Settlement of the oldest portion of the area took place from the 1860s until the late 1930s. The proximity of the neighborhood to the central business district and transportation hub made it a convenient living location for middle- and upper-class citizens involved in many trades. The streets were originally named mostly after trees. Then in 1885, the north-south streets became A through V Streets, and the east-west streets became First through Fourth Avenues. This change in street names gave the area its popular title. After a long period of decline, The Avenues was declared a historic district in 1980. Today, residents strive to restore the celebrated treasures of their neighborhood.

The Art of Natural Building Second Edition Completely Revised Expanded and Updated

Author : Joseph F. Kennedy
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The original, complete, user-friendly introduction to natural building, now fully revised and updated The popularity of natural building has grown by leaps and bounds, spurred by a grassroots desire for housing that is healthy, affordable, and environmentally responsible. While there are many books available on specific methods such as straw-bale construction, cob, or timber framing, there are few resources which introduce the reader to the entire scope of this burgeoning field. Fully revised and updated, The Art of Natural Building is the complete and user-friendly introduction to natural building for everyone from the do-it-yourselfer to architects and designers. This collection of articles from over fifty leaders in the field is now stunningly illustrated with over two-hundred full-color photographs of natural buildings from around the world. Learn about: The case for building with natural materials, from the perspectives of sustainability, lifestyle, and health What you need to know to plan and design your own beautiful and efficient natural home Explanations of thirty versatile materials and techniques, with resources on where to go for further information on each How these techniques are being used to address housing crises around the world. Clearly written, logically organized, and beautifully illustrated, The Art of Natural Building is the encyclopedia of natural building. Joseph F. Kennedy is a designer, builder, writer, artist, educator, and co-founder of Builders Without Borders. Michael G. Smith is a respected workshop instructor, consultant, and co-author of the best-selling book The Hand-Sculpted House . Catherine Wanek is a co-founder of Builders Without Borders and author/photographer of The Hybrid House and The New Straw Bale Home .

The Most Popular Homes of the Twenties

Author : William A. Radford
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Based on a rare 1925 catalog, this architectural showcase features floor plans, construction details, and photos of 26 homes, plus articles on entrances, porches, garages, and more. 250 illustrations, 21 color plates.

A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Western North Carolina

Author : Catherine W. Bishir
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Guide to the Historic Architecture of Western North Carolina

Home Architecture

Author : Rexford Newcomb
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The Historic Architecture of Rutland County

Author : Curtis B. Johnson
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Directories in Print

Author : Anonimo
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