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Books in Brief Mapping Intellectual Building and the Construction of Thought and Reason

Author : Fathi Hasan Malkawi
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IIIT Books-In-Brief Series is a valuable collection of the Institute’s key publications written in condensed form to give readers a core understanding of the main contents of the original. The subject of this work is thought, a distinguishing characteristic of human beings that the Creator has dignified humankind with. The book attempts to provide an in-depth conceptualizationof intellectual building. Man’s intellect is awoken by his/her surroundings, by his need to make sense of reality, his own existence, and a desire to know. How he articulates this reality to himself, interprets, and organises information as it presents itself to his conscience, makes decisions, takes action, and draws conclusions based on whatever framework he gives value to, whether spiritual or other, is the subject of this book. The work reflects on many interesting aspects of human inner communication, including the workings of logic, and in today’s information age, the control and manipulation of information by others for personal gain. What is meant by the concept of ‘thought’? What place does it hold, and in what relation does it stand to the concepts of knowledge, culture, philosophy, literature, and fiqh (deep understanding, jurisprudence)? These are some of the issues addressed.

The Eighteenth century Current Bibliography

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The Foundations of Laissez Faire

Author : Gilbert Faccarello
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This is the first full length study of Boisguilbert's work to appear in English. It contains an extended discussion of the context in which Boisguilbert worked, as well as a detailed analysis of his life and work.


Author : Lothar Hoffmann
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Renaissance News

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The Reception of Edmund Burke in Europe

Author : Martin Fitzpatrick
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Over the last fifty years the life and work of Edmund Burke (1729-1797) has received sustained scholarly attention and debate. The publication of the complete correspondence in ten volumes and the nine volume edition of Burke's Writings and Speeches have provided material for the scholarly reassessment of his life and works. Attention has focused in particular on locating his ideas in the history of eighteenth-century theory and practice and the contexts of late eighteenth-century conservative thought. This book broadens the focus to examine the many sided interest in Burke's ideas primarily in Europe, and most notably in politics and aesthetics. It draws on the work of leading international scholars to present new perspectives on the significance of Burke's ideas in European politics and culture.

Handbook on the History of Economic Analysis Volume II

Author : Gilbert Faccarello
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This unique troika of Handbooks provides indispensable coverage of the history of economic analysis. Edited by two of the foremost academics in the field, the volumes gather together insightful and original contributions from scholars across the world. The encyclopaedic breadth and scope of the original entries will make these Handbooks an invaluable source of knowledge for all serious students and scholars of the history of economic thought.

Bases for social living a critical bibliography embracing law society economics and politics

Author : Arthur Fridolin Utz
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The Moral and Political Philosophy of the Abb de Saint Pierre

Author : Merle L. Perkins
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Bases for social living

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