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Hilarion the Healer

Author : Mark L. Prophet
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The Apostle Paul embodied one more time after his lifetime in Jesus' period as the great mystic and miracle-worker known as Saint Hilarion. Today the ascended master Hilarion guides and inspires scientists, healers, musicians and those dedicated to truth."

Alchemy of Christ The Book of Revelations

Author : LaRoya
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Divine Masters Ancient Wisdom

Author : Kyle Gray
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A new and fresh guide to the Ascended Masters and how to work with them for greater peace and connection. Discover new tools and wisdom to connect with the enlightened Ascended Masters, and receive their guidance, healing, protection and support on your spiritual path. Bestselling author Kyle Gray offers the first new guide in several years that looks at the Ascended Masters and explains how they can bring healing to the Earth, the cosmos and your life. The Ascended Masters are enlightened souls who once walked the Earth (or other planets) and continue to offer their emotional intelligence and spiritual teachings to the world. You may already know some of them - Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Jesus - but did you know there are many more, and that they are here to support you on your spiritual path? In this book, you will discover: • Many Ascended Masters, from Quan Yin to Saint German and Gaia to the Divine Director • A short history of the Masters and how they ascended for the greater good of humanity • How to call upon the Masters for spiritual protection, to remove blockages and to open up to powerful spiritual connections • What the Council of Light and Etheric Retreats are, and how you can access their wisdom for healing, guidance and connection Kyle shares many powerful exercises and tools - such as Sacred Geometry visualizations, affirmations and meditations - to help you increase your awareness and raise your consciousness.

The Masters and Their Retreats

Author : Mark L. Prophet
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The great lights from all the world's spiritual traditions have become widely known as Masters. These great Masters have retreats where we can go in spiritual meditation and while our bodies sleep at night. Mark and Elizabeth Prophet talk about these great Masters, their lives and their incredible spiritual retreats.

The Tao of Mermaids

Author : Kitty Bishop Ph.D.
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The Tao of Mermaids contains positive, inspiring and effective messages, exercises, and instructions to help you unlock the universal code, manifest your heart's desire, and live the life of your dreams. This book will explain to you the magic of the Mermaids and the water element, teach you how to decode Angel, Mermaid and Dolphin messages in dreams, crystals and numbers, and give you access to the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, showing you how to apply this knowledge to enrich your life today. In a practical, enjoyable way you will learn how to use the wisdom of the Tao to improve your daily life and heal yourself, discover the links between food and spirituality, and learn how to manifest your soul mate. This book also contains the very personal story of how Kitty Bishop attracted her own soul mate eleven years ago by following the techniques outlined in this book. The teachings in this book are tried and testedthey work. This book gives you the keys to unlocking the code. All you have to do is step through the door.

The Temples of Golden Light

Author : Linda Jarrett
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The Temples of Golden Light are a gift from Source, to re-balance planet earth with Goddess energy, raising the vibration through ascension. As etheric temples each temple may be visited during meditation, contemplation or one’s sleep state for healing, relaxation, upliftment, inspiration, cellular renewal, also for the release of any energy blocks stopping you from moving forward. The Temples will give you guidance and protection, they are filled with much love and total light. The Temples of Golden Light are sacred goddess temples of golden light. Three Goddesses over-light the temples, Lady Nada, twin flame of Jesus Christ, Goddess Jacinta she works with the Rainforests and Nature on planet Earth, and Goddess Lathinda who comes from another universe called the Universe of Golden Light. Surrounded by the Rainbow Angels who are able to heal all of your chakras at the same time, under the guidance of 2 New Archangels called Archangel Metaziel and his twin flame Archangel Honoriel. The 144 Temples of Golden Light align to all of the pure energies within this wonderful Universe, and the Gods/Goddesses of Love and Light of Source. The Temples of Golden Light are surrounded by Four Universal Global Golden Seraphim Angels of the Highest Order representing north, south, east and west of our beautiful planet. Being a gift from source the temples may bring about Miracles. The aim of the Temples of Golden Light being to heal Humanity and Mother Earth herself bringing Peace and Harmony to a New Earth.

Constructing Tradition

Author : Andreas Kilcher
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This volume of conference proceedings investigates the various ways and patterns with which esoteric writings and groups establish their own tradition. This involves concepts of origin and memory, ways of legitimising esoteric tradition as well as techniques and practices of knowledge transmission in esotericism.

Seeing the Dead Talking with Spirits

Author : Alexandra Leclere
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Recounts one woman's discovery of her ability to heal through contact with spirits and reveals how others can awaken this same gift in their own lives • Explains how reconnecting with our inner sense of joy is the first step in healing • Shows how to rid our life of the traumas from the past that hinder our spiritual development, including unresolved traumas from past lives • Provides a roadmap that others can use for rediscovering their own connections to the spirit world Like many others who have discovered that they have a healing vocation, Alexandra Leclere began meeting with other healers and shamans to learn how to put her gift to use. At one of these gatherings she was shocked to find that she was the only one who could see the spirit of a deceased woman that was being honored there--a sign that marked the beginning of a remarkable adventure that taught her how to use her gift for healing herself and others. Despite the extraordinary powers of clairsentience and clairvoyance revealed to her through her work with the spirit world, Alexandra Leclere shows that the greatest gift she has received since her shamanic awakening is the ability to experience unconditional joy. Often the pain caused by unresolved psychological traumas from the past--including past lives--is the key obstacle restricting access to the powers offered by the spirits. The first step in healing requires reconnecting with the joy that resides within us. Once this connection has been established, we are all capable of restoring our connection to the spirit world. Alexandra Leclere’s story provides a roadmap for finding our way back.

How Can I Ask God for Physical Healing

Author : David J. Smith
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In a fascinating reflection of biblical truth, modern medicine is proving the beneficial role of prayer. Yet countless individuals who need to be healed-faith-filled Christians included-do not really know how to take hold of this promise of Scripture. Where does healing prayer start? What if nothing changes? Are there specific directions that anyone can follow? In this comprehensive step-by-step guidebook, readers will find the supportive counsel they need for approaching God wisely and confidently for physical healing. Filled with Scripture, reflection questions, and prayers, How Can I Ask God for Physical Healing? covers every aspect of the life-giving process as it helps readers draw closer to Jesus, the Great Physician.

The Two Roads

Author : Eliza White Buffalo
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Born with amazing paranormal abilities. Rose survives her terrible life with the help of her spirit guide, Black Elk. Using his world renowned vision of spiritual truth, Black Elk teaches Rose who she really is and the divine purpose of her life, transforming it into one of unbelievable joy... Lissy was born in a hen shed. torn from her 13 yr old mother, Rose, and secretly adopted. Having traced her birth mother's identity, she uncovers a heart wrenching secret which propels her forwards on her own journey of self-discovery... Featuring past life regression, astral travel, and spirit communication, The Two Roads is an incredible dark to light story of survival that can teach us all how to transform our lives through our shamanic nature. Everyone is good, says Black Elk...evil only exists in our darkest imagination. "An amazing story! Eliza is a true healer - warm, compassionate, and enlightening."- Cindy Lora Renard and Gary Renard - The Disappearance of the Universe "Well written and captivating! Eliza is one of the bravest new spiritual voices around. Her wisdom will truly touch your heart. You will be engrossed in the power of the story."- Jonette Crowley – The Eagle and the Condor "Fascinating! The mixture of suffering, hope, and ultimately, redemption, makes this all too real story a must read."- Tommy Suggs, From a Student's Notebook series, and founder of Sweetwater Education Foundation. "The Two Roads will change you! It is the sacred walking grounds of the wounded shaman...Let your heart rejoice!"- Cathleen Hulbert, The First Lamp


Author : Trish Stevens
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This book is designed to help you to become psychic readers, with a deeper understanding of spirit world. We are powerful beings, our psychic abilities come in many forms and start with hunches, gut feelings, visions, premonitions and thoughts. We have access to other realms and we can uncover the hidden mysteries of life. We are challenged to develop our instinct for prophecy and to work on building our clairvoyance, clairsentience and knowing. We can develop these skills through meditation, psychometry, and the many training exercises set out in this book to help you. What is psychometry? The ability to read the vibrations placed in an object by your friend, family member or client • Would you like to be able to read a beautiful flower chosen by the enquirer? • Pick up a set of keys or a piece of jewellery and tune into messages from spirit world? • Hold a unique shell or many other objects and let your mind flow into information about possible romance, career prospects, holidays, new love or spiritual advancement? • Through meditation and spiritual exercises you will connect with your inner guide or higher-self You are encouraged to open your awareness, and accept the unexpected answers to your questions which at first will come randomly into your mind. Your abilities will become more of your everyday life as you accept that you really are psychic and developing your intuition becomes both a pleasure and an exciting adventure as you enter into the unknown realms of your mind. It’s your gift, learn how to enhance it.

I Believe in Healing

Author : Cecil Murphey
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Format : PDF
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When a loved one is injured or ill, what do Christians do? They pray, expecting God to intervene with a miracle of healing. They pray not only because the Bible says to do so, but also because God has shown Himself faithful to heal throughout history and even today. I Believe in Healing is a one-of-a-kind collection of true stories that demonstrate God's healing power. Readers will find dozens of biblical, historical, and present-day accounts of physical and emotional healings, written in Cecil Murphey's heartwarming, uplifting style that made 90 Minutes in Heaven a New York Times bestseller. Anyone who needs a touch from God for themselves or a loved one will find encouragement and inspiration in these pages.

Inner Perspectives

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
File Size : 23.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This profound book reveals the step-by-step keys to personal enlightenment. Elizabeth Clare Prophet discusses life's deepest mysteries, covering topics such as the aura, awakening to life's purpose, sexuality and spirituality, karma and reincarnation, spiritual keys to healing, mystery schools and the ascended masters.

The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Light

Author : Giovanni Orlando
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Achieving Ascension

Author : Sonia Diane Bradford
File Size : 72.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Achieving Ascension by Sonia Diane Bradford in conjunction with Veronica J. Cate Sonia Diane Bradford has traveled the world. She has great insight into the spiritual and religious traditions of the lands she has seen. When Bradford began corresponding with Veronica J. Cate her consciousness was opened. Important revelations have been transcribed for the edification and awareness of the reader. These channeled messages from High Cosmic Masters are for the evolution and ascension of humanity. Enjoy the journey.

Mission From Venus

Author : Susan Plunket
File Size : 78.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Higher dimensional light beings from Venus incarnate as humans to save Earth from a takeover by the Dark Lords of Orion... The dark side has infiltrated many governments and much of the world of finance. The mission from Venus threatens their planned takeover of Earth. Failing a takeover, the dark lords will cause the planet’s destruction through nuclear war, to prevent Earth from ascending to the fourth dimension on the path of light. The volunteer wanderers are all that stand in the way.

Magic and the Supernatural in Fourth Century Syria

Author : Silke Trzcionka
File Size : 69.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Magic and the Supernatural in Fourth Century Syria presents an in-depth investigation of a variety of ‘magical’ practices with a focused study in the late antique Syria and Palestine. Offering new research using both archaeological and literary sources, and blending Classical, Jewish, and Christian traditions from both regions, Silke Trzcionka examines a myriad of magical activities such as: curses, spells and amulets accusations related to chariot races, love and livelihood methods involved in protection, healing, possession and exorcism. The information is provided with clarity and theoretical sophistication which enables students to develop an understanding of these beliefs and their place within the social context of the time. Altogether, a useful, enlightening and enjoyable book which students studying religion and/or social history will find invaluable.

Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing

Author : George Barton Cutten
File Size : 68.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The object of this book is to present a general view of mental healing, dealing more especially with the historical side of the subject. The term "mental healing" is given the broadest possible use, and comprehends any cures which may be brought about the effect of the mind over the body, regardless of whether the power back of the cure is supposed to be deity, demons, other human beings, or the individual mind of the patient.

Channelled Messages for the World Today

Author : Beulah Sai Kumari
File Size : 21.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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All texts in this book are medial messages and come from the Spiritual World of the Ascended Masters. A number of these masters have formed a Karmic Council and guide Mother Earth from their higher realms of Light. The messages from the Karmic Council to the people living in these times of change are contained in this book. Topics such as the expansion of awareness, healing, photonic light rays, future areas of learning, evolutionary process of the heart, compassionate love, life and death, as well as body, spirit, and soul are elucidated. At present, the Ascended Masters are directing the Earth especially through the evolutionary process for which it is now designated. For the reader, the messages serve as a guide and explanation to comprehend the next few years on Earth. They contain information that increases the awareness of every reader through the inherent energies.

Soul Alchemy Healing

Author : Carol Lefevre
File Size : 40.2 MB
Format : PDF
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Soul Alchemy Healing is a memoir in the form of a novel, a healing guide, and a workbook that aims to empower healers and those seeking healing. The magic between these covers conveys personal wisdom through a level of transparency we seldom experience. Soul Alchemy Healing offers the first glimpse at ‘The Beishu Method’—a never-before-published healing technique that enables the reader to change the entire chakra system and its colors based on an individuals’ personal level of health and spiritual evolution. Multi-dimensional healing, meditations, gem elixirs, unique energy work, accessing spirit guides, and other diverse healing methods are also included in this book. Intended to help readers find and harness their authentic inner power, the techniques in Soul Alchemy Healing are revolutionary, and could change the future face of healing. This book provides the reader, whether a novice or seasoned healer, with ways to evoke profound change in their life.